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Use our extensive Mini Cooper codes list to find your Mini’s touch up paint.

Get your Mini Cooper Countryman White shining again with our industry-leading touch-up paint.

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In this article, you’ll find helpful information on how to breathe some life back into your damaged vehicle using Mini Cooper touch up paint. Whether you are searching for Mini Cooper names, the Mini Cooper paint code location, or even Mini Cooper Colours 2017, we have you covered.

Mini Cooper Automotive Touch Up Paint

ERA Paints aims to give our customers the tools to be able to fix their vehicles themselves without the need to hurt the bank balance by visiting a body shop. Along with this article, we also have a wide range of YouTube videos that can guide you through the entire process. They’re suitable for even beginners so anyone can give it a try.

We sell the same paint used by the professionals, so you’re in excellent hands when you buy from us. We also provide free shipping on every purchase. You’ll find information on the right tools for the job, which products you should use, and where to find your paint code. If you know what you’re looking for skip ahead using the links below:

  • Locating your Mini Cooper paint code
  • Mini Cooper touch up paint application
  • What Mini Cooper paint products are the best?
  • Fixing your Mini Cooper: What tools do you need?
  • What is a two-step Paint System, and do you need clear coat?
  • Should you fix paintwork yourself or go to a professional?

Be sure to check out our FAQ guide for the most commonly asked questions. If there is something we haven’t answered here give us a call on 971-770-2372 or email us at

Locating your Mini Cooper paint code

Before starting your Mini Cooper paint job, you need to find the paint code. Mini has made locating their paint codes easy, and they will typically be in a couple of places. The code will be located on a black or white tag. Our list below is of the most common area, but depending on the model and year the Mini Cooper paint code location may be different

Mini Paint Code Location
  1. Check the firewall under the hood of the car
  2. Then check the strut tower
  3. Look in the door jamb
Mini Cooper Paint Code Location

Three digits represent mini Cooper color codes, it usually is composed of both numbers and letters.

Example: 303/9

The code above represents Cosmos Black Metallic. The crucial digits are those before the “/.” The one after is not relevant.

If you can’t find the black or white tag:

  1. Give us a call on 971-770-2372, and we can help identify the correct paint code. We are available from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays
  2. Send us an email at
  3. Speak with the previous owner, and they may be able to give you the information
  4. Use our online selector tool to access an extensive Mini Cooper codes list

Mini Cooper touch up paint application

Mini Cooper Clearcoat Peel

Whether you have a Mint Green Mini Cooper or your 2002 Cooper needs a fresh coat of Aspen White, the steps for repairing it will be the same. Before starting, we recommend giving your spray canister or applicator bottle a test so that you can get a feel for how they work.

For all Mini Countryman, colors make sure to read the instructions included in your shipment, as the OEM touch up paint differs for various models.

Mild weather is best for doing the painting; around 70 degrees°F is perfect. Avoid doing the work in direct sunlight as it can make the paint dry unevenly and won’t allow for a great finish.

Cleaning and preparing

  1. Clean your Mini Cooper – Utilize soap and water to clean the scrape
  2. Sand the damage – We recommend 320 and 600 grit sandpaper to get the best results. It helps create an even surface.
  3. Reclean your Mini – Use our wax and grease remover to give it one final clean before painting
  4. Allow your vehicle to dry. If you are going to use a towel, make sure no strands get caught on the scratch, lint free is best.
  5. Put Tape on – use automotive tape to mask off the affected area and leave a space of around 10 inches to give yourself some room to work with.


  1. Apply primer – Put the primer on in several thin layers and wait five to ten minutes between each. This stage helps the Mini Cooper touch up paint bond to the body.
  2. Dry for half an hour afterward
  3. Apply OEM touch up paint – Using the spray canister or paint bottles, apply thin layers of paint until it matches up with the surrounding area. Three coats are usually enough for most scratches
  4. Dry for half an hour afterward
  5. Apply clear coat – Clear coat gives your vehicle its shine and protects the Mini Cooper touch up paint from damage
  6. Allow your vehicle to dry overnight


  1. Apply rubbing compounds – wait a few days and then apply some cutting creme to make the area shine.

Take a look at our YouTube page for videos that walk you step-by-step through the process.

Or check out our FAQs on our website. Alternatively, our staff are on hand over the phone to provide you with more information on the process.

What Mini Cooper paint products are the best?

The size and severity of the scratch and scrape will depend on what product is the best fit. You have several options to choose from:

  • Mini Cooper spray paint
  • Mini Cooper paint pens
  • Mini Cooper paint jars

We think it’s crucial to provide you with the best options available to breathe some life back into your 1999 Mini Cooper or 2005 Cooper S. Quality is essential to us at ERA Paints, and that is why we do not stock Mini Cooper touch up pens. Paint pens tend to flake, particularly on metallic colors like Laguna Green metallic or Laser Blue metallic paint.

Mini Cooper spray paint, which comes in 12oz canisters, is usually the best all-round option for most of our customers. This option means you can fix large scrapes on your 2003 Liquid Yellow Cooper S without fear of it flaking.

We usually recommend paint jars for smaller dings or dents that are as small as a coin. Our jars come with the applicator sticks that give you a lot of control while applying the paint. It means you can lay the color carefully.

Fixing your Mini Cooper: What tools do you need?

When applying your Mini Cooper paint, you need to have the right equipment to get a flawless factory finish. You’ll have your 2011 John Cooper Works shining again in no time, just make sure to purchase:

Mini Cooper Paint Peel


  • Sandpaper – 320 & 600 grit is perfect for smoothing out imperfections before starting
  • Wax and grease remover – to clean the vehicle
  • Masking tape – to protect the rest of your vehicle


  • Primer – this acts as the base coat and preps the body for the paint
  • OEM touch up paint – We stock all Mini Cooper colors, including 2013 Mini Cooper colors
  • Clear coat – seals the paint at the end


  • A towel – helps to dry the vehicle and shine it after
  • Gloves – we recommend nitrile gloves to keep your hands clean and safe

We sell all of the items above in a convenient bundle, which means you can restore your 2005 Cooper S to its original factory finish in no time. We do also sell the items on their own, but the bundles are the most cost-effective.

What is a two-step Paint System, and do you need clear coat?

Vehicles used to be painted in a single stage. All elements of the paint were mixed, then put on the body of the car. It was a simple procedure but had some significant issues that included:

Mini Cooper Paint Damage Scratch
  1. Paintwork didn’t last long, and the paint began to fade because of damage from the sun. The maintenance costs were far higher because of this.
  2. Modern cars have a shine that the single-stage paint process just couldn’t provide
  3. Old single-stage paint absorbed a lot of heat and was less reflective, which is problematic if you live in a hot area.

The single-step process’s successor is the two-step paint system and is the method used by all major manufacturers throughout the world. It involves using a base coat at the start and a clear coat to seal everything off at the end. It takes longer and has more moving parts but is far more effective.

  1. The paintwork lasts a lot longer and is less likely to fade, particularly for metallic colors like British Racing Green Metallic.
  2. Cars with modern paint jobs fair far better against severe weather
  3. Modern vehicles are more scratch resistant because of the undercoat and clear coat
  4. The two-step paint process has lowered the maintenance costs of vehicles because you rarely have to get them repainted.

Should you fix paintwork yourself or go to a professional

Mini Cooper Touch Up Paint Green

Opting to do the repairs yourself can seem like a daunting task at first, mainly because you don’t want to damage your Pure Red 2012 Cooper Countryman. But with our YouTube videos and how-to guide above, it’s a straightforward process. We have outlined the benefits and drawbacks of doing it yourself:

Repairing it yourself

The benefits of doing the work yourself include:

  • Cost – the entire process is far cheaper than going to a professional
  • TIme – it takes less time
  • Less disruption – you don’t have to change your schedule to fit in an appointment
  • Professional products – our Mini Cooper touch up paint kits come with everything you need in one bundle

The drawbacks to doing it at home include:

  • You may be unsure of the exact process, and it can be daunting
  • Not suitable for significant scratches or scrapes

Going to a body shop

The benefits of choosing a body shop include:

  • The process is guaranteed to be completed to a high standard
  • Suitable for large or deep scrapes
  • Quality guarantees mean you can keep going back if you are not happy with the work

The downsides of going with professionals include:

  • Cost – far more expensive, even for small dings
  • Time-consuming – you may be without your car for a few days and have to operate around their schedule.


Whether it’s your 1999 Mini Cooper or a brand new Laser Blue Metallic John Cooper Works, fixing your car shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Finding the right Mini Cooper colors is secure, and our touch up paint kits mean you can get started in no time. Order your repair kit today and get free delivery!

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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