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How do you find the paint color of your Opel

Despite having such a wide variety of models that include the Opel Insignia and the Opel Zafira, Opel has kept the location of their paint codes consistent. You will find the Opel paint code located on the manufacturer’s sticker to see this:

Opel Paint Code Location
  1. Go to the driver’s side of the car
  2. Open the door and check the pillar behind it.
  3. Repeat the above for the passenger’s side.
  4. Go to the front of the car and open the hood
  5. The paint code may be on a panel in front of the radiator

If the paint code isn’t on either of the pillars or under the hood, it may have been accidentally removed. Thankfully our online Opel paint code finder at the top of the page can provide you with the correct Opel color code with just a few minor details about your car.

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What does the Opel paint code mean?

Once you locate the VIN tag, you’ll find a lot of different information. So keep an eye out for a series of numbers and letters that can range from three to eight characters in length.

Gold Green is an example of a color with a more extended Opel color code, 757 PK55B. In contrast, Dunkelgrau Matt has a shorter format of NE44.

To get both the name and paint code at the same time, use our Opel color code finder above.

The manufacturer’s tag is typically black with white writing but doesn’t have a specific heading or title for the paint code. However, it is usually located at the bottom on the left-hand side.

Opel: Fun facts

Opel was founded in 1862 and has grown to become one of the biggest automakers in Europe. In mainland Europe, they use the Opel brand, but in the UK, they use Vauxhall branding, whereas, in Australia, the brand is named Holden.

General Motors sold the company in 2017 to Groupe PSA, which then made them the second largest manufacturer in Europe after Volkswagen.

Opel’s flagship car is currently the Opel Insignia, but the company has vehicles in all market segments.

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