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How to get the right paint for your Suzuki

Whether it is for your Aerio, Equator, or Samurai, we have the Suzuki paint codes that you need. For all models, the paint code can be found on the VIN sticker, which is usually white, silver, or black. Suzuki has made finding this easy, and regardless of your model or year, it is in the same spot. To locate it:

Suzuki Paint Code Location
  • Go to the driver’s side door
  • Open the door
  • Look on the door jamb
  • Open the hood of the car
  • Check on the core support
  • Then check along the firewall
  • Lastly, check-in the glove box

If a VIN tag is not present on the door jamb, give our customer service team a call at 971-770-2372 . With a few questions, we will be able to identify the code for your Suzuki Samurai or Aerio. Our phone lines run from 8 am till 2 pm from Monday through to Saturday. For help out of these hours, email us at

What does the Suzuki paint code mean?

Most Suzuki paint codes are three digits long. These will contain a mixture of numbers and letters.

Example: Z2S

Z2S Quicksilver Metallic is a popular color found on many Suzuki Aerios. Another example isZ2U Cat’s Eye Blue Metallic.

The manufacturer’s tag is full of information, and you may find the paint code next to a “COLOR” heading. However, it will just be the code, Z5K, and not the description, Cassis Red Pearl.

More about Suzuki

Suzuki is a Japanese auto manufacturer that creates cars, ATVs, a variety of engines, and wheelchairs. They are over 110 years old and, in 2016 was the 11th biggest producer in the world. Suzuki manages to sell more than 3 million cars a year with the Aerio, Equator, and Samurai being popular in the U.S.

Suzuki recently partnered with another firm to help build a rover that will eventually land on the moon. Their engines are everywhere, and the company has conquered the ocean too. They won the 2014 Endurance World Championships for speed boats less than eight meters in length.

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