Lucid Motors Touch Up Paint Products and Information Guide

ERA Paints industry-leading Lucid Motors touch up paint will repair the dings and scrapes on your car and get your vehicle shining again in no time. With our helpful guide, you can avoid costly body shops that eat into your busy schedule and complete the work yourself.

Getting an exact match on the paint is simple because we mix colors that provide you with a perfect manufacturer’s match. Our paint is industry-leading, so why pay more for Lucid Motors touch up paint when you are using the same stuff as the professionals.

As well as stocking top quality products, we also strive to provide our customers with as much information on the Lucid Motors electric car touch up paint process. Giving our customers the tools to get the job done is the cornerstone of what we do at ERA Paints. That is why every order comes with free and fast shipping.

In this article, we’ll outline a few things to help you complete your Lucid Motors Air paint repair work at home, and this will include:

  • Where to find the Lucid Motors car paint code
  • How to use Lucid Motors touch up paint
  • What Lucid Motors paint repair products should you use?
  • Who are Lucid Motors?
  • Lucid Motors car information

If you are interested in keeping your Lucid Motors car in excellent condition, we recommend taking a look through our video guides for more information.

Where to find the Lucid Motors car paint code

The first and most crucial step to ordering your Lucid Motors spray paint is to find the correct paint code for your vehicle. These codes represent a color and are the manufacturer’s way of keeping tabs on the specific paint they use during production.

Finding the Lucid Motors color code should be straightforward because the manufacturer is relatively new and has limited numbers of models meaning the location will be consistent.

Lucid Motors hasn’t officially released the information on where to find their color codes. However, it will most likely be in the door jamb as this is the approach taken by many modern manufacturers.

Currently, the three primary colors that the Lucid Air will launch with are Stellar White, Infinite Black, and Eureka Gold. However, the Eureka Gold will only be available on the luxury Dream Edition.

If you are not sure what the correct paint code for your Lucid Motors car is, or the VIN sticker with the information on it is not in the door jamb, you have a few options:

  1. Use our online color selector at the top of the page. Simply enter your car’s details, and it will tell you the correct code and color.
  2. Speak to a staff member by calling 971-770-2372 from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm during the week and on Saturdays.
  3. Drop us an email at for more details.

How to use Lucid Motors touch up paint

Ever since the Lucid Motors prototype was released, fans have been eagerly awaiting the launch of their first electric vehicle. With new cars maintaining the paintwork is essential. That is why using Lucid Motors touch up paint is so important.

When doing the work yourself, it is essential to follow the right steps. Make sure the temperature is above 70F, so the paint dries evenly, and always read the instructions we send with your Lucid Motors paint product.

To get your Lucid Motors Air ready for the repair, you should:

  1. Wash the scratch with soapy water to remove dirt
  2. Smooth the scrape out with 320 and then 600 grit sandpaper
  3. Remove any debris off your Lucid Motors air by washing it again
  4. Tape the area surrounding the scratch

To apply the OEM touch up paint:

  1. Coat the electric vehicle with three thin coats of primer. Wait a few minutes between coats and allow to dry entirely afterward.
  2. Apply the Lucid Motors touch up paint in the same manner as above. Several thin layers and amble drying time will ensure an even finish.
  3. Sealing the paint with clear coat is essential to protect the paint long term and help prevent scratches in the future.

Always allow your vehicle to dry overnight once the spray painting or touch up process is complete. Don’t apply rubbing compounds until a few days after.

If you have any issues, please give us a call, and our customer service team can lend a hand. Alternatively, for more information on the Lucid Motors air paint repair process and maintenance, check out our YouTube channel.

What Lucid Motors paint repair products should you use?

You have two main options when repairing your Lucid Air’s paintwork, either use spray paint canisters or paint pots.

We recommend using touch-up paint pots for smaller scratches or scuffs that are the size of a quarter. These come with small applicators that make laying the paint onto small areas simple and effective.

Any other scratches should be repaired using paint canisters. These 12oz spray canisters come ready to use with the Lucid Motors color of your choice and provide excellent coverage. Spray paint is a versatile choice that makes repairing your Lucid Air a breeze.

Who are Lucid Motors?

Lucid Motors originally designed battery technology but started developing their first car in 2014. Lucid Motors is based out of Arizona, and their all-electric plant dubbed Lucid Motors Casa Grande is home to their first vehicle, the Lucid Air.

A former Tesla chief engineer started the company and is targeting the luxury segment of the auto market. The company is often mislabeled as Lucid Motors Atieva because they were formerly known as Atieva. However, they dropped this title and are now known as Lucid Motors Inc.

Lucid Motors car information

The Lucid Motors Air is set to disrupt the electric vehicle market. It has a projected range of over 500 miles with a single charge and can reach top speeds of 235 mph while packing 480 horsepower.

The car is set to come with autonomous ready settings, and the company is partnering with a range of companies such as Amazon, Samsung, and LG to pack the car with modern, user-friendly features.

Fans of the manufacturer have been speculating over the Lucid Motors car price, which is currently set to be around the $70,000 mark. However, this will likely only buy you the entry-level Lucid Motors Air Pure.

Other models include the Touring, the Grand Touring, and the top of the line Dream Edition. These vehicles will range from $87,500 to $131,500 in price and are in stark contrast to the market segment Tesla is targeting.

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