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Discover the best Chrysler touch up paint for your vehicle

Return your Dark Garnet Red Pearl 2001 Chrysler Concorde to its former glory with our Chrysler touch up paint repair kits.

We stock industry-leading touch up paint for all Chrysler colors. Use our handy guide to find your Chrysler paint codes

Whether you’re looking for Chrysler paint codes, Chrysler touch up paint, or Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat Exterior Paint, we have what you are looking for. Our guide will walk you through the entire process. So, don’t wait, get an ideal color match with our OEM touch up paint.

Chrysler Touch Up Paint

Fixing a scratch or scrape yourself is a great way to save some cash and pick up a new skill. The process is straightforward enough that even a complete novice can get a great finish on their first attempt. At ERA Paints, we pride ourselves on quality. Therefore, we stock all of the products that will help you achieve a flawless factory finish at great prices. On top of that, we provide free shipping on all of our products.

Take a look through our guide, or if you know what you are looking for using the links below to skip ahead to what you need.

  • Locating your Chrysler Paint Code
  • How to apply Chrysler touch up paint (PXR paint, PR4 paint, PW7 paint, and all others)
  • What touch up paint product should you use?
  • What supplies do you need for your Chrysler touch up paint job?
  • What are the most difficult colors to match?
  • Chrysler colors that are easiest to maintain

If we have missed anything in this guide, please check out our FAQ guide for more information. Alternatively, we have a host of videos dedicated to the touch up paint process, so make sure to check these out. Our helpful staff members are also on hand to help you over the phone with any issues you may be having, you can contact them at 971-770-2372 or via email at

Locating your Chrysler Paint Code

The location of your vehicle’s paint code will depend on the make and model. The paint code will be on a sticker found in one of the areas below:

Chrysler Paint Code Location
  • Driver side door jamb (for newer models)
  • Passenger side firewall
  • Center firewall
  • In front of the radiator
  • Inner fender wall
  • Right frame rail
  • Radiator support bar

Once you have found the sticker, you need to locate the paint code. Chrysler paint codes are three digits long, and they contain numbers and letters. They will usually start with “P,” which is an abbreviation of paint code.

Chrysler Paint Code Location

Example: PNT: PS2

The code above represents Bright Silver Metallic paint. You can ignore the letter “PNT,” as this is just a prefix. Other examples include PR4 Flame Red paint, PX8 Black paint, and PW7 Bright White. The paint code on Chrysler stickers is usually located at the very bottom, beneath the bar code.

If you are having some trouble finding the sticker, or it is not in any of the places above, don’t worry, you can:

  1. Use our online color selector. Simply enter the model and year of your vehicle and choose the various options.
  2. Contact Chrysler on via their North American hotline on 1-800-334-9200. Provide them with your VIN, and they will give you the paint code.
  3. Get in touch with the dealer who you bought your car from, and they can check their database for the color code.
  4. Give us a call. Our staff will be able to give you additional information which will help point you in the right direction.

We offer touch up paint for all Chrysler colors. So, once you have the correct code, use our site to order the Chrysler touch up paint and get free shipping with your purchase.

How to apply Chrysler touch up paint (PXR paint, PR4 paint, PBJ paint, and all others)

It doesn’t matter if you have a Burgundy Chrysler 300 or a 2013 Town & Country in Cashmere Pearl, the touch up paint process is the same. Before starting, make sure to test the paint product you opted for.

When repairing your Chrysler, you should choose a day with fair weather. Too hot and the paint will dry unevenly, too cold and it won’t dry at all. Try to complete the work in the shade. It is essential to look over the instructions that come with the paint. The steps you need to take are:

  1. Cleaning – clean your vehicle and remove any debris from the affected area
  2. Sanding – use 320 and 600 sandpaper to smooth the scratch
  3. Recleaning – use wax and grease remover to reclean the area after you have finished sanding.
  4. Wipe the area with a towel and let it dry
  5. Taping – secure the damaged area with automotive masking tape
  6. Preparing – apply the primer to prepare the area for the Mopar touch up paint. Apply the primer in several thin coats
  7. Painting – apply the Chrysler touch up paint in thin layers. Wait ten minutes between each layer. Try to match the paint level to the surrounding area.
  8. Protecting – put clear coat on the scrape to protect the newly applied paint. Let it dry for

The above is just a brief outline of the full process. We have a range of videos that can guide you through the whole process step-by-step You can also check out our frequently asked questions section or give our staff a call. Before you start your project, be sure to fully read the instructions included with your shipment.

What touch up paint product should you use?

There is often conflicting information on the best paint products to use when fixing the paint on your Chrysler. At ERA Paints we recommend only two options:

  • OEM Touch Up Paint Bottles
  • 12oz Aerosol canisters

Chrysler touch up paint bottles are ideal for small scratches. The paint comes with applicators, which allow you to be very precise and get an exceptional finish. If the damage to your Chrysler is smaller than a quarter, then you should opt for paint bottles.

For large scrapes, you should choose our 12oz aerosol canisters. Whether it’s your 2009 Sebring Sedan or 2000 Chrysler Concorde, spray canisters that come with a trigger will get the job done easier. To provide our customers with exceptional value, we have opted to stock the large 12oz cans rather than the smaller 10oz cans that are supplied by other outlets.

We get a lot of inquiries about touch up paint pens. However, we don’t offer them as part of our product range. We provide our customers with professional-grade Chrysler touch up paint that provides a great finish. Unfortunately, touch up paint pens are unable to meet our high standards and results in a poor finish. For colors like Phantom Grey Pearl or Brilliant Black crystal Pearl coat, the paint doesn’t thoroughly bond and will start to flake.

What supplies do you need for your Chrysler touch up paint job?

Chrysler Touch Up Paint Kit for Scratch

If you are going to complete the work yourself, it is crucial to get the right supplies. To ensure your OEM touch up paint is utilized to the best of its ability and to get a great finish, we recommend purchasing the following items:


  • 320 and 600 grit sandpaper will help smooth down the damaged area and improve the finish
  • Wax and grease remover should be used to clean the area before and after sanding to remove debris.
  • Masking tape will help protect the rest of your vehicle from being affected by the application of the paint.


  • Primer is applied before the Chrysler touch up paint and helps prepare the surface for the paint
  • Mopar Touch Up paint, which is the same stuff the professionals use
  • To protect your Chrysler touch up paint, clear coat is applied after


  • Nitrile gloves will help protect your hands throughout the process
  • A towel can be used to dry your vehicle after cleaning and wipe off excess paint

We offer all of the items above in paint repair kits that can be used with all Chrysler colors, including Chrysler 1980 models. You can purchase each of the items on their own, but the packs offer better value. Like anything you buy from us, it comes with free shipping.

What are the most difficult colors to match?

With our industry-leading touch up paint, you are in safe hands no matter what color you need. However, some colors are easier to match than others. Some argue that 2016 Chrysler 300 colors are the hardest to match, while others think it’s less popular colors like Cinnamon Glaze Metallic, that prove the most challenging to match.

  • Metallic colors are renowned for being very challenging. When you match metallic colors, you have to match the color and also the specific pattern of the flakes. If this isn’t done correctly, the shading won’t be the same.
  • Chrysler Pearl colors rival metallic colors for how difficult they are to match. Extensive damage to these colors may require going to a professional to get an original factory finish.
  • Solid colors are the most straightforward to match. It is easy to deliver a perfect manufacturers match with this type of color.

Don’t go out of your way to avoid your favorite metallic or pearl color when purchasing a Chrysler. But we aware that down the road, it could end up costing you more money if the vehicle sustains large damage to its paintwork.

Chrysler colors that are easiest to maintain

Many people don’t consider the impact the color of your car can have on maintenance expenses throughout the vehicle’s life. For most, picking the color of their Chrysler is based purely on personal preference, and for others, it is about reflecting their personality in the vehicle they drive.

However, depending on the color you choose, scrapes and dings can become more visible. Also, some colors show dust and dirt more quickly, which means they require cleaning a lot more often.

Chrysler Paint Scratch

However, depending on the color you choose, scrapes and dings can become more visible. Also, some colors show dust and dirt more quickly, which means they require cleaning a lot more often.

Generally, colors like black or red seem to attract dirt and will require a lot more maintenance over the long run. Also, with black and red vehicles, even small scratches are easily spotted. Metallic and pearl colors are notoriously difficult to maintain because of the finish that is applied to them, so maybe think twice before you buy a Bright Silver Metallic Chrysler.

If you are looking for a low maintenance car, the best colors you can choose are white, silver, gray, and any light color. Lighter colors don’t highlight scratches and manage to hide dirt far better than darker colors.

It is important to keep car color in mind when choosing your color, but some cars like the Blackberry Pearl 2011 Sebring Convertible are hard to maintain but insanely fun to drive. So, don’t let vehicle color scare you off from some fun.


Following our Chrysler touch up paint guide will help you repair any scratches or scrapes from the comfort of your home. Although the process isn’t short, it is easy to understand, and if you follow our instructions, you’ll surely achieve a flawless factory finish on your damaged Chrysler. So, what are you waiting for? Order your touch up paint now.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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