DIY vs Autobody – How Much Does Paint Repair Cost?

How Not to Spend a Fortune

Nobody likes dings and scratches in their car. In fact, they become a big pain for you. Just imagine, you parked a car. When you come back later, you saw a scratch. It is not only frustrating but also ruins the car’s look. Not to forget that you will be also paying the cost to paint a car.

You can hire some professionals for paint repair or you can carry out yourself. There are many pros and cons to both methods.

Cost to Paint A Car Yourself

If we talk about the supplies then you will be happy to know the cost to paint a car will be under $100. They are also easily available but the biggest problem is the painting job. It takes a lot of time as well as energy such as add dozens of coats of paint and many more.

That is not all, you will also require some machinery such as a paint gun. You can rent these machines but remember it is not available everywhere. You can also count on brushes and paint trays.

Another problem is ventilation. When you are painting, make sure that the area is well-ventilated. The reason is that the dust or dirt can ruin the new paint job while it is drying.

You will also require some extra things which are sandpaper, mineral spirit, and masking tape. Sandpaper is used to remove the grime or rust. To clean your car, you will require mineral spirits. Masking tape will surely protect the area from the paint.

Cost to Paint A Car by Hiring a Professional

If we compare it to the DIY method then the cost to paint the car will be higher than $100. Every painting company charges different rates for different level. You need to analysis your budget first then choose the one that fits.

If you are looking for a basic paint job then it will cost you under $1,000.

In basic paint, you can have

– Few coats of enamel paint (synthetic)

– Less attention to detail

A standard paint job will cost more than the basic paint job. Approximately, you will be spending around $1,000 to $3,000.

What you can expect from standard paint job is

– Last Longer

– Will make your car look better

– Smooth surface

– No impurities

Last but not least, if you like to show off your car then it is advisable to invest in a showroom quality job. This one is better than the above two paint jobs. It will cost you around $20,000 but on the other side, you will be getting a high-quality paint job.

This process will

– Remove the whole paint on the metal frame

– Clear out any dents

– Carefully add dozens of layers of paint

Not to forget that you will also be getting all the benefits of a standard paint job as well.

Which one to choose?

You must be thinking then which one to choose? If your car doesn’t need specialized tools and you are a very patient person then you can easily do it. Another factor might be that you don’t want to spend a lot of money so you consider doing it yourself.

If you have no idea of how to paint a car or you are looking at something which is very hard for you then consider hiring a professional for this job. These people are very good at their work and they will guarantee you that the final product will be amazing then you can expect.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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How to Prevent Clear Coat Peeling off your Car

Clear Coat Peeling

Nobody likes clear coat to peel off their car, right? The clear coat (car paints) serves two purposes: enhance the look of the car and to protect the color coat from harmful sun rays (mostly UV rays), rainwater, dirt, dust, and grime.

Plymouth Clear Coat Peel

This means that you should take all precautions to prevent clear coat from peeling off car. In other words, clear coat should be protected and kept intact. You must be wondering why could clear coat peel off? It happens because of mistakes made by those around the vehicle or natural causes.

If the peeling occurs, it should be repaired as quickly as possible. Your car body can undergo some heavy damages if it remains undealt with.

There are 5 different simple ways through which you can prevent premature clear coat peeling off.

1.   Stay Away from Automated Car Washes

Did you know that automated car washes are the worst enemy of car’s paint? The reason is that the abrasive nylon brushes rotate at a very high speed which can cause many scratches as well as swirl marks on the clear coat. Their high-pressure jets can also damage the clear coat.

Instead, you can go for an Eco car wash. Eco car washes doesn’t damage the clear coat.


The best method is steam cleaning. You don’t need to worry that the steam will damage the paint because the professional detailers know the temperature limits as well as the exact duration that the cleaning should take place.

You can also check our article on cleaning your car without peeling the clear coat by clicking here.

2.   Don’t Use Abrasive/Generic Car Wash Products

Some chemicals such as Windex can damage your clear coat. Not only Windex, but other detergents such as harsh soaps which you might use instead of designated cleaning products for the paint will definitely damage the clear coat. If you want to know how Windex can damage the clear coat then click here.

3.   Wax Your Car Regularly

Many people think that clear coat doesn’t require waxing, if you want to prevent clear coat peeling off car then you need to wax your car. When you wax your car, it forms a layer that helps shield from airborne contaminants such as acid rain and bugs.

Waxing can also protect your paint from weather conditions, UV rays from the sun and also elements such as road salt and snow (during winter).

4.   Wash Your Car Before It’s Too Late

The agglomeration of dust, grime and dirt can damage clear coat which results in it peeling. The ideal way to deal with these pollutants is by getting rid of them as soon as possible. If you leave them for a long time then it will lead to paint and body damage.

5.   Apply Paint Protection Film

This chemical will help the clear coat by giving it additional protection from the elements such as rocks, sand, chips, and stones. Have you ever heard of screen protectors of a cell phone? If yes, then the paint protection film works the exact the same way. It should be applied carefully because a small mistake can cause heavy damage to the paint.


Preventing clear coat peeling off car is important for both cosmetic reasons and allows the car last longer as well. If you provide care for your car now, it means you will avoid heavy expenses in the future as well as time. Do you know how to apply clear coat? No? We can help you out, check out our blog post about how to apply clear coat.

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