How to find the paint code for your Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors are a relative newcomer in the electric vehicle market and aim to dethrone Tesla as the electric vehicle manufacturer to beat. With so few models, the company has kept Lucid Air’s paint code location consistent.

While they have not released specifics on the Lucid Motors color code’s exact location, it is likely they will take the same approach as other automakers and put it on the door jamb. Typically paint codes are located on the VIN sticker, which has additional important information on it and will be silver, white, or black.

In the unlikely event that your Lucid motors electric car doesn’t have a manufacturer’s tag or VIN sticker, there are a few different ways to locate your paint code.

  1. Use our Lucid Motors paint code finder at the top of the page. Simply enter in the model and year of your Lucid Air, and it will return the paint code and name.
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How to find your paint code on the Lucid Motors VIN tag

Like most manufacturers, the Lucid Motors paint code is likely to be made up of a mixture of alphanumeric characters. Only the Lucid motors prototype has launched. Therefore, the exact configuration of their color codes is unknown.

However, for their first model, the Lucid Air, they have released three colors Infinite Black, Stellar White, and Eureka Gold. It is important to note that Eureka Gold will only be available on the luxury Dream Edition.

With so few colors, the paint codes should be relatively easy to spot and means you can get your perfectly matched Lucid Motors to repair the paint quickly and easily.

More information on Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors Inc was founded in 2007 by an ex-Tesla engineer and is based out of California. They were formerly known as Atieva and are sometimes mistakenly labeled Lucid Motors Atieva, although the latter has been dropped from their title. While initially manufacturing electric batteries and parts for other electric vehicle manufacturers, Lucid motors have designed their own car, the Lucid Air. The vehicle is built in Lucid Motors Casa Grande plant in Arizona, which has a maximum yearly capacity of 380,00 vehicles.

Unlike its biggest rival, Tesla, Lucid Motors is opting to target the luxury market. Their entry model is nearly double the Tesla Model 3 at around $70,000, and you can purchase their premium version of the Air for $131,500.

Lucid Motors is growing in stature and has announced a second model, an SUV dubbed Project Gravity. The company has seen significant increases in funding from several big-name investors like the Saudi Investment Fund, and they are set to disrupt the luxury car market.

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