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The Love for Your Truck Restored with Our Ultimate Ford F150 Touch up Paint Services

It doesn’t matter which model you own of the Ford 150; you can always get the enticing luxurious look of your truck back with the help of our differentiated touch-up paint services.

The Ford touch up paint and Ford Truck color combinations ERA Paints bring are all you need to conceal all the scratches and marks on your Ford F150 beast’s paintwork.

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Do you wish to see your truck be back with a bang? Do you miss its attractive and appealing exterior? Then it is high time you get hold of a touch-up paint company. We give you everything from Ford touch up spray paint to absolutely perfect body colors.

You may wonder how to find the right paint color for my truck, the company’s process, etc. Furthermore, there must be many other questions popping up in your mind, but you never got the answers. Do not worry, because we are going to explain each of your queries with detailed and satisfactory answers. The answers will also clear out any doubts you have and will guide you thoroughly on using the tools provided by us to get the original look of your Ford truck back. The widely asked questions/queries are:

  1. Where can you find your Ford F150 paint code?
  2. How do you apply touch up paint?
  3. What Ford F150 paint product should you use?
  4. What equipment do you need for Ford F150 paint repairs?
  5. What repairs can you do yourself to the Ford F150?
  6. How do you match Ford touch up paint?

Where can you find your Ford F150 paint code?

Ford F150 has made it exceptionally easy for its customers to find the paint code. The paint code for this specific model is located on the door jamb. All the models from all the possible years have the same place for it. The Ford F150 code is written on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) sticker.

The code lies underneath the barcode. The process goes like this:

  1. Get on the driver’s side and open the door
  2. Analyze the door jamb of the driver’s seat
  3. Spot the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  4. Look for the Barcode
  5. The Code is Under the Bar Code

We know that paint codes can be confusing and even sometimes missing.  If you’re unsure, we are always here to help.  Contact us our great customer service team at  971-770-2372. They are always on hand to help or you can send an email to

How do you apply Ford F150 touch up paint?

Without wasting a single second, check out the instructions on Ford touch up paints and get rolling with your truck’s identity restoration.

  1. Remove any external element that may disturb the Ford touch up paint process, such as dirt. Using a car washing powder or soap would be preferable
  2. Use sandpaper to even out the marks/scratches
  3. Use wax/grease remover for another cleanup round to avoid any disturbance due to the sandpaper
  4. Allow the area to dry completely
  5. Leave at least a space of 10 inches and put the tape around the scrape
  6. Apply the primer for the touch up paint multiple times after an average interval of ten minutes
  7. Dry out the area for about 30 minutes
  8. Apply the touch-up paint but with multiple coats until the paint is aligned with the surrounding color
  9. Repeat the drying process and use a clear coat to protect the truck from coming in contact with any external element
  10. Dry the whole thing for at least one night

What Ford F150 paint product should you use?

Being the best in the business, we know that the Ford F150 touch up pens cannot provide you the desired quality of the result. Therefore, we suggest using touch up paint bottles or the touch up spray paint. These two will also be the best answer to how to paint your hood of the truck.

What equipment do you need for Ford F150 paint repairs?

These are the equipment you need to bring back the charm of your Ford truck

  1. Sandpaper: to even out the body
  2. Wax/Grease remover: to remove any dirt or elements left
  3. Masking tape: to protect the surrounding areas
  4. Primer: to get a lasting result
  5. F150 paint colors: to give your truck the original essence
  6. Clearcoat: to protect contact with any impurity or external element
  7. Nitrile Gloves: to protect your hands
  8. Piece of cloth: just in case you need to wipe anything

What repairs can you do yourself to the Ford F150?

With the Ford F150 touch up paint, you can do the following repairs

  1. Body Repair: you can easily remove small dents and scratches without any issues.
  2. Paintwork Repair: the ultimate way is to use the touch-up paint by us and flaunt the look of the truck

How do you match Ford touch up paint?

If you are wondering how to find your truck’s paint color, your search may end here because we provide you the definitive guide.

  1. Start by finding the Ford F150 paint code on your truck (follow the process mentioned above for it)
  2. After the code is found, it is time to reach out to any repair or body shop and provide them with the details
  3. With our high-tech tools, the computer will match the color of your truck until it finds the right shade
  4. Once you have the shade, there is no way your car cannot get back to normal

Final Word

ERA Paints is all you need to give your Ford F150 its essence back. We have tried to explain each aspect clearly and are hoping that this guide was helpful to you. Following the steps, you will save hundreds of dollars and do some other productive tasks with the same money.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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