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Where to find your McLaren color code

McLaren is one of the most unique car manufacturers in the world and has given us models like the MP4-12C and the McLaren P1. Their Mclaren F1 team is award-winning and world-famous, and their vehicles win praise across the globe.

Despite such variety in their models, McLaren paint codes are simple to find. To locate your McLaren color code:

McLaren Paint Code Location
  1. Walk to the front of your vehicle
  2. Open the trunk (their trunks are on the front)
  3. Check on the underside

If the paint code can’t be found on the trunk’s underside, use our McLaren color finding tool at the top of the page. It should help you quickly identify the correct code.

Otherwise, you can give us a call from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm on 971-770-2372. If you prefer communicating via email, contact us at

Understanding your car color code

You won’t find the name of the color written alongside the McLaren paint code, so you need to know what to keep an eye out for. The paint codes are the same whether you drive a McLaren 570s or a McLaren GT. The McLaren color codes are three or four digits long and don’t have any letters in them.

Examples include 744 and 8414, which stand for Brilliant Silver and Dark Palladium Metallic, respectively.

The paint code’s exact location on the manufacturer’s tag can vary, so just keep an eye out for a sequence of numbers three or four digits in length.

More about McLaren

McLaren has a rich history. Not only are they a Formula 1 giant, but their founder Bruce McLaren was also a racing hotshot, winning the USGP at just 22, which has only since been surpassed by Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. Not only as the company dominated in F1, but they also were the team to beat in American Can-Am racing back in the 1970s.

Their use of papaya orange as a color stemmed from the fact that it used to stand out more on old color TV’s and made attracting sponsors easier. The McLaren Technology Centre, aka McLaren HQ, is shaped like a yin-yang symbol and uses a pond to keep the company’s wind tunnel’s enormous heat in check.

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