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Get your 1999 Bentley Arnage or 2008 Bentley continental shining again with our industry-leading touch-up paint.

Our Bentley touch up paint provides a flawless factory finish and is exceptionally easy to apply.

At ERA Paints, we strive to give our customers all the information to complete the touch-up paint process without going to an expensive body shop. Whether you need Bentley paint codes, Bentley touch up paint, or even Bentley Mulsanne colors, we have the products and what you are looking for.

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The products that we offer are the same as those used by professionals. So, by using our equipment, you know your Bentley is being fixed with professional-grade products. Also, everything purchased with us comes with free shipping. In this article, we will outline:

  • Where to locate your Bentley paint code
  • How to use Bentley touch up paint
  • The Bentley paint product you should use
  • What supplies do you need to fix your Bentley?

Check out our extensive YouTube library and how-to articles for more information on repairing scratches on your Bentley.

Where to locate your Bentley paint code

Bentley paint codes are not always the easiest to find, and the exact location will vary depending on whether you have a Bentley flying spur or a Bentayga. It will likely be on the manufacturer’s sticker, which is white or silver, and can be found in one of the spots below:

Bentley Paint Code Location
  1. Open the hood, and it should be at the front. Remember some Bentley hood’s open from the windshield so it can be tricky.
  2. Open the driver’s side door and check in the door jamb. It should be written on the door’s edge or near the hinges.
  3. Go to the rear of the car and open the trunk. The code should be on the spare wheel cover or the lid.

The code should be underneath a “Paint No.” heading. The codes are usually represented by a mixture of letters of numbers ranging from four to seven characters in length.

Example: 2T2T

Commonly found on Bentley cars like the Continental GT, the above code represents Onyx Metallic.

If you can’t find the code in any of the places above:

  1. Call us at 971-770-2372 from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday
  2. Please send us an email at
  3. Chat with the previous owner as they may be able to give you the information

Finding the paint code for your 2008 Bentley Continental or 1999 Bentley Arnage is the first important step to repairing your vehicle.

How to use Bentley touch up paint

Whether you have a Bentley SUV or a Bentley GT, to get an original factory finishing, the steps are the same.

Make sure to paint on a day above 70 degrees F and always read the paint touch up instructions before starting.

Cleaning and Preparation

  1. Clean your Bentley – Apply soap and water to the damaged area
  2. Sand the scratch – 320 and 600 grit sandpaper is great for smoothing out your vehicle’s damage
  3. Reclean your Bentley – Use grease remover to get rid of any excess debris
  4. Let the vehicle dry
  5. Apply Tape – Create a boundary around the scratch to protect the rest of the paint

OEM Touch Up Paint Application

  1. Primer application – Apply the primer in three light coats. Wait up to 15 minutes after each use. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes.
  2. Apply the touch up paint – Apply the paint until it lines up with the surrounding area. Dry for up to 15 minutes between each layer.
  3. Apply the clear coat – Seal off the touch-up paint with clear coat. You will need to put on at least three thin layers.
  4. Dry your Bentley overnight

The above steps are just a rough guide. We have in-depth instructions on our YouTube page and our blog. Alternatively, give our expert staff a call, and they can lend a hand.

The Bentley paint product you should use

Typically, there are three products that you can use to repair your Bentley. The best product for the job depends on how bad the scratch or scrape on your Bentley car is. You have three options:

  1. Bentley touch up paint jar
  2. Bentley touch up aerosol spray canister
  3. Bentley touch up paint pens

We get a lot of questions about paint pens. At ERA Paints, we believe in a quality-first policy, which means we only provide the best products to our customers. Paint pens do not offer the excellent finish we have come to expect the products we sell.

For metallic colors, the paint pens don’t lay the color correctly, and it will end up flaking. Overall, they don’t provide the ideal color match we have come to expect from the products we sell.

For Bentley Mulsanne colors and all other models, we recommend doing the repairs with a spray canister. Our 12oz cans provide complete coverage and offer a perfect manufacturer’s match. They are great for nearly all scratch and scrape repair work. We also sell a spray trigger to make the paint application easier.

If the scratch is smaller than a coin, it’s best to use Bentley touch up paint jars. These come with applicators that allow you to lay the paint layer after layer in great detail. It gives greater control over the entire paint process.

What supplies do you need to fix your Bentley?

When fixing your Bentley GT or 2008 Bentley Continental, having the right tools for the job is essential. You will need:

Bentley Automotive Touch Up Paint
  • Primer to ready the body for the paint
  • Bentley touch up paint
  • Clear coat spray to seal everything
  • Wax and grease remover to clean and prep the vehicle
  • 320 and 600 grit sandpaper
  • Masking tape
  • A towel
  • Nitrile gloves for your hands

We offer everything above in a Bentley touch up paint kit that makes everything hassle-free. You can buy everything individually, but the bundles are better value.


With our extensive range of Bentley colors and Bentley paint codes completing the touch up paint process yourself at home is easier than ever. Don’t waste your money on an expensive body shop, get your Bentley SUV, Bentley GT, or Bentayga shining again now.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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