How to Find Your Scion Paint Code: Step by Step Video

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Select your Scion model

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Step 2

Select your Scion year.

Step 3

Select your Scion paint code.

How to find out what color your Scion is

It doesn’t matter if you have an xB, xd, an FR-S, or any other Scion model; the paint code is located in the same place. You will notice that the images and videos below show a Toyota VIN tag; this is because Scion is a subsidiary of Toyota. So, they use the same approach for their paint codes and often the Scion tag will say Toyota. To find the VIN sticker:

Scion Paint Code Location
  • Navigate to the driver’s side of the car
  • Open the driver’s side door
  • Look on the door jamb

In the unlikely event that the VIN sticker is not on the driver’s side door jamb, you can call our hotline from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST during the week or most Saturdays. Our number is 971-770-2372 . Or feel free to send us an email at

What does the Scion paint code mean?

Whether you have a Scion tC or an xA, your paint code will be three characters long and contain both numbers and letters.

Example: 1F7

Scion Paint Code Location

The code above represents Classic Silver Mica. Other examples include 1E0 Flint Mica and 3R0 Sizzling Crimson Mica. Scion paint codes may be prefixed with “C/TR,” like: C/TR: 4V0 Army Rock Metallic.

However, the “CT/R” can be ignored. The manufacturer’s tag is full of information, including the VIN. But you can find it at the bottom-left of the sticker underneath the barcode.

Scion: A brief history

Scion made its debut in 2003 and was aimed at young customers with an emphasis on style and cost. Buyers were able to customize the trim and personalize other aspects of the vehicle’s aesthetics for an additional cost. Metallic colors like 1H5 Cement Gray Metallic and 1J8 Silver Ignition Metallic were a hit.

However, the brand failed to gain widespread traction in the U.S., and the brand was scrapped in 2016. A failed move into the Canadian market was the final nail in the coffin. All the existing models were rebranded to Toyotas in 2017.

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