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Use our online tool to find the Acura touch up paint that is a perfect match

Return your 1986 Integra, 1995 Acura Legend, or your 92 Acura back to their former glory with our professional-grade touch up paint.

Our Acura touch up paint and touch up clear coat are perfect for fixing scratches and scrapes on your vehicle’s paintwork

Whether you are looking for Acura auto paint, Acura paint codes, or just want to find out how to touch up paint, our online guide has you covered. In this article, we outline the entire Acura touch up paint process and discuss the products that will give you the best results.

Acura SUV Automotive Touch Up Paint

Using the information below, even people with limited car repair experience will be able to get their Acura back to its original factory finish. The touchup process is relatively straightforward, and we have also created videos to walk you through the process step-by-step.

Our stock of OEM touch up paint is the same that professionals use, so you are purchasing industry-leading products when shopping with us. Everything discussed in the article can be obtained from our store, and we offer free shipping on all of our products.

If you know what information you need, simply jump to one of the relevant sections below. Otherwise, take your time and discover more about the touch up paint process.

  • Where can you find your Acura paint code
  • How do you apply Acura touch up paint?
  • What Acura paint product should you use?
  • What equipment do you need for Acura paint repairs?
  • What repairs can you do yourself?
  • How do you match Acura touch up paint?

ERA Paints has aimed to make our guide as comprehensive as possible, but if you feel something is missing, please check out our FAQ guide and our library of videos on YouTube for more information. You can also contact our staff during business hours, and they can provide you with more help, just call 971-770-2372.

Where can you find your Acura paint code?

Acura has made it exceptionally easy for customers to find their paint codes. All of their models have the paint code in the same place to avoid confusion. The Acura code will be located on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) sticker to find this:

Acura Paint Code Location
  1. Open the door on the driver’s side
  2. Look down in the driver’s door jamb
  3. Locate the black, silver, or white VIN sticker
  4. The Acura paint code will usually be situated under the barcode

Acura paint codes are not represented by the color name, for example, Silver Acura. Instead, you will find a four to seven-character string that contains numbers and letters.

Acura Paint Code Location

Example Code: NH700M

In case you were wondering, the code above represents Alabaster Silver Metallic.

In the rare chance that the VIN sticker is missing, you still have a few options to find your paint code.

  • With the relevant model and year information, you can use our online color selector to get a perfect match that will then be shipped free of charge. Simply click here.
  • Give Acura a call on their North American hotline toll-free on (800) 382-2238. They are only available during the week from 6 am to 5 pm, so be sure to call during this time.
  • Speak with the person you bought the car from, and they may be able to provide you with the information.
  • Give us a call, and our staff can lend you a hand.

We stock all Acura colors and touch up clear coat, so after you find your paint code, you can buy Acura OEM touch up paint in our online store.

How do you apply Acura touch up paint?

Acura Rusty Fender

All Acura touch up paint, including 2017 Acura TL, 2017 Acura TSX, and other Acura RSX colors, are applied in the same way. However, there may be some minor differences if you have a metallic or pearl-colored vehicle, so always check the instructions before you start.

In terms of the weather, it is best to complete the work in moderate conditions. Do it out of direct sunlight, so that the paint dries evenly. Anything over 70 Fahrenheit should suffice.

The best practice for applying the paint is to:

  1. Remove any dirt from the affected area with soap and water.
  2. Use 320 and 600 grit sandpaper to even out the scrape which will help improve the finish
  3. Clean your Acura again, but this time use wax and grease remover to remove any sanding debris.
  4. Let the area dry. If you use a towel, be careful not to catch any of the fibers on any leftover unsmoothed surface.
  5. Put the tape around the scrape masking off at least 10 inches of space each side to protect the surrounding paint.
  6. The primer helps the Acura touch up paint bond to the body of the vehicle and should be applied in several thin coats. It’s best to wait ten minutes between layers.
  7. Allow the area to dry for 30 minutes before proceeding.
  8. When applying the OEM touch up paint, do so in thin coats. Keep applying until the paint is in line with the surrounding space. Be sure to wait ten minutes between layers.
  9. Allow the area to dry for 30-45 minutes.
  10. Clear coat is used to seal the paint. Long term it protects the Acura touch up paint from the elements and provides a better color match.
  11. Allow everything to dry overnight

The steps above are a rough outline of the entire process. We include comprehensive instructions with each shipment and we have a whole library of videos on our YouTube page that outlines the steps in a lot more detail. We also have an FAQ section to answer any miscellaneous questions you may have, or you can get in touch with our staff who can provide some assistance.

What Acura paint product should you use?

At ERA Paints, we often get asked, what is the best way to touch up paint? A lot of our customers look for Acura white paint touch up pens as their go-to paint product. However, they are not a reliable product. Acura touch up paint pens can’t provide an exceptional finish and therefore do not meet our standards. They are particularly troublesome if you have a Silverstone Metallic color or something like a Dark Cherry Pearl ZDX. Unfortunately, for a lot of colors, paint pens tend to flake.

Instead, we recommend:

  • Acura touch up paint jars
  • Aerosol Canisters
Acura Tail Light

Our Acura touch-up paint jars are the perfect option if you have a small scratch. They come with applicators that allow you to repair small damaged areas in detail. If the scratch is larger than a coin, opt for the canisters as it will save you a lot of time and effort.

Aerosol canisters are perfect for fixing Acura RDX 2016 colors, 2017 Acura models, and all others. We offer 12oz cans that are perfect for large damaged areas and simplify the process even more. Be sure to give the spray a test run before starting.

The best product for you comes solely down to the extent of the scrape. Avoid Acura touch up paint pens at all cost and opt for cans on anything bigger than a quarter.

What equipment do you need for Acura paint repairs?

Whether it’s your Gran Prix White or Spa Yellow Pearl Acura, getting a flawless factory finish should be the aim of everyone doing repairs at home. Thankfully you won’t need to purchase a bunch of tools to get a great finish, but we recommend buying:

  1. Sandpaper to smooth out the scrape or scratch
  2. Wax and grease remover will help clean the car after sanding
  3. Masking tape should be used to cordon off the area
  4. Primer helps protect the body of the vehicle and improves adhesion
  5. Acura touch up paint is what restores your Acura’s factory finish
  6. Clear coat is used to seal off the paintwork and protect the area
  7. Nitrile gloves are fantastic for protecting your hand
  8. We recommend a towel to mop up any mess

We provide all of the above in Acura touch up paint kits, which come with free delivery. They can be used on any model, including the 2000 Acura NSX and the TSX Sport Wagon. If you don’t want to purchase everything in a bundle, we do sell the various components individually.

What repairs can you do yourself?

When deciding on the repairs that your Acura requires, it can be tempting to bite off more than you can chew and attempt to fix everything. While applying Acura touch up paint is a straightforward process, other aspects of car repair can be more challenging. So, know your limits and take a look at our list below of the things you can fix yourself.

Acura Automotive Touch Up Paint
  • Window Repair – Chips and cracks don’t just affect paintwork. Windows are also prone to this type of damage too. With window repair kits, this is now easier than ever, but we suggest only tackling this if you have some experience.
  • Paintwork Repair – Repairing the blemish on your vehicle with Acura touch up paint is a breeze and can be done by beginners
  • Body Repair – Small dents can be worked out from your garage, but anything more significant may require specialist tools. Severe damage like panel repair will need to be done by professionals.

Overall, paintwork and window repair are the cheapest to do yourself. Body repairs can be done cheaply, but you need to weigh the cost of buying equipment for bigger jobs.

How do you match Acura touch up paint?

Matching paint isn’t rocket science. But to get a perfect manufacturer’s match, various information is required.

  1. First, you need to find your Acura paint code. It can be found on the manufacturer’s sticker located somewhere in your car, which will have the paint code on it. If you can’t find this, then use the make and model to locate it in our online database. Remember that for metallic or two-tone cars, the code will likely have two parts.
  2. Once you have the code, make your way down to a body shop, repair shop, or our online store and provide the details.
  3. Finally, the paint is slowly mixed until the perfect color is achieved. Most places start with light variations and then get darker, the Acura touchup paint is then blended for a superior finish. Typically, computers are now used to identify when the color matches. Achieving an exact match is vital when completing spot repairs.


Acura Paint Scratch

People often ask us, are Acura’s expensive to repair? The cost of completing the repairs at home is significantly cheaper than getting a professional to do it. We hope that our guide has provided you with the details to understand how to touch up paint and that you will be able to save money by doing it yourself.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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