How to Find Your Lincoln Paint Code: Step by Step Video

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How to find Lincoln paint codes

Lincoln has made finding their paint codes a breeze, and it doesn’t matter if you own an Aviator, a Continental, or a Corsair, the code is always on the manufacturer’s tag alongside the VIN. For all Lincoln the VIN sticker is in the same location, to find it:

Lincoln Paint Code Location
  • Go to the driver’s side door
  • Open the door
  • Look on the door jamb

If the sticker is not on the driver’s side door jamb give our team a call on 971-770-2372 . Whether you have a Navigator, a Town Car, or an Aviator, we can help get your code with a few bits of information. Our lines are open from 8 am till 2 pm EST from Monday through to Saturday. For help outside these hours, email us at

Understanding your Lincoln’s paint code

Lincoln Paint Code Location

Lincoln paint codes typically contain two alphanumeric digits. Multiple codes can also represent a single color.

Example: G4

G4 is the color code for Cashmere Tricoat. Another example is UH Tuxedo Black Metallic. On the VIN sticker, you will only ever see the two-digit code. However, it may also be written in a longer format online. For example, UX/M7226A Ingot Silver Metallic and M6373A/UA Ebony, have multiple codes for the same color.

On the VIN tag, the paint code isn’t hard to find because it is next to the “EXT PNT” heading. This can be found at the bottom of the tag underneath the barcode.

More about Lincoln

Lincoln was founded over a hundred years and is the luxury arm of Ford. They have competed directly with Cadillac since their inception but were first to introduce the personal luxury car with the launch of the Continental in 1940. Lincoln cars tend to be relatively big, with models like the Navigator, Town Car, and Corsair attesting to this.

The company is named after the famed American president, who was the hero of founder Henry M. Leland. Lincoln sells over 150,000 vehicles a year and has markets across the globe, including the Middle East, China, and South Korea. Their iconic logo, the Lincoln Star, is said to embody the ideals of luxury, prestige, and brightness.

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