Engine Paint and Engine Paint Kits

ERA Paints is pleased to announce the launch of our innovative new engine paint kit system. It’s an industry-leading engine spray paint that is straightforward to apply and highly durable. With just one can of our high temp paint, you can paint your entire engine and get it shining in no time.

Our glossy finish Engine Paint and Prep Kit is the most durable engine paint available to the public in aerosol form. You can spray it right on the top of surface rust, and is a high resistant paint! Once our engine paint is cured, it will not lose shine, chip, or crack under normal operating conditions.

The paint we stock is the best paint on the market and not your typical’ rattle canister paint. It is specially formulated as a ‘2K’ paint. This means a catalyst is introduced into the paint at application and creates a chemical reaction, causing the paint to quickly cure with a rigid surface.

What are the advantages of our high heat spray paint?

Using our industry-leading enamel paint provides a whole host of benefits. Whether you’re looking for Ford blue engine paint or need to know how to paint valve cover, our paint gets the job done and provides a great finish. The key benefits include:

Easy Application

Our 2K aerosol spray paint is as straightforward to use. All you have to do is prepare our engine with soap, water, and wax & grease remover, tape it off, and then paint it. Why waste your time with messy brush-on paint that is difficult to use when you can make your engine restored to its original factory finish?


A single can of our 2K 12oz high heat paint will be enough to complete the job. Our engine paint’s quality is excellent and means that your engine will only need one or two coats of our extremely durable enamel engine paint.

Engine Block Paint

Superior Chemical Protection

We have tested our 2K enamel paint product against various abrasive substances like brake cleaner, lacquer thinner, oil, brake fluid, oil cleaner, and thinner. In every single test, it held firm and resulted in a flawless factory finish. 2K engine paint is specially designed and uses an active catalyst to make the paint cure harder for better long-term durability. Our high heat paint can withstand anything you throw at it and still leave your engine.


Order a prep kit with your paint – our Engine Paint and Prep Kits include everything needed to paint your engine – just need to add warm water and detergent!

Made in the U.S.A

All of our pants are proudly Made in the U.S.A. with American materials! At ERA Paints, we only stock the high-quality products that are a testament to homegrown engineering. Figuring out how to paint your engine bay can feel like a challenge, but our team has put together an extensive FAQ section and videos to help guide you through the process at our YouTube channel.

Our helpful staff members are also on hand to help you over the phone with any issues you may be having, you can contact them at 971-770-2372 or via email at CustomerService@ERAPaints.com.

How to paint an engine

Learning how to paint a motor before applying your engine paint will help you achieve a flawless factory finish. Check out our step below on how to paint engine blocks to understand the process better before you begin.

Engine Paint Valve Cover

Prepare the Engine

  1. Use a wire brush to get rid of any grime or rust built onto the engine’s metal parts. Avoid brushing the rubber casing as this can cause damage to them.
  2. To aid the process, use mineral spirits alongside the wire brush.
  3. Use 150 grit and 200 grit sandpaper to smooth down the metal areas on the engine. Again, this helps the paint to bond.
  4. Give the engine a spray with brake cleaner.
  5. Finally, use a shop towel and some rubbing spirits to clean it one last time.
  6. Use masking tape and newspaper to cover the parts of the engine that will not be painted. Take your time on this because you want to make sure that only the correct areas are painted.

Paint the Engine

  1. Select one of our high-quality paints – they are heat resistant, easy to use, and the most effective on the market.
  2. Always wear a respirator when working with noxious sprays.
  3. We recommend spraying from a variety of angles to get full coverage.
  4. Always follow the instructions that come with your shipment. We recommend short bursts of paint rather than one continuous stream as it allows you to readjust more easily.
  5. Wait ten minutes between each coat.
  6. For great coverage, one to two coats should be applied.

Finish Up

It is essential to wait 24 hours for the paint to dry completely. While it is tempting to take your newly painted engine out for a ride, it can ruin all of your hard work. It can make the paint run, and excess dirt can stick to the paint you have just laid down. Long term, waiting for the correct amount of time prevents the paint from flaking as it has time to set correctly.

Brush on engine paint vs. spray

The simple fact is that engine spray paint is easier to use than brush on engine paint. It is easy to apply and doesn’t require the user to have the level of experience that using a brush does. Using spray paint produces an excellent smooth finish. On top of that, our high temp paint can withstand the 400+ degree temperatures that your motor generates.

When using a brush-on engine paint, your work can be heavily affected by the brush’s quality. It also takes longer to dry, and ensuring a consistent, smooth finish is difficult because of the brush marks. While it is regarded mostly as a personal preference to use engine spray paint rather than a brush, it makes sense for many because of how easy it is to apply.

It is essential to let the paint dry once you have finished applying it. Starting up the engine too soon and heading out on a drive can lead to a poor finish, and the paint will chip rapidly.

Why choose the best paint brands?

The best paint brands on the market include G2, Rustoleum paint, Dupli-color, and VHT paint. Our product not only matches these industry leaders but in terms of quality and finish goes far beyond them.

Engine Paint Valve Cover

Opting for high-quality paint is essential because it provides the flawless factory finish that every eager DIYer is set on. The reality is you want the paintwork to look like it has been completed at a professional paint shop, but this can’t be achieved if you choose to use an inferior product that doesn’t deliver results.

Our engine spray paint is among the most expensive on the market, and there is sound reasoning behind this. It is the best paint on the market, can withstand the high temperatures your vehicle generates, and provides a superior finish. You won’t need a primer or clear coat with our 2K paint as it has a catalyst to help the paint harden so that everything will be dry within an hour or two.

Make your engine stand out with one of our seven stylish colors: Ford Blue , Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, Black, and Chevrolet Orange.

How is engine paint different to touch up paint?

Our aerosol engine enamel paint has been specially designed to withstand the extreme temperatures that the motor generates. Touch up paint that is used on the exterior of your vehicle couldn’t hack the high temperatures. It would flake and peel quickly.

To guarantee a great finish when painting your engine, you must use a product that has been specifically formulated for the purpose. The kits that we offer don’t come with a primer or clear coat because our heat resistant paint uses a catalyst and therefore doesn’t need them.

In terms of the colors available for painting your engine, the variety is significantly less than with touch up paint. With touch up paint, the colors are pretty much endless as manufacturers continue to produce a wide variety of cars. However, when painting your engine, you’re relatively restricted, and we only stock seven colors: Red, White, Green, Purple, Ford Blue, Yellow, and Chevrolet Orange.

How to paint a valve cover

Whether you need Miata valve cover paint, Honda valve cover paint, or Miata valve cover paint, our advice is the same. Always opt for the highest-quality paint to make sure that your work lasts. We get many people enquiring about how to paint their valve cover, and the steps are identical to the ones above. So, follow those, and you’ll be in safe hands.

Where is the best place to buy engine paint?

ERA Paints has the best motor paint on the market. We offer it to our customers at excellent value and provide free shipping with every order. Our kits are a one-stop solution for all your engine painting needs and are even more straightforward. Check out our online store or feel free to give our expert staff a call, and they can help you with any queries.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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