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How to find out what color your Saab is

The location of paint codes in the Saab 9-2x, 9-3, and 9-4x are all different. The only constant is that you will find the code on the manufacturer’s label. Depending on the model and year, this should be located in one of the places below:

Saab Paint Code Location
  • Go to the driver’s side door and open it
  • Look on the door jamb
  • Walk round to the hood and open it.
  • Check on along the firewall
  • Check the core supports on both sides
  • Finally, look in the glove box

The above areas are the most common place you’ll find the code. If it isn’t there, call us at 971-770-2372 . You can reach us from 8:00 am through 2:00 pm PST Monday through Friday and most Saturdays. For help outside these times, email us at With information about your Saab, we can help find the paint code for your 9-5, 9-7x, and all other models.

How to find the color code of your car

Saab paint codes are usually made up of three numbers, although you may find some with three numbers and a letter at the end

Example: 298

The code above represents Jet Black, which is a popular color on a lot of Saab 9-2x models. Other examples include 315 Diamond Silver and 326 Obsidian Black.The tag holding information on the paint code also contains a lot of other data.

To find the code, look for the “BODY COLOR” heading, the code will be to the right. It will only contain the code, 220G, and not the description 220G Iridium.

Saab Trivia

Saab is a Swedish car manufacturer that was founded in 1945. Classics such as the Saab 96 were popular when the brand first launched. However, it is the 9-4x SUV, the Saab 9.5, and 9-3 convertible in 283 Polar White, which became the most popular.

The company used to be owned by General Motors, who eventually sold the brand to a Dutch manufacturer in 2010. Unfortunately, financial struggle hit the brand, and it faced insolvency. Despite the efforts of NEVS, a Swedish Electric car company, Saab became defunct in 2014. Although NEVS still manufacturers the 9-3 but under a different name.

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