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Lotus Touch Up Paint

Are you looking to fix up a scratch on your 2005 Lotus Elise or Lotus Evora? Then you have come to the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you drive a used Lotus Elise of a brand new Lotus Evija; our top-quality OEM touch-up paint will get your vehicle shining again.

Lotus Car

At ERA Paints, we give our customers the tools to perform DIY paintwork repair without spending a fortune at a body repair shop. Simply find your Lotus paint code, then pick the right paint for the job; we even stock colors for a white Lotus, the Lotus Evora 400, and the Lotus Exige.

Every customer gets free shipping with every order and has the peace of mind knowing they are using the same paint used by the professionals. Our Lotus paint kits provide an ideal color match and are affordable and easy to use.

This guide will run you through some of the basics needed to fix your Lotus Esprit and remove any unsightly blemishes. We will cover:

  • Finding the paint code on your Lotus
  • Applying touch up paint to your Lotus car
  • The best Lotus paint products
  • The best tools for Lotus paint repair work

We also have some extensive guides on the touch-up paint process for those of you wanting more information and have various helpful step-by-step videos on our YouTube page to break the Lotus touch up process down even further.

Finding the paint code on your Lotus

We usually get asked two questions about Lotus vehicles “Where can I find Lotus paint codes?” and “What is the Lotus Elise 0-60 time?”. The second question will require you to do some homework, but we can help you find the location of your Lotus paint codes.

Lotus Paint Code Location

The British car company has kept it reasonably straight forward in terms of paint code locations, so it doesn’t matter whether you drive a 2006 Lotus Elise or a Lotus Evija. It will be in one of two spots.

  1. First, open the hood of your Lotus car
  2. Check on the left strut tower
  3. Then check on the right strut tower

You will find it on the VIN tag, which is usually silver, black, or white. Lotus paint codes start with a letter then are followed by either two or three numbers. For example, C118, which represents Lotus Metallic Orange.

If you can’t find the paint code:

  • Enter the model and year of your Lotus into our color matcher, and we can help find the code for you.
  • Call us at 971-770-2372, where a member of staff can help you. Lines are open from 6.30 am to 3:30 pm during the week, 8:00 am and 1:00 pm on most Saturdays.
  • Send us an email at

After finding your code, please choose the right paint product for you and order one of our handy Lotus touch up paint kits to achieve a flawless factory finish.

Applying touch up paint to your Lotus car

Some Lotus owners often ponder the Lotus Elise vs. Exige performance question, but the reality is if you have a glaring scrape on the side of your car, it doesn’t matter. Repairing paintwork damage is a straightforward process and can be done by novices. There are a few simple steps to follow and some guidelines to help you get a great finish.

Lotus Touch Up Paint

Firstly, make sure that the temperature outside is around 70°F and above 50°F, any less and the drying times will be drawn out, and the paint will dry unevenly. Don’t complete the work in direct sunlight as this leads to uneven drying and a poor finish. Even if you have experience with Lotus paintwork repair, test out the paint product you bought to get a feel for how it lays the paint, and always read the specific instructions before you begin.

The entire process can be split into three main areas: preparation, painting, and finishing.


  1. Clean the affected area on your Lotus with soap, water, and some degreaser.
  2. Sand the scratch down to make a smooth and even surface using 320 and 500 grit paper.
  3. Reclean the area to remove and waste from the sanding.
  4. While the area is drying, tape up a perimeter around the scrape to protect the paintwork.


With each step of the painting process, you need to give each layer five to ten minutes of drying time before the next application. Then wait 20-40 minutes between each step.

  1. Apply three to four layers of primer.
  2. Then apply the Lotus touch up paint.
  3. Finally, seal everything off with clear coat.

When painting, it is always best to start with thin layers and then build up so that the different layers do not streak.


  1. Leave your vehicle to dry overnight.
  2. Once several days have passed, you can polish the area to give it that extra shine. Don’t complete this step too soon; otherwise, it will ruin the finish.

For more detailed video instructions, check out our video on primer application and others like it in our library.

The best Lotus paint products

Getting on a great finish on your 2005 Lotus Elise or Lotus Evora depends on the products you choose and the extent of the damage to your Lotus car.

We recommend our 12 oz spray canisters to the majority of our customers. These offer great coverage for most scratches and, with the additional trigger, are exceptionally easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether it is a scratch on your fender or passenger door; spray cans will get the job done. At ERA Paints, we only stock the larger 12oz can to ensure our customers get the best value for money.

For smaller scrapes, our range of paint bottles provides the best results. If the scratch is as tiny as a coin, then paint bottles, and the applicators they come with should be your product of choice. With this product, you can layer the paint delicately and easily without worrying about the paint cracking.

While Lotus paint pens have become popular recently, it is not something we stock at ERA paints. When working with cars like the Lotus Exige and even a used Lotus Elise, quality is essential for big-brand cars. Paint pens can’t guarantee the level of finish we expect from our products and even lead to flaking, especially if you have a metallic or pearl-colored car.

The best tools for Lotus paint repair work

Despite saving yourself time and money by not going to the body shop, getting a perfect manufacturer’s match relies partly on having the right equipment for the job. We recommend having:

  • A towel to mop up any spills or dry your Lotus
  • Nitrile gloves to wear on your hands.
  • Wax and grease remover, alongside soap and water to clean your Lotus car
  • If you opted for spray cans, then get the trigger extension
  • Sandpaper for evening out the damage before painting
  • Masking tape to seal off the damaged area
  • For the painting process, you will need primer, Lotus touch up paint, and clear coat.

Check out our automotive spray paint kits, which contain all of the above and take away the hassle of sourcing the products. Not only are they great value, but you also get free delivery with every purchase.


Getting a scratch on your Lotus can seem like an enormous deal, especially with the hassle of going to a body shop on your mind. However, simplify the process and do it yourself at home. It’s cheap, easy, and will get your Lotus Elise shining in no time.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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