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How to Apply Infiniti Touch Up paint and Get a Perfect Manufacturer’s Match

Restore your Infiniti to its showroom glory by repairing any scratches or scrapes with our professional-grade Infiniti touch up paint.

Fix the scrapes and scratches on your 2010 JX, 1994 QX4, and all Infiniti models

We have the perfect OEM touch up paint that will bring the shine back to your all Infiniti colors. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Liquid Platinum 2007 FX45 or a Black Infiniti G37, we have industry-grade paint that will get the job done to an exceptional standard.

Infiniti Paint Protection

In this guide, you’ll find the latest tips on how to repair the scratches on your vehicle with Infiniti touch up paint. We have also provided information on the equipment you’ll need and the different stages of the process.

Using ERA Paints OEM touch up paint, you can guarantee an excellent finish when completing your Infiniti body repairs at home. Order from us and get free shipping with every delivery.

This article contains a variety of information on the Infiniti touch up paint process, choose a section below to jump ahead if need be. The guide has information on:

  1. Where to find your Infiniti Paint code
  2. Fixing the damage on your Infiniti using OEM touch up paint and Infiniti colors
  3. What paint products do you need to paint your Infiniti at home?
  4. What equipment do I need to repair my Infiniti?
  5. What are the causes of chips and scratches on Infiniti’s?
  6. Completing bodywork yourself, what should you do?

If you need more help, we have a library of online videos that guide you through the entire procedure. Our staff are on hand to help during office hours, so get in touch if there is anything you need. You can reach our highly rated customer service staff at or 971-770-2372.

How to find your Infiniti Paint code?

Infiniti paint codes can be found on the manufacturer’s sticker in a variety of locations. The label will generally be white, black, or silver and has the VIN on it as well as a barcode. The exact location will depend on the model and year of your Infiniti, to find the paint code:

Infiniti Paint Code Location
  1. Open the driver’s side door, check-in the door jamb
  2. Check the door edge on the opposite side
  3. Open the hood of the car and check the firewall. It will either be on the driver’s side or in the middle of the firewall.

The Infiniti paint code usually sits just above the bar code and will be under or next to the capitalized heading COLOR. The code is represented by a string of numbers and letters that will be either three or four characters long.

Example code: QAA

The above code represents Moonlight White Pearl. Other codes include the KAD paint code, which represents Gray Gun Metallic and the KH3 color code that pairs with Black Obsidian.

Infiniti Paint Code Location

After finding the paint code, ordering an Infiniti touch up paint kit is easy. Go to our store, input your code, then receive free delivery on your purchase

If your vehicle doesn’t have the manufacturers plate with the color code and other relevant information on it like the VIN, you have a few options:

  1. The easiest method is to use our online color matching database. Input the year and model of your Infiniti, and we will supply you with choices to help narrow down your search. Just click here!
  2. You could also try speaking to your dealership or the previous owner. They may have the paint code details or at least the VIN to help identify the vehicle.
  3. Alternatively, call Infiniti via their hotline on (800) 662-6200.


If your vehicle doesn’t have the manufacturers plate with the color code and other relevant information on it like the VIN, you have a few options:

  1. The easiest method is to use our online color matching database. Input the year and model of your Infiniti, and we will supply you with choices to help narrow down your search. Just click here!
  2. You could also try speaking to your dealership or the previous owner. They may have the paint code details or at least the VIN to help identify the vehicle.
  3. Alternatively, call Infiniti via their hotline on (800) 662-6200.

Fixing damaged paintwork on all Infiniti models

Infiniti Touch Up Paint

The biggest upside to buying Infiniti touch paint and repairing the scratch yourself is that you avoid costly Infiniti work at a body shop. With the Infiniti colors that we stock, you can get a perfect manufacturer’s match and save money.

Before you begin, test your paint product to get an idea of how it works and avoid old touch up paint or primer as it doesn’t settle as well on the body of the car. The main steps to fix your Infiniti are below.

Make sure to check the weather before you start because if it is too cold, the paint won’t dry in a timely manner. If it is too hot or you do the repairs in direct sunlight, the color will dry unevenly.


  • Use water and soap to clean the scratch.
  • Sand the region using 320 or 600 grit sandpaper, it will smooth everything out and is best practice for achieving an excellent finish
  • Give your Infiniti another wash to get rid of any sanding waste
  • Put the masking tape around the damaged area but leave a boundary of around 10 inches, so give yourself enough room to work with.


  • The primer is used as a base coat. It prepares the body of the Infiniti for the OEM touch up paint. It improves the bonding of the paint. Spray on thin layers to avoid discoloration and let each coat dry for 10 minutes before spraying again.
  • Dry for 30 minutes
  • Our Infiniti touch up paint is the same stuff the pros use. It should be put on in thin coats until it is in line with the surrounding space. Again, wait ten minutes between applications
  • Dry for 30 minutes
  • Clear coat helps protect the Infiniti touch up paint and extends its lifespan. You should aim for three layers. With clear coat, the OEM paint will provide an ideal color match.
  • Dry your vehicle overnight

Finishing Touches

  • Wait several days before you use rubbing compounds. Rubbing compounds give the entire area a beautiful shine – Cotton or paper products are the best and help avoid scratches
  • Give your Infiniti another wash afterward to bring out its color and show off your handwork

Before you begin, read the individual instructions that come with your paint kit, as depending on the color, instructions can vary slightly. If you need any help, check out our YouTube page or give us a call.

What are the best paint products to paint your Infiniti at home?

You have three options when choosing a paint product:

  • Infiniti Paint Pens
  • Infiniti Paint Jars with applicators
  • Infiniti 12 oz. Spray Canister

ERA Paints primary focus is to provide professional-grade products and services to our customers, and this is why we do not sell Infiniti paint pens. Unfortunately, they don’t result in an excellent finish and can cause the paint to flake. Particularly in metallic colors like Lakeshore Slate Metallic B30 or L50 Dark Currant Metallic for your 2013 Infiniti QX56.

For big scratches or scrapes, use a spray canister. They are versatile, can be used in a range of damaged areas, and are easy to use. The large 12oz can we sell if far more economical and will save you more money. It is perfect for Infiniti QX60 colors.

Our paint jars are an excellent choice for small damaged areas. Each pack comes with several applicators that make repairing delicate spots simple. Combine with some primer and clear coat and you’re ready to repair!

What tools do I need to fix my Infiniti?

Fixing paintwork yourself is significantly cheaper than using a professional service and is often the best choice for small to medium scrapes. However, to make your Infiniti shine you’ll need to purchase the right equipment, we recommend:

For Preparation

  1. Wax and Grease Remover to remove any dirt from your Infiniti before and after sanding.
  2. A little body putty and scraper to help even out a scratch.
  3. 320 and 600 grit sandpaper are the best option to even out the scrape. Without it, the paint may flake or not set correctly.
  4. To protect the rest of the vehicle and create a buffer zone around the damage, you should use automotive masking tape.
  5. Use a towel to mop up any waste and wipe off any dirt.

For Painting

  1. Infiniti Primer is used in the first stage of the application process. It prepares the body for the paint and helps improve adhesion.
  2. Infiniti touch-up paint is applied once the primer dries. You can purchase it in either spray canisters or paint jars, read more about the best paint tools above.
  3. Clear coat is applied last, but it’s a significant step. This protects the paintwork and gives your car shine.


  1. We recommend buying nitrile gloves to keep your hands covered and protected throughout the entire process.
Infiniti Tail Light

You can find all of the equipment that is needed to complete the Infiniti touch up paint procedure in our online store. We offer everything you need in ready to use kits that come as a bundle and after shipped with free delivery. If you are just looking for a few of the items, we do sell the products individually, but the kits work out cheaper.

Leading causes of scratches on Infiniti’s?

Even the safest and steadiest drivers can still be unfortunate enough to get a scratch on their vehicle. Such is the unpredictability of the roads that you never know when debris or another car will cause paintwork damage.

However, there are some common themes in the causes of paintwork damage, and hopefully, by understanding these, you can avoid them.

  • Dirty sponges and rags are the leading cause of minor scrapes on Infiniti’s. Many over-eager owners don’t check the condition of them before they clean, and the built-up debris or dirt scratches the body.
  • Automatic car washes have a high throughput of vehicles each day. Unfortunately, they are not cleaned every week, and the build-up of dirt can cause damage to the exterior of your Infiniti. Be sure to check how often the materials are cleaned at your local car wash or just do it by hand.
  • Unsealed and uneven roads are hotspots for paintwork damage. They cause a lot of small rocks and stones to come loose, which then bounce up at your vehicle. Be sure to try and avoid these.
  • If you have ever been to a gas station, you’ll more than likely have seen a minor fuel spill at some point. Fuel on your vehicle can cause the paintwork to deteriorate quickly, so make sure to clean it off immediately.

The unpredictability of the roads can make it hard to avoid damage to the exterior of your Infiniti. But taking small precautions can go a long way to avoiding scratches and scrapes.

How long does fixing a scratch take?

The touch-up paint process will vary in length, depending on the severity of the damage. Scratches are split into two main categories:

  • Clearcoat scratches – The clear coat is the last coat applied during the touch-up process. It gives the car shine and protects the paint underneath. Damage to this layer is not bad, and you don’t have sand it or apply OEM touch up paint. Just give the car a clean and reapply the clear coat. This should take less than an hour, and you can follow up a few days later with rubbing compounds.
  • Paint Scratches – The Infiniti touch up paint is the second item applied when fixing a nick. Generally speaking, when this occurs, it means that the base coat has also been affected, so you have to complete the entire process. It will take you around four hours, and you should wait for it to dry overnight for the best results.
  • Scratch down to the metal – when you have this, you need to primer the area before applying the OEM touch up paint to make sure the OEM paint adheres properly. Then follow up with clear coat to ensure the best color match.


Deciding to fix your Infiniti’s paintwork can seem like a daunting step, but once you have the right tools for the job and a little know-how, it’s a breeze. Save yourself the time and hassle of visiting a body shop and order your Infiniti touch up paint kit today.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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