How to Find Your Kia Paint Code: Step by Step Video

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Select your Kia year.

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Select your Kia paint code.

How to know your Kia’s paint code

Owning a Forte, Optima, Rio, or Sedona won’t impact the location of your paint code. It is always on the manufacturer’s tag. Thankfully, Kia has made finding this a breeze, and regardless of what model you have, it is still in the same place.

Kia Paint Code Location
  • Walk to the driver’s side door
  • Open the door
  • Take a Look on the door jamb

If the VIN sticker is missing from the door jamb or you can’t find the code, give us a call at 971-770-2372 . Our phone hours run from Monday to Saturday from 8 am till 2 pm PST. If you need any help outside this time, use our email With a few pieces of information, we can help you get the code for your Soul, Stiner, or Spectra.

What does your Kia paint code mean?

All Kia models, including the Sedona, Forte, and Optima, have the same naming convention for paint codes. The paint codes will either be two or three characters long and will be alphanumeric.

Kia Paint Code Location

Example: ABP

ABP stands for Aurora Black Pearl. Most are not acronyms of the colors they represent. For example, Paint Code: AYE Solar Yellow and Paint Code: AE2/AE3 Alien II Pearl. As you may notice, some of the colors can be represented by two different codes. Some may have an additional letter in front of them like S3/S3B Phantom Black Metallic.

The VIN label is typically black and contains a lot of information. Kia has made finding the code easy as it is prefixed with a “PAINT” heading. You can often find this in the top right of the sticker. However, it will only contain the code VU8, and not the color description Lakeside Blue Metallic.

KIA: Fun facts

Kia is the second-largest South Korean automaker, just behind Hyundai. They have produced over 3 million cars and are a famous brand around the world. Their iconic Soul, Stinger and Spectre models and popular domestically, particularly in metallic colors like 3D/A3D Bright Silver Metallic and IM Titanium Silver Metallic

The company initially began as a bicycle manufacturer in 1944 and didn’t enter the American market until 1992. They currently have the biggest car assembly factory in the world and are ⅓ owned by Hyundai. Also, did you know that Kia can be translated to mean “rising out of Asia”?

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