How to Find Your Land-rover Paint Code: Step by Step Video

How to find the color code of your Land Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover and other models like the Discovery have come synonymous with luxury in the SUV market. The paint code will be written on a black manufacturer’s tag. You can find the Land Rover paint code in a couple of locations, our list contains the most common spots, but it may also be found elsewhere depending on the make and model.

Land Rover Paint Code Location
  • Check the core support under the hood. It may be in the center or to one side, so check both
  • Open the driver’s side door and check on the door jamb

If you check the locations above and still can’t find the tag with the paint code on it, call us at 971-770-2372 . Regardless of whether you drive an LR2 or a Defender, our staff can help out from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST. Otherwise, feel free to email us at

How to find the exact color code of your car

Land Rover paint codes can vary significantly in length but will be at least three digits long and may contain both numbers and letters. The codes are sometimes prefixed by “LRC,” but this can be ignored.

Land Rover Paint Code Location

Example: 820

The code above can be written in a variety of forms depending on the model and year of your Land Rover, for example, 1AG/820/LRC820 all represent Santorini Black Metallic. Other examples include 1AA/867/LRC867 Fuji White.

You can find the paint code on the VIN tag, but Land Rovers have a separate black card that holds the written color and underneath this, you’ll see the paint code.

More about Land Rover

Land Rover is a British brand held under the Jaguar Land Rover company, which is owned by the Indian company Tata motors. The company has supplied the British army with its vehicles since 1948. Commercially their Defender LR2 and Discovery LR4 are popular among customers around the globe.

They are the second oldest four-wheel-drive company, just behind Jeep, and initially had their steering wheels in the middle like British tractors. In the 50s, you could even order your Land Rover with tank threads, which was created to navigate the Scottish highlands.

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