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How to Apply Buick Touch Up Paint to get a Flawless Factory Finish

Use our paint matching system to find the perfect Buick touch up paint. Our Buick VIN decoder and paint code finder will help you find the Buick colors to fix your vehicle.

Use our OEM touch up paint, which includes 2017 Buick Enclave colors and Buick Encore colors, for a great finish.

Regardless of whether you need GM paint codes, red metallic paint, or something for your champagne colored cars, ERA Paints has what you need. We will outline the various stages in the Buick touch up paint process as well as the tools you need.

Buick Automotive Touch Up Paint

Do you need to repair your Seminole Red 1956 Roadmaster? Or has someone hit your Tiara Tan Metallic 2010 Buick Enclave on the school run? Or do you need touch up paint for your Cyber Gray Metallic 2013 Verano?

Our gold-standard OEM touch up paint allows you to achieve an excellent finish every time and fix the scrapes on your Buick. At ERA Paints,we always aim to provide our customers with exceptional value, so you will receive free shipping on all orders.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various aspects of applying touch up paint. After reading, you should have a good idea of how to fix the scratches on your Buick. In our guide, you will find:

  1. Where to look for your Buick Paint code
  2. How to fix the scratches and scrapes on your Buick
  3. The paint products you will need to do it at home
  4. The equipment you will need
  5. The easiest Buick colors to maintain
  6. Fixing it yourself or going to a body shop?

We have also created several videos to guide you through the entire touch up paint process. If you need any additional help, please give our expert staff a call at 971-770-2372.

Where to look for your Buick Paint code

Similar to other manufacturers, Buick has put their color code on the service parts sticker. This sticker will either be white or silver. The location of the sticker will vary depending on when you bought your car. Check in the areas below to find the code:

Buick Paint Code Location
  1. Inside the glove box
  2. On the inside of the trunk lid
  3. On the spare tire cover
  4. In the storage compartment on the rear left side of the vehicle
  5. Check the firewall
  6. Look under the hood of the vehicle

Buick touch up paint codes usually starts with BC or CC/U. This refers to basecoat and clearcoat, with the U meaning upper body color.They may also begin with WA. Buick paint codes are typically four characters long and will contain a mix of numbers and letters.

Buick Paint Code Location

An example code is: BC/CC 8555

This may also be: WA8555

The example code WA8555 represents Black, which is often found on 1996 Buicks. Be aware that Buick may use different names for the same color. So, your Black 1991 Buick Reatta may have a different color name than your neighbors’ Black Regal.

After you find the GM paint codes associated with your Buick, head to our online store and purchase one of our Buick touch up paint kits.

If for any reason, you are having trouble locating the paint codes, you can contact Buick on 1-800-521-7300. Once you provide them with your VIN, they will give you the color code of your car.

You can also select the year or model of your Buick, like 1980 Buick Skylark into our selection tool, and it will help you locate it. It will then list the colors associated with this year, such as the Sandstone paint color.

How to fix then scratches and scrapes on your Buick

There are significant cost benefits to fixing the damage to your Buick yourself, not only that you save time by avoiding body shops.

The Buick touch up paint process is simple. You can have your 2008 Lucerne in Gunmetal Metallic look sharp in no time at all. Even metallic blue car paint colors can be applied from the comfort of your home.

It is essential to test your equipment before you start. For spray canisters and applicators, take a practice run to get used to how they function. Be sure to use paint and primer that has been recently mixed as older products may have changed and do not provide the perfect manufacturers match you are looking for.

Weather is hugely important when undertaking paint repairs. Make sure the temperature is at least 70°F for optimal results. Also, avoid working in direct sunlight as this can lead to an uneven finish.

Prepare the affected area

  • Use water and grease remover to clean the area.
  • 320 and 600 grit sandpaper are perfect for smoothing out the affecting area and removing rust.
  • Rewash your Buick to remove any dust.
  • To protect the rest of your car from the application process, put tape and paper around the scratches.

Apply the paint

  • The first step is applying the primer. The primer helps the paint stick to the body. Be sure to use it in thin layers and give each coat sufficient drying time. Wait ten minutes between applications.
  • The next step is applying Buick touch up paint. Similar to the primer, you need to use it in thin layers for the best results. Once the color matches up with the surrounding area, the paint application is complete.
  • The last stage is applying the clear coat. Clear coat helps protect the paint below and seal everything.
  • Wait for your truck or car to dry overnight.

Apply rubbing compounds

  • If you are considering the use of cutting creme, be sure to wait a minimum of three days.
  • To avoid damage when applying rubbing compounds, use paper or cotton equipment.

Steps above provide an overview of the work to do on your project.  For the best finish, read and follow instructions that come with your paint shipment. If there are any parts of the process you need more information on, please feel free to contact our staff or view our walkthrough videos on YouTube.

What paint products do you need to paint your Buick at home?

It can be a daunting decision when having to decide which paint products to buy. Generally, there are several options when fixing your Buick’s body.

  • Buick Paint Pens
  • Buick Paint Jars with applicators
  • Buick 12 oz. Spray Canister

At ERA Paints, we pride ourselves on the quality and value that we offer our clients. Regardless of whether its red car paint or blue auto paint, all our products provide an original factory finish. This is why we don’t sell Buick paint pens. They do not offer a high-quality finish we expect from our products. For Tungsten Metallic colors, Metallic Gray paint, and Red Metallic paint, the paint pens often result in flaking.

12oz spray canisters are ideal if you have a large damage area. They are easy to use and provide a flawless factory finish. Spray canisters are versatile and can be used on a wide variety of dings, scrapes and road rash, which is what makes them so accessible. It doesn’t matter if its Summit White paint or Maroon spray paint, canisters get the job done.

For small scratches, paint jars with applicators offer the best finish. The applicators allow you to apply the paint in a careful and detailed manner. We recommend clear coat both spray and paint jars to ensure the best protection of your paint job.

The equipment you will need

If you haven’t done many home repairs before fixing your Granite Buick GMC, it can feel a little overwhelming. But with the correct equipment completing the Buick touch up paint process is not difficult, and you’ll have your Champagne paint restored in no time.


  1. Wax and Grease Remover – this helps to remove dust and debris away before you begin sanding.
  2. 320 and 600 grit sandpaper – this is essential for smoothing out the surface of your vehicle. It is the perfect way to improve the finish of the entire process.
  3. Masking Tape – this helps ensure that other parts of your Buick are not damaged, helping to avoid additional painting such as side door repair.
  4. A Shop Towel – this keeps your project lint free and you can wipe down areas of the vehicle.


  1. The Primer – this is used to bond the paint to the vehicle and is the first thing applied during the painting process.
  2. The Buick Touch Up Paint – use the OEM touch up paint you purchased in either spray can or jar form.
  3. The Clear Coat – this is the final stage of the touch up paint process and ensures that the touch up paint is sealed and the body of the car protected.


Gloves – we recommend wearing nitrile gloves throughout the entire process. Not only does this protect your skin from the paint, but it also means the exterior of the car stays clean.

Our online store has all the necessary tools to complete the Buick touch up paint process. You have the choice to purchase a touch up paint kits, which includes everything you will need. Alternatively, you can buy most of the products on their own. However, the paint kits will save you money and are more convenient.

The easiest Buick colors to maintain

Choosing the color of your car is a personal choice that some people see as a reflection of their personality. However, many people are unaware of the consequence of a poor choice in color can have on the maintenance cost of their vehicle. Some colors show scratches far more easily and make dirt or dust very easy to see.

Buick Paint Codes

Let’s start with the hardest Buick colors to maintain. Typically, black and red are hard to keep clean and require a lot of upkeep. Scratches on these colors are also a lot more noticeable. Pearl and metallic paint colors are tough to maintain. These colors are mixed differently and can be very difficult to repair without going to a professional.

The easiest colors to maintain are white, silver, variations of gray, and other lighter colors. These colors don’t require constant cleaning, and repairing minor scratches is simple.

You shouldn’t let the maintenance of your Buicks’ color bea deal-breaker when purchasing. The reality is some cars, like the Sport Red Metallic 2005 Lacrosse, look great in a hard to maintain color. But be aware that some colors require more work than others.

Fixing it yourself or going to a body shop?

It is the age-old question of any cost-conscious customers looking to repair their vehicle. Should you fix it yourself or go to a body shop? Both methods have their positives and negatives, and we have outlined some of the key considerations below.

Fixing it yourself

The first significant advantage is that repairing your Buick at home will cost a lot less than a body shop. On top of that, it will disrupt your schedule a lot less and require less of your time. The quality of paint available in our Buick touch up paint kits has everything you need in one package and provides an excellent finish.

The main downside to doing it yourself is a lack of knowledge. At times it can be unclear what you need to do. However, with our walkthrough videos, our application instructions and this guide, it is easy to overcome this issue. Buick touch up paint kits are the best option for the small paint jobs, and Buick Spray paint kits are best for vast areas of damage including entire fenders or panel.

Going to a body shop

Utilizing the services of a body shop means that the job will be done at a professional standard. Most body shops provide a guarantee on their work, so this is a weight off your shoulders. Body shops are also great for significant damage because they have the heavy-duty tools required for large-scale repair.

For those looking to save money, body shops are not the place for you, they cost substantially more, even for a small fix. Also, you have to work around their schedule, which means you will most likely have to take time out of work to get the repair done.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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