We Value our Customers

Our paint products are made-to-order custom paint, so each paint order is unique to a car. ERA Paints works very hard to ensure color accuracy, and we only sell premium quality American-made paints. Consequently, the vast majority of our customers love our products! In fact, if you want proof please look at our customer ratings and comments on eBay, Amazon and our website! Also we even have a high rate of return customers. We like happy customers, so if you are unhappy for some reason, please give us a chance to make it right.

A couple of things you should be aware of:

Verifying Your Color Code:

ERA Paints strives to maintain an accurate list of colors on our website for each Year, Make and Model of vehicle. However, if you want to be sure you ordered the correct paint, you must verify the paint code on your vehicle. It is critically important that you double-check to ensure you have the correct paint code/color. So in order to ensure paint code accuracy, you should find the paint code on your car. If you need assistance finding and interpreting the paint code information about your car, contact us. It is highly suggested that you view our ‘HOW TO FIND YOUR PAINT CODE’ videos.

Our YouTube Channel has over 50 videos (one for each brand) that help you find your paint code as well as application videos to help you with your project.

Some colors showing availability on our website, eBay, Amazon or Walmart may be discontinued. If you order one of these colors, we will issue a refund for any colors we cannot make.

NOTE: Pre 1995 colors, are not refundable under any circumstances. Paint fading and other issues make these colors difficult to match perfectly. Also note that we do not sell tri-coat paint products.

Testing the Color Match:

ALWAYS test the paint in an inconspicuous area before applying it to your vehicle! You are responsible for making sure the paint matches by testing the color BEFORE you apply it to your vehicle! If the color does not match, the clear coat will not help to make the color match better! If you apply the paint to your vehicle and it doesn’t match, immediately remove it with automotive lacquer thinner.

The reasons our paint may not match your cars’ paint could be one of the following:

  1. You may have ordered the wrong color code
  2. There may have been a previously flawed paint job done to the vehicle
  3. Exposure to sunlight, acid rain and other natural elements might cause the paint finish to fade.
  4. Your vehicle may be an uncommon variant of the standard factory color
  5. It might also be that you received an order that was mixed incorrectly, or mixed up with another customer’s order

Now, about our Guarantee and Cancellation/Replacement/Refund Policy:

Color Match Guarantee:

We guarantee our paint to match any original factory color per OEM specifications. ALWAYS test the paint before applying it to your vehicle to ensure a blendable color match. You can do color match test in an obscure area of your car such as an interior door jamb before doing any prep-work/paint-work. However, note even the interior door jamb paint can fade over time so this check may only useful on later model vehicles. However, as indicated above, this may not necessarily mean that our paint will match your car. Therefore, here is our cancellation/refund/replacement policy:


We will allow you to cancel your order for any reason if we have not yet fulfilled your order at the time of cancellation. Furthermore, we will also cancel (at least part of) your order if you order a product we do not sell (such as tri-coat paints).


Refunds or replacements can take place for your shipped & delivered products under the following conditions. Returns are only accepted within 30 days of the date of sale. Furthermore, we will refund or replace ONLY if you notify us and get permission from us to do a return, AND if one of the following conditions apply:

  1. Defective product issue: Damaged or missing orders will be replaced at no charge, OR
  2. Color mismatch issue: This may occur for a couple of reasons. The color is just slightly off. This could be due to alternate paint variations (see our FAQs for more information on alternate color codes). Faded paint on your car, your car could have been repainted with paint that did not match the original OEM paint at some point. We may have mixed the paint slightly incorrectly (it happens, albeit very rare!).

We will be happy to either replace (remix) or refund your order at our cost IF you send us pictures of the painted area AND if our paint experts think they can reasonably create a new paint formulation from the pictures you supply us.


Replacements for remixes/reshipments of paints will only be on our dime once. For refunds, if the color match issue is not your fault we will refund your purchase by sending you (via email) a prepaid return shipment label so you can return unused products to us. Only if the color match issue is your fault, you can get a partial refund by shipping entire the order back to us (at your shipping cost) IF the other non-custom paint items are unused. Used items or custom-mixed paint will not be refunded.

You will not be entitled to a refund if you refuse delivery of your order.

Most of our non-custom paint items in your order can be returned with defective product or color mismatch paints long as they are in new, unused condition.

Please make sure you follow all applicable USPS and UPS hazardous material shipping regulations when shipping items back to us.

ERA Paints values you as a customer and always strive to make it right for you. We thank you giving us the opportunity to provide you with our products.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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