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Gaining the appealing, shiny, and flawless outlook of your Mustang seems impossible. Doesn’t it? How about we see, at ERA Paints, we can do it for you in real-time. No need to take your car out, no need to spend thousands of dollars on the repairing process, all you have to do is give us a call to get you the right Ford Mustang touch up paint at affordable pricing. To contact us, you can call us at 971-770-2372 or reach out to us 24/7 with any inquiry at

Our products are of supreme quality and custom made, keeping all your requirements in mind. We know how to ace perfection with ease! However, if you want to look for answers yourself, then check out our FAQ or DIY pages.

The Ford Mustang touch up paints and colors are the ultimate tool you need!

Ford Mustang

We understand your concerns about the outlook of your Mustang. You always want it to be perfect no matter what, and when it meets with some severe scratches, your heart breaks into pieces.

We know that you want to remove all the scratches from your car to make it look new again. To fulfill your wish, we at ERA Paints have come up with high-quality touch-up paint products. The products are not only effective but are available at reasonable pricing so that you do not have to give a second thought before buying them for your dearest car. We promise you our products will always abide by all your expectations.

With our industry expert team and the trust of industry’s leading businesses, we can say you will get the best results from our offered products. Moreover, to help you out with the Ford Mustang touch up paint process, our team has created this simple guide.

  1. Where can you find your Mustang paint code?
  2. How do you apply Ford Mustang touch up paint?
  3. What touch up paint product should you use?
  4. What equipment do you need for Mustang paint repairs?
  5. How do you match Mustang touch up paint colors?

Note: If you want to know about other Ford models, then click on our Ford homepage.

Where can you find your Mustang paint code?

The steps to find the color code for your Mustang is quite easy.  

Ford Paint Code Location
  • Open the driver’s side doorjamb
  • Navigate the door jamb
  • Spot the VIN sticker
  • Locate the code under the barcode

Where on the car? The code is located on the driver’s side doorjamb of the car on the VIN sticker.

Where on the VIN sticker? It lies under the barcode at nearly the bottom of the sticker.

What does the code look like? The code is comprised of two digits, such as CX.

Also, check out our YouTube channel for other videos to help you with your paint application.

How do you apply Ford Mustang touch up paint?

The process is quite easy. Here is what you need to do.

  1. With soap/detergent, clean the surface of the car
  2. Sand the scratched area with sandpaper
  3. Remove any remaining particles of sandpaper with wax/grease remover
  4. Allow it to dry
  5. Border the scratched area with masking tape
  6. Prime the area multiple times by using primer
  7. Apply the Ford Mustang touch up paint in multiple layers
  8. Let it dry
  9. Apply clear coat to get shiny results
  10. Allow it to dry overnight

Always remember to fully read instructions before starting your project, we want you to have successful paint application.

What touch up paint product should you use?

We have been serving the industry for a long time now, and with our vast experience, we would recommend you to use the Ford Mustang touch up spray paints and touch up paint bottles. The reason is that these two will give you a factory-finish look in real-time and will last for longer. However, we will never suggest using touch up paint pens since they are not that effective with both the color match and with the laying down of the metallics.

What equipment do you need for Mustang paint repairs?

This is the equipment you need:

  1. Sandpaper: to smoothen out the surface
  2. Wax/Grease remover: to remove any left particles of sandpaper
  3. Primer: to hold the color properly
  4. Masking tape: to protect the surrounding areas
  5. Ford Mustang touch up paint: to get the luxurious look of your car back
  6. Clear Coat: to have shiny paintwork and to protect your car
  7. Gloves: to protect your hands
  8. A shop towel: to help clean the car  

For other parts of your car, you also have the choice to choose from products such as Engine paint, Caliper paint, Accessories, and 2k Clear Coat.

What repairs can you do yourself to the Ford Mustang?

You can do the following things to the Mustang yourself,

  • Get back the classy and flawless look of your car in real-time
  • Remove all the scratches from your car without any problems
  • Repair the paintwork at a reasonable cost

How do you match Mustang touch up paint colors?

Here is what you need to do to have the right color,

  1. Navigate the color code of your Mustang by following the instructions above
  2. Call us and tell us the code you found
  3. We will insert the code into our high-tech computers
  4. According to the computer results, we will give you the exact color match

Concluding Words

We hope with each step, things got clear, and now you know what exactly to do to get the class and shine back of your car. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


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