How to Find Your Volkswagen Paint Code: Step by Step Video

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How to find your Volkswagen paint code

You will find your Volkswagen paint code on the manufacturer’s sticker. Regardless of whether you have a Passat, GTI, or a Tiguan, you will find it in two locations. To find it:

Volkswagen Paint Code Location
  • Go to the rear of your Volkswagen
  • Open the trunk
  • Look on the trunk – check the whole way along
  • Check on the trunk link – check the entire way along

Volkswagens are notorious for not having a paint code sticker. If you are having issues finding the sticker or it’s not in any of the places above, then call us.

Our number is 971-770-2372 , our team is available to help from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST.

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Understanding the paint information

Volkswagen Paint Code Location

Whether you drive an R32 or a Rabbit, the paint codes will be comprised of numbers and letters. Depending on the model and year, the codes will vary between two, three, or four characters in length.

Example: LH5X

The above color code is from a Volkswagen Golf LH5X Night Blue Metallic. Other codes include LY9B Brilliant Black and C9A/LC9A Pure White.

The manufacturer’s tag has a lot of information on it with a wide variety of different codes. The paint code will typically be next to either a “Paint No.” or “Paint” heading. The tag is often white, black, or silver.

Volkswagen: What do you know?

Founded in 1937, the German automaker is renowned for producing reliable and efficient vehicles. Volkswagen tends to name their cars after ocean currents and winds, with Golf being the Gulf Stream and Jetta being the Jetstream. They are also pretty imaginative with their vehicle colors with L92U Arctic Silver Metallic and LX5R Moonlight Blue Metallic, to name a few.

The world record for the number of people that can fit in their Beetle is a staggering 57, and the company used to provide financial help for babies born in the Beetle. Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German and the first one was designed for the working man by none other than Ferdinand Porsche in 1938.

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