Caliper Paint and Caliper Paint Kits

ERA Paints is pleased to announce the launch of our innovative new brake caliper paint kit system. It’s a market-leading high-gloss brake caliper spray paint that is easy to apply and highly durable. With just one canister of our caliper paint, you can paint all four of your brake calipers with a high temp paint color.

Up until the 1990s, high-performance vehicles from companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini all used black caliper paint. It’s believed that Ferrari started the trend with their powder-coated paint, which was used on their Brembo calipers. The 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT followed shortly after and utilized red brake caliper paint to stand out.

Today many of the best performance cars come with the brake caliper paint of your choice, but it costs an arm and a leg. So, we are pleased to offer our customers an affordable and easy to use option for painting their brake calipers.

McLaren Caliper Paint

What is brake caliper paint?

Brake calipers often go unnoticed in most cars. They aren’t made to stand out and painted calipers are usually an optional extra when you buy a new vehicle. Automotive paint kits that contain caliper paint change all of this. Calipers are a crucial part of your car’s braking apparatus. They help squeeze the brake pads onto the brake’s surface, which slows your vehicle down and brings it to a stop.

Red Caliper Paint

Brake caliper paint is applied to the calipers on your car to give it a sportier and more standout appearance. It looks even better if you have the right wheels, which show off the handiwork.

People tend to go one of two ways, either they get a caliper paint that matches the current style of color on their vehicle, or they go for a complete contrast and pick something like a yellow caliper paint to really stand out.

Caliper paint kits are fast becoming a favorite among car enthusiasts who are looking to spruce up their vehicle’s appearance. They have given people the ability to customize and personalize their vehicle from the comfort of their own garage.

What are the benefits of caliper paint kits?

Caliper paint kits are great because they allow you to use the best paint brands on your car without going to a professional, which costs a fortune. Generally, caliper paint is easy to apply and can be done at home by even a complete novice. In fact, all you have to do is get your car up on jacks, take off the wheels, protect the rotors, and apply it. But we break down the process in more detail below.

The most significant benefit of brake caliper paint is the touch of individualism it adds to your ride. The stand out colors, which can even include pink caliper paint, attracts the eye and accentuates the style of your rims. Pick something unconventional like yellow caliper paint or more outlandish like red brake caliper paint, to add a spark of creativity to your vehicle. Don’t overlook your wheels’ finer details when you have put much effort into other parts of your car.

Aside from the appearance, applying the best brake caliper paint has several functional benefits. As calipers age, brake dust and road dirt begin to build up. Painting the calipers helps prevent this. On top of that, adverse weather and a lack of care can cause them to rust, but using coatings like Por 15 can fend this off.

Part of the cleaning process involves cleaning off the grime and rust build-up and smoothing out uneven surfaces. Doing this ensures that the brakes are in the best possible condition before painting and can help extend the brake calipers’ life. The new layer of paint reduces the likelihood of rust building up in the future, helping to maintain their freshness for longer.

At ERA Paints, we only use industrial strength paint that is specially formulated to give our customers the best possible results. It’s as strong as factory-applied paint that is used on high-performance brake calipers. Our paint is the most durable on the market, and it also resists brake fluid and Brake Kleen excellently. The formula is purpose-built to resist brake dust, road grease, and even the most severe grime. Better yet, it’s a robust high temp paint that can be applied in under a couple of hours.

How to paint brake calipers

The instructions below break down how to paint brake calipers into simple, achievable steps, but if you need more information, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more detailed instructions.

Remove the wheels

  1. Make sure the parking brake is applied because safety should always be the number one priority.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts with a quarter turn. The aim at this stage is just to loosen them, so don’t unscrew them too much.
  3. Put your jack under the frame of the car next to the wheel you want to remove. Use the jack to lift the vehicle. Make sure to check your owner’s manual for the proper placement of the jack.
  4. Lift the car enough so that you can slide a jack stand underneath it
  5. Lower the car onto the stand.
  6. Remove the jack and leave the car on the stand.
  7. Unscrew the lug nuts. Then pull the tire towards you and set it aside.

Repeat the steps above for all four wheels. If you don’t have enough stands, I recommend doing one side at a time as otherwise, it can take a lot longer.

Prepare the Calipers

  1. Take off the calipers. These are usually locked in with a bolt or two. I recommend a ratchet wrench to get the job done. Don’t remove the caliper from the brake line.
  2. Place the calipers on a box.
  3. Separate the brake pads from the brake calipers. These are typically held in place with a clip. It’s essential to do this to ensure you don’t get paint on the pads, which could worsen their braking ability.
  4. Now clean the calipers. This helps the paint to bond better and prevents it from flaking.
  5. Use a wire brush to get rid of any grime or rust built up on the metal parts of the caliper. Avoid brushing the rubber casing as this can cause damage to them.
  6. To aid the process, use mineral spirits alongside the wire brush.
  7. Use 150 grit and 200 grit sandpaper to smooth down the metal areas on the caliper, again this helps the paint to bond.
  8. Give the brake caliper a spray with brake cleaner.
  9. Finally, use a shop towel and some rubbing spirits to clean it one last time.
  10. Use masking tape and newspaper to cover the parts of the brake caliper that are not going to be painted. Take your time on this because you want to make sure that only the correct areas are painted.
  11. Tape the rubber parts, the caliper pistons, and the brake rotor.

Paint the Calipers

  1. Select one of our high-quality paints. They are heat resistant, easy to use, and the most effective on the market.
  2. Always wear a respirator when working with noxious sprays.
  3. Spray several coats of the paint to get a smooth finish. For the best results, only paint one caliper at a time. Apply thin layers as anything thicker may lead to uneven drying, or the paint could run and drip, which ruins the look.
  4. We recommend spraying from a variety of angles to get full coverage.
  5. Always follow the instructions that come with  your shipment. We recommend short bursts of paint rather than one continuous stream as it allows you to readjust more easily.
  6. Wait between five and ten minutes between each layer.
  7. For great coverage, four coats should be applied.

Repeat the process above for the other side of the brake caliper. Allow the caliper paint to dry for half an hour before starting the other side, as touching it will ruin the finish. Take your time and be careful. Make sure not to tangle the brake line and allow it to dry while you complete the others.

Finish Up

  1. Put the brake pads back on the caliper.
  2. Compress the piston to help place the pads correctly.
  3. Bolt the brake caliper back into place on the brake rotor. Make sure to tighten the bolts.
  4. Position the tire back on the car. Place nuts back on and hand tighten them.
  5. One the tire is secure, use a tire iron to tighten the nuts.
  6. Use the jack once again to lower the car. You will have to raise it slightly to slide the jack stand out.
  7. Lower the car, then recheck the nuts are tight.

It is essential to wait 24 hours for the paint to dry completely. While it is tempting to take your new wheels for a spin, it can completely undo all of your hard work. It can make the paint run, and excess dirt can stick to the drying paint and make it fade.

In the long run, waiting for the right amount of time also helps prevent the paint from flaking as it has time to cure.

Brush on caliper paint vs. spray

One of the most significant benefits to brake caliper spray paint is its ease of use. It is incredibly easy to apply and doesn’t require the level of technical experience that using a brush does. Overall spray paint produces a smooth finish, and our high temp paint can withstand the intense temperatures that brakes generate, up to 400 degrees.

Red Brake Caliper

Often when brushing the paint on, you can be at the mercy of the brush’s quality. It can take longer to dry, you don’t achieve a consistent application and may require multiple brushes to get the job done. Overall, it is a personal preference with spray paint coming out on top for many because of how easy it is to apply.

Either way, make sure to let the paint dry properly once you apply it. Driving your car too soon can result in a poor finish and leads to the paint chipping a lot more rapidly.

Why choose the best paint brands?

The best paint brands on the market include G2, Rustoleum caliper paint, Duplicolor, and VViVid. We are happy to deliver a product to our customers that not only goes toe to toe with these existing options but exceeds them.

Choosing the highest quality option is essential because it allows for a flawless factory finish and lasts longer. You want your brake calipers to look like they have been done by a professional, and if you opt for a sub-par product, this isn’t achievable.

Our product is the most expensive spray can on the market but for a good reason. It is the best quality and uses industrial strength paint in an aerosol form. You won’t need to use a primer or a clear coat with our industry-leading product. With everything prepared and ready, the paint dries within 1 to 2 hours.

ERA Paints caliper paint comes in seven standard colors: black, red, Chevy orange, yellow, lime green, Ford blue, and purple.

How is brake caliper paint different to touch up paint?

Our aerosol brake caliper paint is purpose-built to withstand the extreme temperatures that are generated from the brakes. On the other hand, touch up paint could not handle the high temperatures and quickly flake or peel. To ensure a great finish when using caliper paint, it’s essential to use a product that has been specifically designed for the purpose.

The caliper paint kits that we offer don’t contain a primer or clear coat because our product has been designed explicitly without increasing the ease of use.

In terms of color, brake caliper paint is slightly restricted. We have contrasting colors such as lime green caliper paint, orange caliper paint, white caliper paint, yellow, black, blue, and purple paint. In contrast, the colors available for touch up paint are nearly endless and match the variety of car colors on the market.

Where is the best place to buy brake caliper paint?

ERA Paints has the best caliper paint on the market. We offer it to our customers at excellent value and provide free shipping with every order. Our caliper paint kits are a one-stop solution for all your caliper painting needs and are even more straightforward. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ’S and instructional videos on YouTube or call us at 971-770-2372 and let our friendly customer service representatives guide you through the process.

Check out our online store or feel free to give our expert staff a call, and they can help you with any queries.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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