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McLaren Touch Up Paint

Keeping your McLaren P1 or McLaren 720s shining is essential for such an esteemed brand. You don’t want any chips or scratches ruining the look of a beautiful McLaren Senna or any other McLaren car for that matter.

McLaren Touch Up Paint

ERA Paints has everything you need to get the paintwork on your McLaren F1 and McLaren 570s shining again. Our OEM touch up paint is the same stuff used by manufacturers and professional body shops, and our online matching system can help you identify the color to achieve a perfect manufacturer’s match.

Regardless of whether you need OEM touch up paint for a McLaren 600LT, McLaren GT, or a McLaren 650s, we have the perfect Mclaren touch up paint for you. Also, anything you order from us comes with free shipping.

Within this guide, you’ll find the information necessary to complete the McLaren touch-up paint process at home. We will outline:

  • How to find your McLaren paint code
  • How to apply McLaren touch up paint
  • What is the best McLaren touch-up paint product?
  • What equipment will you need to touch-up work yourself?

This article’s information is supplemented by our range of blog articles that drill down into various aspects of the McLaren touch-up process. If you want some step-by-step instructions, take a look at our Youtube channel with a variety of informative videos.

How to find your McLaren paint code

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a McLaren MP4-12C, a McLaren P1, or any other McLaren car; you will find your vehicle’s paint code in the same location.

McLaren Paint Code Location

To find the McLaren paint code

  1. Go to the front of your vehicle
  2. Open the trunk (the trunk is McLaren’s is on the front)
  3. The paint code should be on the underside of the trunk

McLaren paint codes are typically three or four digits long. For example, 032 represents Mystic Blau.

The McLaren paint code will likely be on the VIN tag if you can’t spot it in the location above:

  • Use our color finder and provide your McLaren car’s model and year to get an ideal color match.
  • Give us a call on 971-770-2372 between 6:30 am to 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday, and 8:00 am and 1:00 pm on most Saturdays.
  • Or fire us an email at

Fixing any of the McLaren cars is easy once you have the paint code. Check out our McLaren touch up paint kits to get all the equipment you need.

How to apply McLaren touch up paint

Such beautiful cars like the McLaren Senna, the McLaren F1, and the McLaren 570s shouldn’t have blemishes on their paintwork. Getting them fixed should be a priority. However, heading over to a professional shop will cost a fortune and result in a lot of wasted time, so doing it yourself has some significant advantages.

To guarantee a great finish, you should follow a few simple steps. Complete the work in the shade to avoid a patchy finish and do the work on a day when the temperature is above 50°F to dry correctly.

Regardless of whether you opt for paint jars or spray canisters, always give the product a test run before applying to your car’s body and read the instructions that they come with.

StepWhat to doDescriptionTime
1Prep your vehicleUse soap, degreaser and water to clean the damaged area15 minutes
2Sand your McLarenUse 320 grit and 600 grit sandpaper to smooth our the scrape.15 minutes
3Reclean your McLarenRemove debris from sanding with soap and water10 minutes
4DryAllow your vehicle to dry our use a fibreless towel 
5Tape the vehicle’s bodyCordon off the damaged area with masking tape to avoid paint getting onto undamaged areas5 minutes
6Apply primerSpray the primer in several thin layers and wait five minutes between coats.20 minutes
7Apply McLaren touch up paintStart with a thin layer to begin and get progressively thicker with each coat. Again wait five minutes between each20 minutes
8Apply clear coatThe clear coat protects the paint and helps seal it off. Again, start thin and get progressively thicker with each layer.15 minutes
McLaren Automotive Paint

With each of the painting steps above, take your time and give each layer ample time to dry before progressing. If you intend to use a rubbing compound, wait a few days; otherwise, you could ruin the finish.

For more detailed instructions that go through each step in-depth, check out our YouTube channel. Or read our touch up paint guide for a few more tips and tricks.

What is the best McLaren touch-up paint product?

Our spray cans are the best option for most of our customers. Their 12oz size means they are big enough to cover any medium to large scratch. They are also the easiest to use, especially with our optional trigger grip, which allows you greater control over how you lay the paint on your McLaren MP4-12C, McLaren 570s, or McLaren GT.

Our McLaren touch-up paint jars are the best option for scratches or dings as small as a quarter. They come with six applicator sticks that allow for the paint’s precision layering and are also great to get into harder to reach places.

When touching up the paintwork on a McLaren 600LT, McLaren 650s, or any other McLaren car, a great finish should be prioritized. That is why ERA Paints don’t recommend using McLaren paint pens. They are particularly poor at laying paint for metallic and pearl colors, and will often result in flaking or an uneven look. Paint pens don’t meet our quality standards therefore, we don’t stock them as part of our product range.

What equipment will you need to touch-up work yourself?

While it can seem daunting to touch up the paint on your McLaren 650S, the process is straightforward and can be completed by a beginner. However, to guarantee an original factory finish, you need the right tools for the job. We recommend you have:

McLaren Caliper Paint
  • A towel for drying your car
  • Nitrile gloves for your hand.
  • Wax and grease remover, along with soapy water
  • Optional extra – spray can trigger
  • 320 grit then 600 grit sandpaper for smoothing the scratch
  • Masking tape to protect the paintwork
  • Primer, McLaren touch up paint and clear coat for the painting process.

Our McLaren paint jar kits and our McLaren spray can kits have everything you need to complete the process at home. They remove the hassle of having to source the items from different places and offer excellent value.


Restore your McLaren GT or McLaren 600LT to its original beauty with our top-quality McLaren touch up paint products. Guarantee a great finish by following this guide and our other informative YouTube videos. Don’t wait. Order today and get free delivery with every purchase.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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