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How to find the paint color of your Ram?

Finding your Ram paint code is simple and straightforward, although depending on whether you drive a RAM 1500 or a RAM Chassis Cab, the code may be in different spots. To the paint code for your Ram:

  1. Go to the driver’s side door, open it, and look at the door jamb.
  2. Go to the front of your truck, open the hood, and look at the firewall.
  3. While you’re there, check on the strut tower.
  4. Finally, take toward the core support. It could be there.

Find your RAM 2500 paint code shouldn’t be too difficult. The code will be on the manufacturer’s tag. If it is not there, you have a few options:

  • Enter the model and year of your RAM into our online tool, and it can help find it for you.
  • Make use of our world-class customer service and give us a call between 6:30 am and 3:30 pm on weekdays, and 8:00 till 1:00 pm on Saturday. Our number is 971-770-2372.

Locating your RAM paint code on the manufacturer’s tag

Once you spot the manufacturers tag, most of the hard work is done. These are typically white, black, or silver and contain a lot of useful information about your RAM 1500.

Finding the paint code is easy. It is usually located underneath the barcode at the bottom of the sticker. It will be situated next to either a heading labeled “PAINT” or “PNT.”

The paint codes themselves are easy to make sense of. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a RAM 1500 TRX or a RAM 3500. The paint codes are generally three digits long and contain both numbers and letters.

Dodge Ram Paint Code Location

Ram’s color codes are straightforward to understand. Their codes are usually two characters in length, containing both numbers and letters. However, they can also be three digits long.

Example: PS2

The code above represents Metallic Bright Silver. Other examples include PX8 and PW7, the codes for the Dodge Black, and Dodge Bright White.

More information on the Dodge Ram

As many of you are aware, RAM used to be named Dodge Ram. However, since 2010 the RAM brand has operated entirely separately from the Dodge marque, with a big focus on “real truck customers,” not just casual buyers. Both the brands mentioned above are owned by Italian-America Fiat Chrysler company.

The RAM 1500 is one of the most iconic trucks of all time and has picked up various awards in the last decade, including the “Best of Show Award” and the Best Full-Sized Truck for its value from “U.S. News and World Report.”

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