How to find the paint code for your vehicle

Finding the correct paint codes and colors doesn’t have to be a big effort. Our extensive range of color codes will get you the information you need right away. It will save you more time and get your vehicle back up and running as soon as possible.

Now there’s an EASY method to how to find your paint code: select your make from the list above, then read our tutorial or watch the 30-second video to locate your label and paint code. Now that you have your paint code information, you can start the order process.

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What is a paint code?

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, one of the defining factors in the decision making process for many people is the color of the car. Auto manufacturers use a range of names for the different colors they use.

Different models and vehicles with the same color can have two varying names, so even though your neighbor’s truck is the same color as your sedan, their color description may not be the same.

With so many models and years, keeping track of color names can get exhausting. Paint codes are used as a way to certify the color of your vehicle. Vehicles with differing color descriptions may still have the same color code, so keeping track is easier. When searching for the color of your car online, you may also see it referred to as a color code.

Where to Find Your Paint Code

Why is your color code important?

Getting a scratch or scrape on your vehicle can be frustrating. Depending on the severity, you may even have to visit a body shop to get the issue fixed. However, most of the time, you can repair the damage at home using a touch-up repair kit like the ones we sell at ERA Paints.

Knowing your paint code is essential when searching for the right touch up paint. If you have the wrong code, you will end up with the wrong color. It may look very similar, but it will become immediately apparent when you begin applying the paint that it does not perfectly match.

The effect of this will mean having to reorder a different touch-up paint repair kit and then having to sand down the paint you have already applied so that it does not contrast with the right color.

Overall, having the correct color code will save you a lot of time and hassle, meaning the job gets done faster, and your vehicle is returned to its former glory.

How do you find the paint color of your car?

You will find the paint code for your vehicle location on the “Service Parts Identification” tag, which can be in a variety of places on your vehicle. It may also be referred to as a “Manufacturers Tag/Sticker” or a “VIN tag” depending on the make of your car. Unfortunately, automakers have not standardized the location of the label, which means finding it can be quite tricky.

We have an extensive library of videos that show you exactly where to find the color code for your car. Simply select a make from the list then watch the 30-second video to locate your label and the paint code on the label. We have also written instructions on where to find it if you prefer to read. Once you have your paint code, you can start the ordering process and receive free shipping with your delivery.

Below you’ll find general instructions on where to find your paint code depending on the make you own. Often automakers own a variety of brands, and the location of the VIN tag tends to be the same, although this is not a hard and fast rule, and it may be in a different spot. Often they also use the same format for their codes so we will outline these below as well.

For more detailed instructions, select your individual make button above.

How to find General Motor branded paint codes

The automaking giant General Motors produces some of the most well-known car brands in the world, including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. Unfortunately, they have scattered the location of the VIN tag depending on the make and model. However, you can try checking:

  1. The glove box
  2. Driver’s side door jamb
  3. On the trunk link
  4. In the trunk
  5. Under the hood of the vehicle

Whether you own a GMC Sierra or a Chevrolet Corvette, the code is usually located in one of the places above.

What do General Motors paint codes mean?

General Motors uses the same code convention for all of their paint codes. The codes are usually four digits long, and they will typically contain both numbers and letters. For example, 50GAZ/WA8624 Olympic White or 41/WA8555K Black.

On the manufacturer’s tag, for the examples above, you would only see everything after the “WA.” However, they are often written in a longer format online.

How can you find the paint code for Ford cars?

The legendary car manufacturer owns some of the best brands in the auto industry, including Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Lincoln. Thankfully, Ford has been relatively consistent with the location of the paint code, and you can usually find it in the door jamb on most of the brands they own. Although, check out the individual makes page to get video instructions on where to find it.

Understanding Ford color codes

For the makes that operate under Ford ownership, the paint code system varies slightly. For Ford and Lincoln’s, the codes are usually two digits long with numbers and letters, for example, UH Tuxedo Black Metallic. However, Land Rover and Jaguar tend to use three digits codes like AA/867 Fuji White or 1820/ 820/ SDN/ SEC Topaz Metallic.

Finding the color code for your Toyota

The Japanese car giant Toyota also has several other brands under its umbrella, like the luxury car brand Lexus. Whether you own a Toyota Highlander or a Lexus GX 450, they have kept the location of the paint code consistent. You can always find it on the driver’s side door jamb on a VIN tag that will be black, white, or silver.

What does the Toyota color code mean?

Both Toyota and Lexus use the same color-coding format, so identifying them is easy. They will contact three digits, which will be a mixture of letters and numbers. For example, 1G3 Magnetic Gray and 1D6 Silver Sky Metallic.

How to find out what color your Chrysler is?

Chrysler is one of the oldest car companies in the world and manufactures a laundry list of exciting brands that includes Dodge, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep. Whether you own a Dodge or a Jeep, the manufacturer’s tag is likely to be:

  1. On the driver side door jamb
  2. On the firewall – check all the way long
  3. In front of the radiator
  4. Under either of the front seats
  5. On the Wheel well on either side

For instructions on the specific Chrysler brand you own, visit its dedicated page above.

What do Chrysler paint codes look like?

Both the Dodge and Jeep brands share the same code format. The code will consist of three alphanumeric digits, like PDM Mineral Gray Metallic and PW1 Stone White. They are easy to spot on the VIN tag because the code will be situated next to the “PNT” heading.

How to find out your Honda’s paint code

Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer that owns other well-known brands such as Acura. Their color codes are typically found on a label on the driver’s side door jamb but also check:

  1. Inside the engine bay
  2. Along the firewall

The exact location may vary depending on the model and year of your vehicle, so make sure to check out the dedicated page for the individual make.

How is a Honda paint code written?

Honda and the other brands it manufactures have relatively long color codes, which range from four to eight digits long. They typically start with NH, for example, NH731P Crystal Black Pearl. But you may see codes that begin with B like B-92P-4 Nighthawk Black Pearl.

How to know your Hyundai’s color code

Hyundai is a South Korean carmaker who operates the largest automobile manufacturing facility in the world. They also own popular brands such as Kia and Genesis. For Hyunda’s you can find the manufacturers label:

  1. On either of the core supports
  2. Along the firewall
  3. On the door jamb

Kia’s, on the other hand, tend to have their labels located on the door jamb. If you are having any trouble finding the code take a look at the individual page for that specific make.

How are Hyundai’s codes written?

Hyundai has not opted for a consistent approach across the brands that fall under their umbrella. So Kia’s use a three-digit alphanumeric code, like AYE Solar Yellow, while Hyundai’s predominantly use two digits such as IM Titanium Silver Metallic.

How to find the right paint color for your Nissan

Nissan currently produces more electric vehicles than any other manufacturer in the world. They own a variety of car brands that includes their luxury arm Infiniti. To find the VIN tag with the color code on it:

  1. Look on the door jambs on both sides
  2. Look under the hood on the firewall
  3. Check the column supports on both sides
  4. Check the door pillars

What do the Nissan paint codes look like?

You may notice on the individual make pages for the Nissan owned brands we have used the same videos, this because the brands use an identical color code system. They contain three alphanumeric digits, for example, Kh2 Black Obsidian and K12 Radiant Silver Metallic.

How to find your Tesla paint color

Tesla is a relative newcomer in the auto industry but has made an enormous impact. With simplicity in mind, they have kept the manufacturer’s label in the same spot. Regardless of whether you own a Model 3 or sporty Model S, you can find it on the driver’s side door jamb.

What does the Tesla color code look like?

Currently, Tesla paint codes are all four characters long and contain no numbers. Their color codes will start with a P. For example, PMSS Starlight Silver Metallic, and PBCW Catalina White.

How to find your Volkswagen and Audi codes with VIN

Volkswagen is a German automaker that owns an array of luxury car brands around the world. Their most popular brands are VW and Audi. They have taken a unified approach with the location of their paint codes, and you can find them on either the trunk lid or trunk wall.

How are VW color codes written?

VW codes are usually three or four digits long. They will contain numbers and letters, for example, L92U Arctic Silver Metallic, and C9A/LC9A Pure White.

What to do if you can’t find your paint code?

Paint codes can sometimes be tricky to find because of the variety of places they can be found in. If you are having trouble locating the paint code on your vehicle, you have a few options:

  1. Give us a call on 971-770-2372, and our phone lines operate from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm throughout the week and on Saturday.
  2. Use our online selector to enter your vehicle’s details and find out your paint code.
  3. Navigate to one of the specific make pages above and watch our 30-second video to find the correct area.
  4. Contact us at, and we can lend a hand.

What to do with your paint code?

Once you have your color code, you are on your way to restoring your vehicle to its original factory finish and bring the shine back. Simply order one of our touch-up paint kits, which include everything you need to get the job done and offer exceptional value. All orders from us are also shipped free of charge.

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