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How to find out what color your Fisker Automotive is

Fisker doesn’t have an extensive portfolio of models and brands, which means Fisker paint codes’ location has been kept consistent. To find it, you will need to look in one of the places below:

Fisker Paint Code Location
  1. The driver’s side doorjamb
  2. The firewall under the hood

If you can’t find the paint code on the door jamb or under the hood, use our Fisker Automotive paint code selector above. Our phone lines are open from 8 am until 2 pm throughout the week and on Saturday if you need a hand 971-770-2372. For out of hours, contact us via

How to find the color code of your car

Fisker Automotive paint codes are composed of two digits. It will likely either be one letter and one number or two letters.

Examples include BD, which presents Laguna Pearl or K1 Eclipse Pearl. Two codes may represent some colors, and for example, Silver Mirage Metallic has the code of S1 or SB.

Our Fisker Automotive color code finder has all of the colors you will need to get the paintwork on your vehicle shining again in no time.

Fisker Automotive trivia

Fisker Automotive made waves in the auto industry when they released the first luxury hybrid electric vehicle, the Fisker Karma. It was a plug-in electric vehicle that debuted back in 2008 to a lot of fanfare.

The car had production issues when the battery supplier went bust, and Chinese firm Wanxiang Group then bought up Fisker Automotive in 2014. The company had short-lived success but managed to produce several concept cars, including the Fisker Sunset and the Fisker Surf.

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