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How to find the right paint color for your Isuzu

Depending on whether you have an Ascender, Trucks, or a Rodeo, the manufacturer’s label will be located in different places. The paint code is found on the manufacturer’s sticker.

Isuzu Paint Code Location

To locate this:

  • Open the door on the driver’s side and look on the door jamb
  • Open the vehicle’s hood.
  • Look along the fire wall and check both core supports
  • Finally, check the inside of the glove box.

Be aware that the codes may be in a different place from the ones listed above, as these are just the most common. If you can’t find it, give us a call at 971-770-2372 . With a few details about your Isuzu Trooper, our staff can get you the code. We are available from 8 am till 2 pm throughout the week and on Saturday. For out of hours help, email us at

What does your Isuzu paint code mean?

Isuzu paint codes contain numbers that are three digits long. However, you may see this written in a longer format.

Example: 743

The code above is for Spruce Green Mica. However, this can also be written as 763 / G202P902 – 0 / Spruce Green Mica. Another example is 802 / Copper Orange Metallic.

On the manufacturer’s tag, you will only see the short code, 861, and not the extended code with the description 861 / W011P802 – 0 / Alpine White. It will be located next to the “COLOR/TRIM” heading.

More about Isuzu

Isuzu is a Japanese auto manufacturer that was founded an incredible 142 years ago. It started life as a petroleum company and then produced the first Japanese passenger car, the Wolseley model A9, in 1922. The best selling Isuzu in America is the Rodeo, which can often be seen in 564 / R809P902-0 / Red Spinel Mica Metallic.

The company has manufactured over 21 million diesel engines that are used in vehicles across the globe. In fact, GMs use a lot of Isuzu engines in their cars. Isuzu rose to prominence during the Korean War, where their Elf vehicle was used extensively. Also, did you know that the name Isuzu means “fifty bells” in English?

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