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ERA Paints Spray Paint with 1K Clear Coat Products

Purchase aerosol spray paint to paint your hood, fender or bumper.  Be sure to finish your project with clear coat to protect your paint.  1K clear coat products are 'value-priced' products.  This clear coat spray is satisfactory for most projects, but for the best paint protection we suggest purchasing ERA Paints 2K clearcoat (below).  And our kits provide everything you need to paint like a pro!

ERA Paints Spray Paint with 2K Clear Coat Products

2K clear coats are a much more durable clear coat than 1K products.  2K clears also provide UV  protection.  ERA Paints 2K products are just as good as name brand options.  Easy to apply too.  Definitely worth the money in our opinion!

ERA Paints Spray Paint with SprayMax 368 0061 2K Clear Coat Products

SprayMax brand 2K clear coats are a well-known quality 2K product.  They are the industry leader for 2K clears.