What’s the biggest success factor for DIY paint application success?



Paint (basecoat) will not bubble, curdle, blemish, fish-eye or anything else if the underlying surface has been prepped correctly.


So, in order to prep a surface, you need to do at least 2 things:


-Fully clean the underlying surface of dirt, wax, grease, human oils, etc. If you don’t properly clean the surface, you are going to encounter an ‘oil and water’ situation – the surface and the paint are going to fight with each other. So, if you are working over a panel that’s already on the car, get some soapy (dishwater detergent) warm water & wash off the mud etc. Then for the wax buildup, sticky tree sap & any other type of gunk, use ERA Paints wax/grease remover and clean the surface until you have a perfectly clean surface.


-Ensure that the paint product will stick to the surface by roughing up the surface with some fine-grit sandpaper, paint will not stick to a slick surface. After roughing the surface, be sure to fully clean the area once again. Purchase one of our Basic or Pro-Prep Kits to properly prepare your project for paint.


-With each purchase you will receive a very detailed Spray or Touch Up instruction guide to help you with your paint application.