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How to find the right paint color for your John Deere

Unlike looking for paint codes on an auto manufacturer, finding John Deere paint codes is slightly different. They have a limited number of colors, so choosing from a wide range of John Deere color codes is not something you will have to worry about.

However, the wide range of machinery that John Deere makes means that there isn’t a consistent or universal place that their John Deer paint codes are kept.

Your best bet for finding the paint used on your John Deere product is to take a look through the manual they provide. If you didn’t find it here, we would recommend:

  • Using our John Deere paint color finder at the top of the page. It has the general John Deere colors and can even be narrowed down by year.
  • Calling our staff for additional help on which paint color would be right for you. Our phone lines are open from 8 am till 2 pm except on Sundays 971-770-2372.
  • Emailing us at

What does your John Deere paint code mean?

The three official colors used by John Deere are John Deere green, John Deere yellow, and black. We have these colors, as well as an industrial Charcoal color for you to use.

John Deere color codes are either three or four characters in length. They contain both letters and numbers and start with an F. John Deere Green is referenced by F9A, whereas John Deere Yellow has two differing paint codes, F9H and F9LA.

Our John Deere colors and paint codes are the perfect way to restore your equipment to its original factory finish.

More about John Deere

Despite their prominence in the tractor market, creator John Deere never got to see a tractor and developed his first plow in 1837. The company officially entered the tractor business in 1918 and has grown to be one of the world’s biggest companies. They now provide construction, agricultural, forestry, and lawn care machinery across the globe.

The company has its roots in the family, and half of the CEOs have been members of the Deere family. John Deere is steeped in history, and the leaping deer logo has represented the company for more than 140 years.

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