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ERA Paints and Ferrari Logo

Finding your Ferrari paint code

Ferrari has made finding their paint code relatively easy. It will be located on the VIN tag, which will be situated in the same place regardless of whether you drive a Ferrari F12 or a Ferrari F488. To find it:

  1. Open the deck lid and look underneath.
  2. Locate the paint code sticker
  3. The code will be a mixture of numbers and may include the Italian name of the color.

If the code is not on the trunk, call us on 971-770-2372. We are open from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm Monday to Saturday. Or email us at

Understanding your Ferrari paint code

Ferrari Paint Code Location

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a Ferrari Testarossa or a Ferrari SUV; the paint codes for modern Ferraris are composed entirely of numbers.

Example: 75250

The code above represents Rosso Corsa, which is popular on Ferrari Californias. Other examples include 84028 Gialic Modena and 48698 Verde British Racing.

The tag the code is on will typically be on a yellow sticker with the branded Ferrari logo and colors on it. It contains a variety of other information but will usually be located on the sticker’s right-hand side. With a Ferrari, you are likely to see the actual color name written rather than a sequence of numbers, making it easier to identify.

Ferrari Fun Facts

Ferrari Touch Up Paint

The world-famous car manufacturer was set up in Moden in 1898 by the iconic Enzo Ferrari with which it shares its namesake. He also set up the Scuderia Ferrari racing team at the same time and traveled around the world with them.

The legendary logo has several different meanings. The yellow represents Enzo’s hometown, and the prancing horse was suggested to Enzo as a good luck charm by the Count and Countess of Baracca in memory of their son, a World War I flying ace who perished in battle. However, it wasn’t until 1932 that Ferrari got to put the logo on his car when he was racing for Alfa Romeo in the Spa 24 Hours.

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