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The Jeep Cherokee touch up paint and color combinations: ultimate elements needed to renew the look!

Do you love your Jeep? Does a small scratch break your heart into pieces? Do you ever wish to remove all the scratches and make the SUV look perfect again? If yes, and if the only thing stopping you from starting your vehicle’s restoration journey is the amount of money needed for it, then you are in the right place. ERA Paints have identified your need to get your car’s paintwork fixed at affordable prices. Therefore, we have come up with high-quality touch-up paint products such as touch-up paints bottles, spray paints, etc., at a reasonable cost with effective results.

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No matter how tough the scratch or mark is, our products will never disappoint your hope. Nonetheless, to add more credibility to our name, we would acknowledge that the industry’s leading companies recommend our products. So, when you are connecting with us, you are collaborating with a trusted source.

We respect and understand your sentiments of getting a perfect looking car, and hence to help you out with the DIY tips and process of applying the touch-up paint, we have created this integrated guide. With this, our experts have tried to resolve all of your basic queries. The guide is divided into six major parts, followed by detailed answers. However, for other Jeep models, visit our Jeep homepage.

  1. Where can you find your Jeep Cherokee paint code?
  2. How do you apply Jeep Cherokee touch up paint?
  3. What Jeep Cherokee paint product should you use?
  4. What equipment do you need for Jeep Cherokee paint repairs?
  5. What repairs can you do yourself to the Jeep Cherokee?
  6. How do you match Jeep Cherokee touch up paint color?

Where can you find your Jeep Cherokee paint code?

The paint code location for the Jeep Cherokee is at the door jamb. The code is comprised of numbers and letters. It is written on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) sticker. You will have to check it at the last line where the code will be given as ‘PH1’.  Make sure you get the code right so that we can get you the perfect color. The steps to find the code are:

Jeep Paint Code Location
  • Stand on the driver’s side door and open it
  • Look at the door jamb
  • Locate the VIN sticker
  • Spot the barcode on it
  • The code is located under the barcode at the bottom of the sticker

You can also see our YouTube channel for the guide on how to find the paint code for Jeep Cherokee along with videos to help you with the application of your automotive touch up paint.

How do you apply Jeep Cherokee touch up paint?

The steps of how to apply touch-up paint are quite simple. All you have to do is stay focused and be patient with the drying process.

  1. Clean the surface of the scratched area with a soap or detergent
  2. Even out the surface with sandpaper
  3. To remove any particles left because of the sandpaper, use wax/grease remover
  4. Allow the area to dry
  5. Use a masking tape and cover the scratched area
  6. Apply primer on the area multiple times in intervals of 10 minutes
  7. Apply the Jeep Cherokee touch up paint until the original color and touch up paint are equalized
  8. Let the area dry again
  9. To have the shiny finish, apply the clear coat on the painted area
  10. Allow it to rest overnight or at least 24 hours

What Jeep Cherokee paint product should you use?

We would recommend you opt for the Jeep touch up paint bottles or the Cherokee touch up spray paints with our profound experience in the business. These two will give you a factory-finish look, just like your SUV has come straight out of a showroom. You may have thought of touch up pens, and they are fine for average results; however, the best results will come from paint bottles and sprays.

What equipment do you need for Jeep Cherokee paint repairs?

The necessary equipment you need while recreating the car look is given below. However, we would also recommend using ERA Paints Engine paint, Caliper paint, Accessories, and 2k Clear Coat for your vehicle.

  1. Sandpaper: to make the area even
  2. Wax/Grease remover: to eliminate any particles of the sandpaper
  3. Primer: to let the color stick perfectly
  4. Masking tape: to avoid any spill of the color
  5. Jeep Cherokee touch up paint: to have a fresh look again
  6. Clear Coat: to have a shiny color
  7. Gloves: to keep your skin safe
  8. A piece of cloth: to wipe if needed

What repairs can you do yourself to the Jeep Cherokee?

This is what you can do to your favorite SUV

  • Perfectly furnish the look of your car
  • Get rid of all the scratches and dents easily
  • Have flawless paintwork with attractive color

How do you match Jeep Cherokee touch up paint color?

To find the right color, this is what you have to do

  1. Find out the paint code of your car
  2. Get connected to our representative by contacting on the information as mentioned earlier
  3. Our high-tech computers will find the right match according to the code
  4. We will provide you with the exact match according to the computer results

Concluding Word

We hope this guide is helpful to you when you start to make your car fresh again. However, if there are any other queries, feel free to contact us at any time.


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