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Our John Deere paint is professional quality and gives an original factory finish.

John Deere Green TractorAt ERA Paints, our goal is to give our customers all they will need to do a vehicle paint repair job at home, with no need to spend money at an auto body shop. From a perfect manufacturer’s match for a John Deere 1 Series to OEM touch up paint for a John Deere 1025R, you’ll find it all at ERA Paints.


At ERA Paints, we stock the touch-up paint that professionals use, so you can be absolutely certain that your John Deere gator, John Deere mowers, or John Deere tractor are being repaired with excellent quality products. As an added benefit, any purchase made with ERA Paints has no shipping cost. In this article, we will look at:

  • Where to look to find your John Deere paint code
  • How to use John Deere paint
  • Timeframes for doing a John Deere paint repair
  • What John Deere paint products you will require
  • Which tools should you buy to undertake your John Deere paint repair work

You can browse our selection of video guides, available on our YouTube channel, and read our how-to-articles for the best guides on how to fix any scratches on your John Deere paint.


Where to look to find your John Deere paint code

John Deere uses three official colors. John Deere green paint, John Deere yellow paint, and John Deere blitz black paint.


Finding out your John Deere paint code can be challenging and the ideal color match will be dependent on when your vehicle was made. In the late 1980s (1989), John Deere green paint changed to a different, lighter, green shade, for example.


To find out which is the correct John Deere paint to use, you can:


  1. Ring us on 971-770-2372. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be on hand, ready to answer your questions between 6:30 am and 3:30 pm during the week and between 8:00 am 1:00 pm on Saturdays.
  2. Send us an email at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  3. Search online. Some clubs, for example, list tractor paint codes.
  4. Contact the previous owner, who may be able to provide you with the paint code details or location.


Getting your John Deere paint ideal color match is a vitally important part of getting your John Deere tractor or John Deere mower back to its original factory finish.


How to use John Deere paint

John Deere Yellow Tractor

To ensure you achieve an original factory finish, you will have to follow the same process, whether you own a John Deere E120, John Deere X300, or any other John Deere vehicle.


Before you start applying the John Deere paint, ensure you have read and understood the instructions on the packaging and that the temperature is 70 degrees F or higher.


Preparing and washing your vehicle


  1. Wash your John Deere vehicle – use water and soap to wash down the damaged area.
  2. Sand down the damaged area- 600 and 320 grit sandpaper are good options for sanding out and smoothing John Deere paint damage.
  3. Rewash your vehicle – wash away any residue or grit that resulted from the sanding by using grease remover.
  4. Let the vehicle dry.
  5. Use masking tape – tape around the area that has been damaged. This is to make sure the rest of the John Deere paint is protected.


OEM Touch Up Paint – how to apply


  1. The first step is the primer application. You should apply three coats and allow the primer to dry for 15 minutes after each layer. Then allow the area to dry for 30 minutes.
  2. The second step is to apply the John Deere touch up paint. Apply the paint until it aligns nicely with the current John Deere paint. Let the paint dry for 15 minutes after each coat that you use.
  3. The third step is the clear coat application. Use a minimum of three thin layers to seal and protect the touch up paint.
  4. The last step is to allow the John Deere paint to dry overnight until the next day.


Visit our blog and YouTube channel for more in-depth instructions, or you can call one of our team who will happily help explain the process.


What are the timeframes for completing John Deere paint repair work?

The timeframe for completing John Deere paint repair jobs depends on a number of factors, most importantly, the severity of the damage.

  • Damage like scrapes or scratches to the clear coat of a John Deere tractor or John Deere Mower is the fastest to repair as only the outer layer has been damaged. Sanding down and applying paint, therefore, isn’t needed. This work should only take about an hour, including any cleaning.
  • Scratches that have damaged the John Deere paint will take a longer time to repair as a complete multi-stage process will need to be undertaken. This should take about 3-4 hours, and afterwards the vehicle will need to be left to dry until the next day.

What John Deere paint products you will require

John Deere Touch Up PaintThere are usually three products that you have the option to choose from to repair your John Deere paint damage. Which product is most appropriate for the job will depend greatly on how bad the damage is. Typically, the options are.


  1. John Deere spray paint canister
  2. John Deere paint touch up pens
  3. John Deere paint touch up bottles


We receive plenty of questions about paint pens. However, at ERA Paints, we think that top quality is the most important aspect of our products. Paint pens do not, unfortunately, provide customers with the great finish that we insist on in the products that we sell. They do not apply metallic colors very well (flaking is a common problem), and they also do not provide the perfect manufacturer’s match that all of our products must give for our customers. For these reasons, we do not have paint pens available for purchase.

Our suggestion is to complete paint repairs with a John Deere spray paint canister for John Deere 1 Series or John DeereX300 or any other John Deere paint fixes. We stock 12-ounce John Deere spray paint cans that provide an ideal color match and fantastic coverage. It is also possible to purchase a trigger that helps with the ease of paint application.


If your damage or scratch is just the size of a coin or even smaller, our recommendation is to use John Deere paint touch up bottles. We suggest this because the product comes with an applicator, which helps you to paint multiple layers in detail with a lot of control over the application.


Which tools should you buy to undertake your John Deere paint repair work?

Having the right tools is really important when you’re fixing your John Deere riding mowers, John Deere lawn tractor, or John Deere Gator. Make sure you have:

  • Primer – to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the John Deere paint touch up.
  • John Deere paint (spray paint or touch up bottles) – to complete the actual paint repair.
  • Clear coat – to seal the paint and to protect it from the elements.
  • Wax and grease remover – to clean and prepare your John Deere paint for touch up.
  • 600 and 320 grit sandpaper -to smooth the damage or scratches before repair.
  • Masking tape – to protect the surrounding area.
  • A towel – to keep yourself and the vehicle clean.
  • Nitrile gloves – to keep your hands protected.

All these items are part of our John Deere paint touch up kit. The kits are put together to allow you to complete your John Deere touch up paint job as efficiently and simply as possible. You can also get each of these products separately, but it’s most cost-effective to purchase them together in the kit.

John Deere Tractor


With our wide selection of John Deere paint colors – from John Deere yellow paint to John Deere green paint to John Deere blitz black paint, completing a touch up paint job yourself at home is easy, even for first-timers. Don’t spend substantial amounts of cash at an auto body shop. Instead, visit ERA Paint’s website and get your John Deere tractor or John Deere 1 Series paint looking like its original factory finish.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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