How to Find Your Cadillac Paint Code: Step by Step Video

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How to find the exact color of your car

Whether you drive an Eldorado or an Escalade, your paint code will be located on the service parts identification sticker. The exact location of this will depend on the model and year of the Cadillac you drive. The places below are where the tag can most commonly be found. To locate it:

Cadillac Paint Code Location
  • Open the passenger side door and look in the glove box and middle console
  • Move round to the driver’s side
  • Open the door and look on the door jamb
  • Go to the rear of the vehicle
  • Open the trunk lid and look along it
  • Lastly, look in the trunk

If your Cadillac is missing the manufacturer’s sticker, give our staff a call at 971-770-2372 . Our hotline is open from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm on weekdays and Saturday. Or you can send an email to Regardless of whether you own a Fleetwood or a Seville with a few pieces of information, we can identify the correct paint code.

How to find the color code of your car

As Cadillac is part of the General Motors family, their paint codes follow the same pattern. They are four digits long and consist of numbers and letters. On the tag, you will just see the four digits, but when you see the code written online, it may have “WA” before it.

Cadillac Paint Code Location

Example: 8555

Despite representing the same color, you may see the code above written in a variety of ways, for example, 41/GBA/WA8555 Black. Another example is GLI/WA81OT Ashen Gray Metallic, which is widely adopted on Cadillac’s Seville model.

General Motors service parts tags contain a lot of different codes. There is not a specific heading to identify the paint codes. However, it is usually found at the bottom of the sticker and may have “BC/CC” written beside it and be prefixed with “U.” You won’t find the color description like Silvermist Metallic but just the code 17/WA331D.

Cadillac Trivia and History

Cadillac is over 100 years old and saw an explosion in popularity during the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, and in 2018, the company set an internal record by selling nearly 400,000 vehicles worldwide. Their most popular models include the DeVille, Eldorado, and Escalade.

During their early years, Ford and Cadillac were intense rivals spurred on by the bitter relationship of the owners. Cadillac’s name is a homage to the city of Detroit and its French founder Sieur de Cadillac. The company unknowingly produced the first bulletproof presidential vehicle when Franklin D. Roosevelt used it after it was taken from Al Capone.

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