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How do you find the paint color of your Mercury

Whether you drive Mountaineer or a Village, the paint codes are located on the manufacturer’s tag on your vehicle. Thankfully, they have made finding the label easy and have put it in the same spot regardless of the model. To find it:

Mercury Paint Code Location
  • Go to the driver’s side door
  • Open the door
  • Look on the door jamb

In the rare chance that the tag isn’t on the door jamb, then give our team a call. We are available at 971-770-2372 from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm during the week and on Saturday. You can also fire us an email at any time at

What does the Mercury paint code mean?

On the VIN sticker, Mercury codes are typically two digits long. They are usually made up of letters and numbers. However, you may see them written in a longer format elsewhere, like below:

Example: CX / M7039A / Dark Shadow Gray Metallic

Other examples include DX / M7083A / Dark Blue Pearl, E9 / M6688A / Laser Red Metallic, and FQ / M7240A / Bordeaux Reserve Metallic. You can find any of the codes shown in our online database.

The tag will only contain the code, G2, and not the more extended code or description, MEDIUM AUBERGINE METALLIC. You can find the code underneath the barcode at the bottom of the label.

Mercury: Fun facts

Mercury was founded over 80 years ago and was marketed as an entry-level premium vehicle by the Ford Motor Company. It was created to create a price bridge between Ford and Lincolns. The Cougar, Marauder, and Mountaineer models were prevalent, particularly in metallic colors such as HM / M7201A / Black Cherry Ice Metallic.

Despite being in numerous markets worldwide that included the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East, it was decided in 2010 to discontinue the brand. The final vehicle, the Mercury Grand Marquis, rolled off the production line in 2011.

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