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How to find Volvo color codes

Volvo is known for its reliable vehicles, and the manufacturer has produced models that include the iconic V70 and XC70. You can find the paint code of your Volvo located on the manufacturer’s tag. To find this:


  • Open the hood of the vehicle
  • Check on the core support
  • Look along the entire firewall
  • Take a look on the strut tower on the right and left-hand side
  • Lastly, check the driver’s side door jamb


If the manufacturer’s tag is not in any of the spots, give us a call on 971-770-2372 . We are available from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST and we can help identify your code with a few pieces of information about your vehicle. Or send us an email at


Volvo Paint Code Location

Volvo Paint Code Location


Volvo Paint Code Location


Understanding your Volvo color code

Regardless of whether you drive a C70, S80, or an XC90, Volvo paint codes are always three digits long and contain only numbers. You may find a dash with more numbers after the first three digits. However, these can be ignored.


Example: 446


The code above represents Ash Gold Metallic, which is a popular color on the XC70 model. Other examples include 614 Ice White and 455 Titanium Gray.


The vehicle tag is typically silver and has an array of information on it, so you need to keep an eye out for the paint code. Unfortunately, Volvo does not indicate the code with a heading. But the paint code can be found underneath the VIN on the right-hand side of the tag.


More about Volvo

Volvo was established over a hundred years ago and was first set up to manufacture ball bearings. They expanded in 1927 when they produced their first car. Since then, they have been behind a few major auto innovations that include the catalytic converter. Hidden in Volvo’s Gothenburg test facility is a modified earthquake simulator that has helped Volvo earn its reputation for the world’s safest vehicles.


Volvo has a range of popular models, but the XC90 is the most sought after in the United States. Their metallic colors like 426 Mystic Silver Metallic and 452 Black Sapphire Metallic have also become fan favorites recently. Believe it or not, the highest recorded mileage on a Volvo is an astounding three million miles.

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