How to Find Your Porsche Paint Code: Step by Step Video

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Select your Porsche model

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Select your Porsche year.

Step 3

Select your Porsche paint code.

How to find your Porsche paint code

You can find your Porsche paint code on the manufacturer’s tag. Depending on whether you have a Cayenne, a Carrera, or a Turbo, the label will be in a different location. The places below are the most common locations:

Porsche Paint Code Location
  • Open the car and check inside the glove box or in the middle console
  • Check under the hood along the firewall
  • Go round to the back of the car and look on the trunk lid
  • Alternatively, check the first page of the owners manual

If it isn’t in any of the spots above, call us on 971-770-2372 . We are available during the weekdays and most Saturdays from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST. For out of hours, send us an email at

How to find your car paint color

Porsche paint codes range from three to four characters in length, and they will typically contain both numbers and letters. A lot of them start with ” L,” but they also often begin with “M.” The format of the code may depend on whether you drive a 911 or a Carrera.

Example: M5X

Porsche Paint Code Location

The code above represents Dunkel Blue Metallic most frequently seen on a Macan. Other examples include LY9B Brilliant Black and L92U Arctic Silver Metallic.

You may see the paint code written in a variety of formats, and you can quote either one when purchasing from us online. For example, 84A/G1/L80K all represent Guards Red. The Porsche manufacturers sticker is well laid out, and the paint code easy to find. Just look for the “COLOR CODE” heading, and the paint code will be shown to the right of it.

Porsche: What do you know?

Porsche’s most popular vehicle is the Porsche 911, around 110 cars are made in a single day. The car is only made in one location, Stuttgart, Germany, but there are 16 different versions of the 911. The founder of the company, Ferdinand Porsche, managed to create an electric vehicle way back in 1899.

The legendary prancing horse on the emblem comes from the coat of arms from Stuttgart, Porsche’s home. The only reason Ferrari has a horse on their crest is because of an Italian pilot who shot down a plane over Stuttgart during WWI.

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