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How to find the color code of your Plymouth

Depending on whether you drive a Plymouth Acclaim, Breeze, or Neon, your paint code will be in different locations. With every Plymouth, you will find the code on the manufacturer’s tag. To find this:

Plymouth Paint Code Location
  • Go to the driver’s side of the car
  • Open the door and check on the door jamb
  • Open the hood of the car
  • Check along with the firewall
  • Look on both strut towers

The locations above are the most common. However, if you are having trouble finding the code call us at 971-770-2372 . Whether you have a Prowler, an Acclaim, or a Breeze, our staff can help identify your Plymouth’s code. Our phone lines are open from 8 am till 2 pm PST Monday through Saturday. For help at different times, fire us an email at

Finding the exact color of your Plymouth

Plymouth paint codes are usually three digits long. Depending on the color, they contain both numbers and characters. On the VIN sticker, you will find a short code. However, online they can be written in a longer form.

Example: AY96HD8/PD8 Dark Quartz Gray Metallic

On the label, you will only see the PD8 code and not the description or extended code. Other examples include AY112WB7/PB7 Patriot Blue Pearl, which is often seen on Plymouth Prowlers, and PAW/QAW/VAW Deep Slate Pearl, which has many different variations.

The Plymouth color ID tag is usually white, but it may also be black or silver. The paint code is found under the barcode and is next to the “PAINT” heading.

More about Plymouth

Plymouth was founded over 90 years ago and operated as a brand under the Chrysler umbrella. They were based out of Michigan and were made primarily for the lower cost segment of the North American market. Low-cost models, particularly in metallic colors like AY97PGF/PGF Emerald Green Metallic, were popular in the 90s.

Unfortunately, since then, the brand is now defunct. It began to lose its identity and place in the market as competition increased. The Breeze model was dropped entirely while the Prowler switched over to become a Chrysler in 2000. The Neon was the last remaining model in 2001, the final year of the brand’s operation.

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