How to Find Your Dodge Paint Code: Step by Step Video

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Select your Dodge paint code.

How to find the right paint color for your Dodge

Dodge is a premier US car manufacturer and well known around the globe for their powerful cars that include the Ram 1500 and Charger. Dodge paint codes will be located in a variety of places, depending on the model and year, but you will find them on the manufacturer’s sticker. Our list below is of the most common spots, but it may be elsewhere:

Dodge Paint Code Location
  • Driver side door jamb
  • On the firewall – passenger, drivers side or in the center
  • Check-in front of the radiator
  • Under the passenger or drivers side seat
  • Wheel well on the passenger and drivers side.

If you can’t find the manufacturers sticker, call our hotline at 971-770-2372 . Regardless of whether you have a Focus or a Charger, we can help you out from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST. Or feel free to send us an email at

How to find your car color code

Immediately spotting the paint code on the sticker can be difficult because of the amount of information on it. To make it easier to spot Dodge, put their codes next to Dodge Paint Code Location a “PNT” title. This is located at the bottom of the tag underneath the bar code in the middle. Dodge paint codes will be two or three digits in length. They typically contain numbers and letters. 

Dodge Paint Code Location

Example: PW1

The code above represents PW1 Stone White or other examples are PDM Mineral Gray Metallic or LAU/PAU Granite Crystal Metallic.

Don’t rely upon the color name, your Challenger Mango Tango Pearl could look the same as your neighbors Charger but have a different color code. It’s always best to use the code listed on your vehicle when you purchase touch up paint from us.

More about Dodge

Dodge falls under the Fiat Chrysler family and is home to some of the most well known American car models that include the Charger and Dart. The company was born out of Michigan, started by the Dodge brothers who initially sold car parts. Their first vehicle came in 1914 and went on to be a huge hit.

A variation of their Challenger is still the most powerful American production car ever, and their Dodge 1500 was their first diesel car. Their metallic colors that include KAR/PAR Maximum Steel Metallic has become extremely popular with the American domestic market in recent years. Known for their power, the Dodge Ram 3500 can tow an impressive 30,000 pounds, which is a remarkable three times its weight.

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