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Giving Your BMW That Perfect Manufacturer’s Match on Every Try

Brush up your Beamer’s paint job with our BMW paint products and tips. Whether it’s an Azurite Black Metallic F80 M3 or a Mineral White Pearl 2013 X1, find your ideal color match for a great finish.

Red BMW e30 Automotive Touch Up Paint

The ABC’s of Fixing Up Dents and Scratches on Your BMW. How to Find Your Paint Code, How to Pick the Right Product and, Everything Else You May Need to Know.

No one wants their Jet Black 2013 BMW 6 Series to end up being a speckled 2013 BMW 6 Series because of scratches and paint chips. Sometimes though, it’s hard to figure out where to get the information you need to keep your car well cared for.


We have a secret. At ERA Paints, we know how much your car means to you. We don’t want to just slap free shipping onto premium quality, American-made products and then call it a day. We want to live the experience with you. Straight from the research into DIY repair jobs, to the pride of fixing up your car, to the relief of having saved a little money on the whole process. We want to be here for you.


What you can expect to learn from this guide:

  1. How to find your BMW paint code
  2. Application of our OEM matched touch up paint
  3. How to pick the right product for you and your car
  4. What supplies to stock up on for your DIY paint repair job
  5. The biggest causes of chips and scratches on your BMW
  6. Whether fixing chips and scratches before resale will increase the value of your car

Call us up at 971-770-2372 or check out our FAQ’s and videos if you have any questions or if you just want to tell us the story of how you fixed that chip on your Space Gray Metallic 2010 M3. We’re always ready to listen and eager to, if you’ll let us, share in your successes.

Finding Your BMW Paint Codes Is a Pretty Black and White Process. Just Follow This Guide and Your Beamer Will Gleam in No Time.

BMW paint codes can be found in either of the following spots:

  • The driver’s side door jamb on the VIN plate (That’s the little area with all the information printed onto it).
  • Under the hood.
  • On either of the strut towers.
  • On the fender edges.

That’s step one done: Knowing where to look. Step two is knowing what to look for.

Because BMW paint codes generally follow a pretty simple format, knowing what to look for is also not that difficult. The paint code is three digits. Sometimes, however, its 3 digits followed by a forward slash and another digit.

BMW Paint Code Location

So, for instance, your paint code could be 300 or 300/0 (Alpinweiss), or even the very popular 475 Black Sapphire Metallic or 372 Stahlblau Metallic.


The name of the color is also usually printed onto the same tag as the code in both German and English or just German.


Given that BMW uses different names for the same color on different models, finding the right shade for you is absolutely crucial. This is where your paint code comes in. The name of the color may change depending on the model of the car but the paint code will always stay the same.


If you know your paint code, you can find OEM touch-up paint that matches your Beamer’s paint exactly. Whether it’s the code for your Alpinweiss 1980 z8 or the code for your 2011 Bluewater Metallic 1 Series that you’re looking for, you should be able to find it without any hassle, order the right touchup paint and have your car looking factory-new in no time.

Don’t let scratches make you scratch your head and scratch at your wallet. Here’s how to fix any paint chips and scratches on your BMW at your own comfort and convenience.

BMW Logo Steering Wheel

If you’re wondering what it takes, put your mind at ease. We’re going to share our recipe for a sweet-looking BMW with you. Here it is:


  1. Clean the damaged area with some soapy water or some ERA Paints Wax and Grease Remover. Only do this when the ambient temperature is over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure to ring the damaged area with masking tape to protect the paint around it.
  2. Use a wire brush or some 320 grit sandpaper to get rid of any rust before applying some rust converter to the damaged area.
  3. Apply several thin layers of primer to the damaged area. Let each dry before applying the next.
  4. Apply several thin layers of base touch-up paint to the damaged area until it’s level with the paint around it. Let each layer dry before applying the next one.
  5. Once the final layer of paint is completely dry, apply several thin layers of clear coat to protect the paint beneath. Allow each layer a drying time of between 10-20 minutes before applying the next layer. Give the last layer enough time to dry completely. Preferably overnight.
  6. Three days after applying the clear coat, use a soft, clean cloth to apply rubbing compound to the area. As with, everything else on this list, apply it carefully and in moderation. Circular motions would be preferred and, once you are done, give it a nice shine.
  7. After about a month, give the area a good wax with a quality automotive wax.

The steps above describe the BMW touch up paint process and are for guidance only. To achieve a flawless factory finish, always read & follow instructions included in your shipment. Also feel free to check out our instructional videos on YouTube or our FAQ’s for more detailed instructions. Remember, we’re just one phone call away.

Picking the right product for your BMW repair job: What you need to know.

BMW Coupe Touch Up Paint

You’d like to find a product that gets the job done right and gets the right job done. Well, you have options. Depending on your needs, you could get:


  1. BMW touch up paint pens
  2. BMW spray paint
  3. 1/4 ounce BMW basecoat paint bottles

Paint pens are good enough for any chips smaller than the width of a pencil but they come with some major drawbacks. They leak if used incorrectly, they only work on really small areas and they don’t provide the best finish. It’s best to just steer clear of them unless absolutely necessary.


Spray paint is great for extensive damage such as large scratches and chips. It’s easy to layer, quick to use and provides an even finish. It’s definitely your best bet when the damage is larger than the width of a dime. With spray paint, you could easily redo a whole section of your car and have it looking great in no time at all.


Paint bottles work on all scratches and chips that spray paint does not. What’s more, they’re great when you have numerous chips and scratches to fix. They are the best choice for repairing minimally damaged areas on your BMW.

What do you need to have? A list of all the products you’ll need for your DIY BMW touch-up.

Blue BMW Front Grill

The list of supplies that you need to fix up your BMW isn’t short but it isn’t longer than your average grocery list either. So, what IS it? It’s about as confusing as the sentence you just read. That’s why we are here. To help you answer the important questions like whether you need the #320 grit or the #600 wet and dry sandpaper.


We’re here to help you figure out what you need and how to prioritize your products.

  • Soap and water
  • Masking tape
  • #320 grit and #600 wet/dry sandpaper
  • ERA Paints Wax and Grease Remover
  • Primer
  • ERA Paints OEM matched touchup paint
  • Clearcoat
  • Rubbing compound
  • A clean, lint free Shop Towel
  • Automotive wax for that great finish (optional)

What are the biggest causes of chips and scratches on a BMW?

BMW Headlight Touch Up Paint

Let’s say that you don’t have a vendetta against trashcans and mailboxes, don’t make a habit of taking part in street races and, haven’t made an ex mad any time in the recent past. Why would your BMW still have chips and scratches on it? There are many reasons why. Here are the top ones:


Tires pick up and fling a lot of debris. The car in front of you could be flinging loose stones that chip away at your paint or, your tires could be kicking up gravel as you pull out of your driveway. Either way, debris does a lot of damage to your car’s paint job.

Weather conditions.

Weather can do so much damage to your car that you can’t afford to just brush off the risk. Whether its debris being blown about by high winds or the expansion and contraction of your car’s coat of paint as the weather changes, it’s not wise to leave your car exposed to the elements unless you have to.


2002 BMW Driving in the Forest

The amount of damage done to your car varies based on the severity of the accident. Though a minor accident is way better than a major one, even the most minor accidents are likely to leave your paint job in a sad state.


This, however, doesn’t mean that you should leave your Beamer in the garage for its safety. Chances are that you can’t avoid chips and scratches forever. So, what can you do? You can drive carefully, avoid dirt or gravel roads and keep your car safe during extreme weather conditions.


Other than that, you can invest in some quality touch up paint and some DIY skills so that you can give your beamer the best care it can get.

If you are selling your BMW, will you sell it for more if you repair the scratches first.

2002 BMW Black Car Show

Let’s say that you’re selling your BMW 3 Series so you can trade up for a larger model like an X1. You’re wondering whether chips and scratches will lower the price and whether fixing them will bring the price back up. The answer is yes to both of those questions.


That, however, brings up another question. What’s worth fixing? The truth is that any damage for which the repair cost is equivalent to a large part of your car’s original value is probably not worth fixing. Fixing it will bring the price up but you’ll just be getting back what you put in.


Make reasonable repairs that offer you more value for your money. Fix the chips and scratches, get your rims polished, get the car cleaned and detailed then, sit back and let its value shine through. No one buys a used car expecting perfection anyway. A reasonable amount of care and repair should be enough to bring the value of your car up.


Flawless paint, a clean interior, a full tank of gas and the purr of your engine as your BMW idles in the driveway. You bought your BMW so you could live the dream. Why settle for less now?

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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