How to Find Your Mercedes-benz Paint Code: Step by Step Video

Step 1

Select your Mercedes-benz model

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Step 2

Select your Mercedes-benz year.

Step 3

Select your Mercedes-benz paint code.

How to find the right paint color for your Mercedes

Depending on whether you drive a B-Class, C-Class, or an M-Class, the paint codes will be located in different spots. You can find the paint code on the manufacturer’s tag, which also has the VIN on it. To find the code

Mercedes Paint Code Location
  • Open the hood, and it may be written on the underside of it
  • Check the core support on either side
  • Check along the firewall
  • Lastly, look on the driver’s side door jamb

The list above is of the most common spots, but it may be elsewhere. If you can’t find it in the locations above, our staff are on hand to help you from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST during the week and most Saturdays. Call us at 971-770-2372 for great customer assistance. Otherwise, you can send us an email at

What does your Mercedes paint code mean?

Mercedes paint codes only contain numbers and are usually between two and four digits long. However, you may see the code written in a variety of forms.

Mercedes Paint Code Location

Example: 775

The code above represents 775/9775 Iridium Silver Metallic. As you can see, the code may often be written with a 9 in front of it. Other examples include 147/9147 Arctic White, which is a trendy color on an SLR.

The Mercedes manufacturers tag is typically white, black, or silver and has a barcode running along the entire bottom. The paint code is situated above this near the top of the tag. It may be placed next to the “PASSENGER CAR” heading.

More about Mercedes

The German automaker was founded in 1926 and has grown to be the largest producer of premium vehicles in the world. The older 600 model was a hit with celebrities that included Hugh Hefner and Jack Nicholson, while a modified Mercedes-Benz M-Class is now the official car of the Pope.

While Grey remains the most popular Mercedes color, it is closely followed by 40/9040/040 Black, with these two colors along with white accounting for more than two-thirds of Mercedes colors. Their iconic star symbol is well recognized, but few know what it represents. The star stands for air, land, and sea, and is found on the hood of all Mercedes.

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