How to Find Your Subaru Paint Code: Step by Step Video

Step 1

Select your Subaru model

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Select your Subaru year.

Step 3

Select your Subaru paint code.

How to find Subaru paint codes

We’ve made a list below of the most common places where you will find the manufacturer’s plaque, which has the paint codes detail on it, as well as the VIN. Despite having a wide variety of models, including the BRZ and Forester, with iterations that span decades, Subaru has situated its tags in two places. To find it:

Subaru Paint Code Location
  • Navigate to the driver’s side door and open it
  • Check the door jamb
  • Otherwise, check the strut tower, which will require opening the hood.

The tag will most likely be silver, as shown below, but it could also be white or black. Depending on the year or model, it can be in a different spot. If you can’t locate it, call us at 971-770-2372 , and our staff can help you. We are open 8:00am to 2:00 PST. Or contact us via email at

Understanding your Subaru paint code

Whether it’s for a Forester or a WRX STI, Subaru paint codes are comprised of numbers and letters. They are also typically three digits long.

Example: G1U or 8Y7

Subaru Paint Code Location

In case you were wondering, G1U represents the paint code for Ice Silver Metallic. Another example is 61K Dark Gray Metallic. Sometimes multiple color codes will be used for the same color; for example, Venetian Red Pearl can be represented by H2Q or HZ9.

The Subaru manufacturers tag has a variety of information on it. You can find the paint code next to or below the “Color Code” heading. This is located above the barcode, which usually runs the width of the tag.

More about Subaru

Starting in 1953, they are now the 22nd largest carmaker in the world, and every model they produce is an all-wheel drive. All Subaru’s come fitted with a specially made boxer engine, which has helped rally drivers claim 47 wins in the Rally Championships.

Subarus have long been known for their affordable, practical all-wheel-drive vehicles that offer its owners superior performance. Among the most popular Subaru models are the Outback and Impreza, with pearl and metallic colors like D4S Crystal Black Silica Pearl and G1U Ice Silver Metallic, seeing a recent rise in popularity.

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R.K. from Johnstown, PA shared that his Ruby Red Metallic D1T Subaru paint: Matches perfectly. The chips just went away.

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