How to Find Your How-to-find-your-acccura-paint-code Paint Code: Step by Step Video

Finding the paint code for your Acura

You may notice the VIN sticker below, and our videos of Acura show Honda. Acura is the luxury car division of Honda, so they utilize the same paint code naming system. Despite having a wide range of models that include the RLX, TLX, and SLX, you will find the paint code in the same location.

  • Go to the driver’s side of the car
  • Open the door
  • Look on the door jamb
Acura Paint Code Location

On the off chance that the VIN tag is not in the location above, give us a call at 971-770-2372 . We are available from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST from Monday to Saturday. We can provide you your code with some pieces of information about your Acura. Or you can email us at

How to know your car color code

Acura Paint Code Location

All Acura models, including the NSX, RDX, and Integra, follow a similar naming convention for paint codes. They contain both numbers and letters, and will usually start with NH.

Example: NH743M

The above string represents Acura Palladium Metallic, which is commonly found on a TLX. Another example includes NH-578 Taffeta White.

You may also see different paint codes representing the same color as B-92P/ B-92P-1/ B-92P-4 Nighthawk Black Pearl.

The manufacturer’s label will most likely be white, silver, or black. The paint code can be found directly underneath the bar code, although it doesn’t have a header to identify it. So, you will need to look out for “NH.”

Acura: Fun facts

Acura launched in North America nearly 40 years ago. The name Acura comes from a Latin phrase, which means “done with precision.” Its models, like the RLX and SLX, are marketed as luxury performance vehicles. In fact, Acura was Japan’s first luxury car brand.

The Acura TLX, NSX, and Integra are some of the most popular in North America. With metallic and pearl colors like NH-830M Lunar Silver Metallic or NH-731P Crystal Black Pearl, becoming the option of choice.

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