Dabbers, pens or mini-brushes for Touch Up – Which is Better?

There are different tools and methods which can be used to apply Primer, Touch Up paint and Clearcoat to scratches and chips on your vehicle. We have chosen a ‘dabber’ for our kits as we have found it to produce the best results with repairing small dings and scratches.

Helpful hints: DO NOT use a dabber as a paint brush – you will destroy the tip and the touch up job will not be optimal. Instead gently dab a ‘dot’ of paint into the scratch in a ‘pointillism technique (see our YouTube video). Do not attempt to use the dabber to move paint inside the scratch – simply use many small ‘dots’. Furthermore, your results will look better if you have patience and take your time filling in scratches or chips.

Note: that these dabbers can be cleaned & reused – just use a little paint thinner or mineral spirits to completely clean the paint out of them.  You can also remove the dabber tips to apply smaller amounts of paint. Be sure to clean the area after removing the tip to remove any contaminants.