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Get a Flawless Factory Finish with our Professional-Grade Touch Up Paint

Use our OEM touch up paint to fix your Volvo and restore it to its former glory. Whether it’s Volvo paint or codes, ERA Paints has what you need.

Whether it is for your V50R, XC90 White, or C70 WRX – your Volvo paint codes are just a click away.

If you are trying to find the right Volvo paint codes or get a better insight into the Volvo touch up paint process, then ERA Paints is perfect for you. Our detailed how-to guides and videos outline the process so that even complete beginners can fix their Volvo.

Volvo Automotive Touch Up Paint

Whether you are looking for factory touch up paint or tips on finding silver color with blue pearl, we have what you need. The Volvo touch up paint that we stock is the gold-standard in the automotive industry, and it is excellent for repairing scrapes and provides a great finish every time. We offer all our products at outstanding prices and provide free shipping on all items.

  1. Volvo paint code location. Where to find your Volvo color codes
  2. Using Volvo paint to restore your vehicle to its original factory finish
  3. Should you use a Volvo paint pen, Volvo touch up jar, or Volvo spray paint?
  4. What equipment do you need to fix your Volvo at home?
  5. Which car color hides dirt best?
  6. Will your Volvo sell for more if you repair the scratches first?

Ensuring our customers get the help they deserve is important to us at ERA Paints. So, if we’ve left something unanswered, please give us a call at 971-770-2372. Our staff will be able to answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, you can check out our YouTube page for in-depth videos on the entire Volvo touch up paint procedure. We also have an FAQ section that you might find useful or you can email us at any time at

Volvo paint code location. Where to find your Volvo color codes

Volvo paint codes can be found on the manufacturer’s tag. The location of this will vary depending on the model and year of your Volvo. The list below contains the most common spots, but it could be elsewhere.

Volvo Paint Code Location
  1. Check on the core support under the hood
  2. Look on the firewall. It may be in the center or on the right or left-hand side
  3. Check the strut tower on both sides of the vehicle
  4. Take a look at the driver’s side door jamb

Unlike other manufacturers, Volvo hasn’t kept the location of their codes consistent, so it may take some searching before you spot them. The tag that they come on will likely be either white, silver, or black. The Volvo paint code may be prefixed with a “COLOR” heading and be located above the bar code. However, it frequently isn’t, and there may not be anything to identify it by. In this case, it will usually be on the right side of the tag next to the vehicle weights.

Volvo paint codes are comprised solely of numbers, and a typical code will have three digits. There may be a dash with numbers after it, and this can be ignored.

Volvo Paint Code Location

An example code is: 446

The code above is for Ash Gold Pearl Metallic. Other codes include 612, which represents Passion Red. Once you have the code, ordering online is simple. Head to our store, order a Volvo touch up paint kit and get your repair underway. All orders come with free shipping. If you are having trouble

If you can’t find your paint codes or the manufacturer’s sticker is missing:

  1. Use the color selector on our site to get a perfect manufacturers OEM match
  2. Contact us at 971-770-2372, and we are available from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST
  3. Email us at
  4. Contact the previous owner for the information

Using Volvo paint to restore your vehicle to its original factory finish

The steps for fixing the paintwork on your Volvo are straightforward. Whether you are applying bumper touch up paint or pearl clear coat spray paint, the process is pretty much the same. The benefit of doing it yourself means that you save a lot of money and don’t have to waste time trailing back and forth to the body shop.

Without our industry-leading Volvo touch up paint, you’ll have your Passion Red or XC90 White Volvo shining again in no time.

Volvo Paint Peel Touch Up Paint

Always make sure to read the instructions on the specific paint that you ordered, and we recommend testing the Volvo paint before you start to get an idea of how it handles and to ensure a perfect color match.

Try to complete the work in temperatures over 70F, anything less, and you will have to wait longer during the drying period. We recommend completing the procedure out of direct sunlight so that everything dries evenly.

  1. Clean the area you are going to work on with soap and water
  2. First sand the area with dry 320 grit sandpaper then follow up with wet/dry 600 grit sandpaper
  3. Rewash the area. But this time, use wax and grease cleaner
  4. Apply automotive masking tape around the scratches area on your Volvo
  5. Put the primer on the body of your Volvo. Do so in several thin layers and wait five to ten minutes between applications. After, wait for at least 30 minutes
  6. When applying the Volvo touch up paint, do it in several thin layers. Make sure to bring in line with the surrounding area. After, wait for at least 30 minutes
  7. Spray the area with clear coat three to four times – dry for 10 minutes between each layer
  8. Allow your Volvo to dry overnight

If you intend to use rubbing compounds such as polishing creme, you must wait at least three days before putting it on.

We have a library of how-to videos on YouTube, which outline the process above in much more detail. They are clear and easy to follow and specify the exact procedures for you to take at each step. Alternatively, contact us, and we will be able to give you some guidance on any issues you are having.

Should you use a Volvo paint pen, Volvo paint jar or Volvo spray paint?

There are several paint products available for you to use when undertaking the work on your own. Your primary consideration when picking the right one revolves around the size of the scrape. We recommend two products:

  • Volvo spray paint with trigger add-on
  • Volvo paint jars with applicators

Volvo spray paint is your best bet for large projects. If a significant portion of your 1986 Blue Gray Metallic 760 Turbo has been damaged, then multiple spray cans can be used to get the job done. The cans also come with an optional trigger that makes applying the paint more manageable and stress-free. Generally, anything bigger than some small coins should be completed with a spray can. Don’t forget to also apply clear coat for to protect your paint job.

For smaller chips, our paint jars with applicators are the best choice. They allow you to lay paint in small areas carefully and deliver a great finish.

At ERA Paints, we pride ourselves on our quality-first policy. This means that we don’t sell silver car paint pens or any Volvo touch up paint pens. They don’t offer the level of quality that we like to provide our customers. For metallic colors like Medium Blue Metallic and pearl colors like White Paint with Red Pearl, paint pens don’t lay the flakes correctly. They tend to flake over a short period.

What equipment do you need to fix your Volvo at home?

Getting a flawless factory finish on the work you do at home relies on getting the right tools for the task. Regardless of whether you are using Dark Grey Metal paint or Atlantic Blue Pearl paint, the additional equipment is the same.

To get the best results, we recommend:

  • 320 and 600 grit sandpaper to even out the surface of the scratch
  • Wax and grease remover to clean the area after sanding
  • Masking tape to cordon off the affected area and protect the rest of your Volvo paint
  • Nitrile gloves to protect your hands throughout
  • Have a rag or towel on hand to mop up any excess or spills
  • Primer to prepare the body for the paint
  • Factory touch up paint
  • Clear coat to seal the paint

Everything you need to complete the process yourself can be bought from us online in a convenient bundle. We also sell everything separately if you already have some items on the list.

Which car color hides dirt best?

Washing your car can be a chore for some and a point of personal pride for others. Everyone would like their vehicle to be clean, but many don’t want to have to put in the effort to maintain it. For these people choosing Volvo colors that hide dirt well is the best option.

Volvo Paint Protection

There are a variety of colors that hide dirt significantly better than others, which means you can keep your car looking clean without continually having to wash it.

Brown colors do a great job of minimizing the appearance of dirt as it resembles a light dusting of mud. You could even stretch to colors like Orange Flame Metallic and still be safe.

Dark Gray Metallic paint and silver colors such as Dark Silver also do a great job of making your car look clean. Avoid black colors like Flamenco Black Pearl paint as they highlight water spots, dirt, and even pollen spores.

Will your Volvo sell for more if you repair the scratches first?

Whether you’re trying to sell a Passion Red 2014 Volvo XC90 or a Schwarz colored XC70, the reality is that potential buyers like cars without scratches on the paintwork.

The first thing most buyers do is take a quick lap of the vehicle and complete a visual inspection. Severe or deep scrapes will stand out immediately and negatively influence the purchaser. Some buyers see these and begin thinking of how much they can lower the asking price. Others avoid vehicles with any type of external damage altogether.

If you don’t repair scratches yourself, the new owner will have to. They most likely won’t know how much fixing the damage will cost off the top of their head. So, buyers will arrive at a random estimate and then look to subtract this amount off your asking price.

Overall, you will end up selling your Volvo for less if you don’t repair the scratches. So, opting to fix your vehicle with Volvo touch up paint and restoring the color with Volvo spray paint means you’ll eventually end up with more money in your back pocket.


Whether you’re looking for Volvo codes, cover-up paint, or the Volvo paint code location, we hope that the information in our guide has helped make the touch up paint process a little clearer. We hope to give you the tools to be able to complete the Volvo touch up paint process at home without spending a small fortune.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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