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Our matching technology means you can find Mercury paint and Mercury colors that will guarantee an ideal color match.

Whether you’re looking for Mercury car repairs tips or Mercury automotive paint, we can help you can find what you are looking for.

At ERA Paints, we always provide excellent service to our customers to guarantee that you find the Mercury colors that you are looking for. In this guide, you will find information on the Mercury touch up paint process to repair any damage to the paintwork of your vehicle.

Mercury Cougar

If you are looking for paint codes or colors for your Milan, Cougar, Mariner, or any other Mercury model, then we have what you need. Our range even includes 2008 Mercury Sable touch up paint Dark Ink Blue Metallic.

We only work with professional-grade paint to deliver the best quality to our customers and provide an exceptional finish every time. The paint we use is the same as the body shops, but we offer it at far better value, on top of that, all orders come with free shipping.

Our Mercury guide aims to save you time and money. We hope that even total beginners will be able to fix the scrape on their Mercury and avoid a trip to the body shop. Overall, the process is relatively straightforward, and we have outlined a variety of things below that you will need to complete the work.

  • Where can Mercury Paint Codes be found?
  • How to repair your Mercury paint
  • The best paint tools for Mercury car repair
  • The best equipment to repair Mercury paint
  • How do you match Mercury paint?
  • Which Mercury color is the most difficult to match?

To provide even greater detail on the Mercury car repair process, we have created an entire library of YouTube videos that outline each step in detail. However, if we have missed anything out or you need some expert advice, contact our staff, and they can lend a hand or check out the FAQ section on our website.

Where can Mercury Paint Codes be found?

The paint code is an essential reference point for us to deliver correctly matched Mercury touch up paint. You will need to find this before placing an order. Regardless of whether you drive a Grand Marquis or a Marauder, the paint code will always be found on the manufacturer’s tag, often referred to as the VIN label.

Mercury Paint Code Location

Mercury has made finding this relatively easy, and it is always in the same spot regardless of the model or year, to locate it:

  1. Navigate round to the driver’s side of the vehicle
  2. Open the driver’s side door
  3. Look on the door jamb

Mercury paint codes are usually two digits long and contain numbers and letters.

An example code is: DX

The code above represents 2007 Mercury Milan Dark Blue Pearl touch up paint, which is a trendy color. On the VIN sticker, you won’t see the color description, just the code. It is usually found at the bottom of the label under the barcode.

Once you have the code, order one of our Mercury touch up paint kits to put the shine back into the body of your car. All orders come with free shipping, so whether you need Phantom Black paint or another variety, you will be getting it at a great price.

In some circumstances, the manufacturer’s tag may not be on your vehicle. If this is the case, you have a few choices:

  1. Speak to one of our experts at 971-770-2372, and they can direct you towards the right answers. They are available from 8 am to 2 pm PST from Monday to Saturday.
  2. Use our online color code finder. All you need is a few essential pieces of information on your Mercury, and it can find the code.
  3. Contact the previous owner or dealer as they may have the information on record.
  4. Provide us with some details via email at, and we can get back to you as soon as possible.

How to repair your Mercury paint

Mercury Bumper Repair

Fixing a scratch on your Mercury is a relatively straightforward process and can be done by an absolute beginner. We offer a range of kits that contain everything you need to make your Mercury shine once again, so you won’t have to search far and wide for the right stuff.

The steps below are just a basic outline of the process. We also have a library of videos on YouTube which outline the procedure in far greater detail.

Before you begin, make sure to test the paint product you have chosen. This will give you a handle on how it operates and provide a better finish. Never use out of date paint, primer, or clear coat. If you opted for spray cans, never use another brand of trigger with the can as it may not fit correctly. Read all instructions included with your shipment. We recommend completing the work on a day that temperatures about 70 degrees and try to do it in a garage or out of direct sunlight. To get a great finish:

  1. Sand and smooth the area to remove jagged edges. Use 320 and 600 grit sandpaper.
  2. Clean the scratch thoroughly. Use grease remover. Ensure it is dry before beginning.
  3. Put masking tape around the scratch. This prevents the paint from getting on other areas.
  4. Spray primer in thin coats. Let it dry for 10 minutes before putting on another layers
  5. Let the car dry for at least 40 minutes once you have finished.
  6. Spray on the Mercury touch up paint. Build the layers gradually until they are in line with the surrounding paint. Dry for 10 minutes between coats.
  7. Let the car dry for at least 40 minutes once you have finished.
  8. Spray the clear coat after the paint is dry. Spray it in several layers and wait 10 minutes between layers.
  9. Dry the vehicle overnight.

If you intend to use cutting cream on your Milan or Cougar, you will need to wait a few days to let everything set correctly. Check out our FAQs or YouTube channel for some more information or give us a call.

The best paint tools for Mercury car repair

Mercury Headlight

The advice on which paint tool to use is often conflicting with some people opting for a touch up pen while others prefer spray canisters. In fact, the best option depends on the severity of the damage. We usually recommend to our customers one of the two products below:

  • Mercury Spray Paint
  • Jars of Mercury paint

Our all-around favorite is Mercury spray paint, which comes in 12oz aerosol canisters. It is versatile and provides an excellent finish regardless of the size of the scratch and works best for medium to large-sized scrapes. So, if you have a significant ding on your Mercury outboard paint, go for the spray paint.

For damage that is as small as a coin, we recommend using the jars of Mercury paint. They come with small applicator sticks, which allow you to be very detailed. Using these means you don’t have to worry about affecting other parts of your paintwork.

Mercury Paint Damage

One of the products that we don’t stock is:

  • A Mercury touch up pen

At ERA Paints, quality is paramount. Black paint pens or any touch up pens do not provide the level of quality that we insist on delivering to our customers. Unfortunately, they can’t offer a reliable finish. Metallic colors like 2008 Mercury Sable touch up paint Dark Ink Blue Metallic, are particularly prone to flaking if you opt for a touch up pen.

The best equipment to repair Mercury paint

One of the advantages of doing the work yourself is the amount of money you save. However, you don’t want to cheap out entirely and not get the right equipment as this risks a poor finish. For the best results, we recommend our customers get the list of items below.

  • Primer to apply before the OEM touch up paint
  • Mercury touch up paint in either spray cans or jars
  • Clear coat to seal everything
  • Wax and Grease Remover for cleaning
  • 320 and 600 grit sandpaper for smoothing edges
  • Masking Tape to seal off the working area
  • A towel for drying and mopping spills
  • Nitrile gloves to cover your hands

We sell all of the items above. If you already have some of them, simply choose the specific things you need. Alternatively, we sell Mercury touch up paint kits that have everything you need in one bundle. They offer a better all-round value.

How do you match Mercury paint?

The paint matching process is not overly scientific but does require a few pieces of information to be successful.

  1. You will need the paint code to indicate the color that is required. Usually, this is found on the manufacturer’s tag. Be aware that for metallic cars, the paint code may have two separate parts.
  2. First, a lighter variation of the color you need is created
  3. Then the paint is slowly mixed. Usually, lighter colors are combined to become dark, rather than the other way round.
  4. After a perfect manufacturer’s match has been created, the paint is blended for a better finish.
  5. The paint used to be matched without computers and the person mixing would use their experienced eye.
  6. However, nowadays, computers are used to alert the mixer when the color matches the code provided. Overall, the quality has improved over time because perfectly matched paint is essential for spot repairs.

Which Mercury color is the most difficult to match?

Mercury Vehicles

Regardless of whether you opted for a Mariner, Grand Marquis, or a Marauder, the main roadblock to a successful touch up paint repair is the color you chose. Unfortunately, some colors are just more challenging to get a perfect match than others. So, is Phantom Black paint the most difficult to match or something more exotic?

  • Generally speaking, metallic paint is always the hardest to match. With metallic paint, you have to match two separate things. First, the color isn’t difficult, but then you have to line up the flake pattern. If you get the flake pattern wrong, the shading on your vehicle won’t look the same.
  • Pearl colors are also difficult to match. It can often take several stages of matching to get an accurate color.
  • Solid colors are easy to match in comparison to the options above. They are relatively simple and don’t require any additional steps to get it right.

It is unlikely that you will decide on the color of your vehicle based solely on how easy or hard it is to match. Hopefully, you never have to do spot repairs on the paintwork. However, it may be worth a moment of thought as it can cost you more money in the long term.


Overall, Mercury car repair shouldn’t be confusing or time-consuming. It’s a straightforward process that will get your vehicle shining again in no time. Just remember to avoid a touch up pen because it stifles a great finish. Good luck with your next Mercury paint project.

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