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How to Apply Mazda Touch Up Paint and Achieve an Original Factory Finish

Our online Mazda paint color matching system makes it easier than ever to repair your vehicle using Mazda touch up paint.

Repair your vehicle with our touch up paint to achieve an ideal color match for your 2017 Mazda Minivan, Mazda Z3, Mazda RX8, and all other Mazda models

Whether it’s white touch up paint, Mazda 3 2017 colors or paint for your Deep Crystal Blue Mica Mazda, we have what you need. In this guide, we will show you how to repair any scratches or chips on your Mazda, while providing information on the equipment and tools you need.

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Has your Misty Green Metallic 1993 Protégé been damaged in the parking lot? Need to repair your Stormy Blue Mica 2012 MX5 Miata? Or are you in need of Mazda CX 5 touch up paint?

With our industry-leading OEM touch up paint, you can achieve a great finishing every time and complete your Mazda body repairs. All of our colors are factory matched Mazda auto paints, and we provide free shipping with every order to provide you with outstanding value.

In this guide, we aim to cover all aspects of the Mazda Touch Up paint process and show you how to complete the Mazda body repair. This guide includes:

  1. Where to find your Mazda Paint code
  2. Fixing the damage on your Mazda using OEM touch up paint and Mazda colors
  3. What paint products do you need to paint your Mazda at home
  4. What equipment do I need to repair my Mazda
  5. What are the causes of chips and scratches on Mazda’s
  6. Completing bodywork yourself, what should you do

If you require any further assistance, we have several online videos that run you step by step through the entire process, visit our YouTube channel. Our expert staff members are also on hand to help, so get in touch if you need any additional help.  They can be reached at 971-770-2372 or at

Where to find your Mazda Paint code

Mazda Paint Code Location

The paint code for your Mazda can be found on the parts identification sticker that is typically white or silver and also contains the VIN. The location of this sticker will depend on the year of the Mazda. However, you should check-in:

  1. The driver’s side door jamb
  2. On the firewall
  3. Under the hood near the back of the engine bay

Mazda paint codes are usually two or three characters in length and will contain both numbers and letters.

Mazda Paint Code Location

An example code is: 42M

The above code represents the code for a Deep Crystal Blue Mica Mazda. Similar to other car manufacturers, Mazda may use various names for the same color. This means that your 2018 Mazda Minivan may have the same color as your neighbors Mazda 3 2001, but be called different names.

Once you have your color code, ordering the paint online is straightforward. Our online store has a variety of Mazda touch up paint kits, and you also receive free delivery on your order.

Some newer models of Mazda’s may not have the code on the vehicle. If this is the case for your Mazda, locate the sticker and find the VIN. You can then contact them on (800) 222-5500, and they will provide the code.

Alternatively, our online selection tool makes it simple to find the code. You can choose a model like a Mazda 6 2001 or a search by the type of paint you are looking for, like Touch Up paint.

Fixing the damage on your Mazda using OEM touch up paint in Mazda colors

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing Mazda touch paint and fixing the damage yourself is that you avoid expensive Mazda repair costs and save yourself a trip to the body shop. With our Mazda colors, you can get a perfect manufacturer match and save money.

The whole process is relatively straightforward, and you can have your 2000 Mazda 6 or Mazda Z3 looking great in a few hours. However, depending on the weather, it may take longer as the paint could take longer to dry.

Before starting, it is a good idea to test your spray canister or applicator to get the hang of it. Make sure to avoid expired paint or primer as it can result in a poor finish. Also, don’t swap out the nozzle from a different canister as our nozzles are designed specifically for our paint.

We have outlined the essential steps to fix your Mazda below. It is crucial to check the weather conditions before starting because the optimal painting temperature is at least 70°F, and you should not do the work in direct sunlight. Note the steps below describe the Mazda touch up paint process and are for guidance only. To achieve a flawless factory finish, always read & follow instructions included in your shipment for best results.

Prepare the damaged area

  • Clean the area, which can be done with Wax and Grease Remover.
  • Sand the region with 320 and 600 grit sandpaper, it helps to remove potential rust and smoothes the area.
  • Give the vehicle another wash to clear any debris.
  • Apply masking tape around the scratch to protect the rest of the vehicle’s body from being damaged by the process.

Apply the paint

  • Apply the primer. It is the first stage of the painting process and helps the paint bond to the body. Use it in thin layers to achieve a smooth finish. Allow each coat to dry for around fifteen minutes before applying again.
  • Apply the Mazda OEM touch up paint, make sure you paint each coat in a thin layer. Wait around ten minutes between each layer. If the color is in line with the area around it, you have finished applying the touch up paint.
  • Lastly, apply the clear coat. The clear coat seals the touch up paint and protects it. Similar to above, apply in thin layers and wait between each layer.
  • You must wait for the clear coat to dry overnight.

Apply rubbing compounds

  • Wait at least three days before using any rubbing compounds. Cutting creme provides a great finish and makes the repaired area shine.
  • Use only cotton or paper products when applying to avoid scratches

It is essential to check the instructions on the specific Mazda color and touch up paint that you purchase. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact our experts or view our how-to videos online.

What paint products do you need to paint your Mazda at home?

There are three options when purchasing paint to repair your Mazda:

  • Mazda Paint Pens
  • Mazda Paint Jars with applicators
  • Mazda 12 oz. Spray Canister

Our primary aim is to provide industry-leading quality and service to our customers. Our factory-matched Mazda auto paints offer an original factory finish. For this reason, we do not sell Mazda paint pens as they do not provide the level of quality we expect from our products. For vehicles like the 2013 Mazda 6 with Snowflake White Pearl or a Misty Green Metallic 1993 Protege, paint pens tend to flake and not give an exceptional finish.

For more substantial scratches or dings, we recommend our 12 oz spray canisters. They offer the best results for medium to large areas of damage and are easy to use. Spray canisters are relatively flexible and can be used to repair all types of scratches or scrapes. So, whether you’re looking for Metallic Burgundy spray paint or Teal car paint, this would be your best option.

Another fantastic option are Mazda paint jars, and these come with a few small applicator sticks. They are the best option for small areas of damage as they provide the level of detail required to repair a minor scrape correctly.

What equipment do I need to repair my Mazda?

Mazda Paint Protection

Whether it’s for your 2001 Mazda 6 or 2000 Mazda 3, the touch up paint process can initially seem daunting because you want to restore your vehicle to its original factory finish. To do this, getting the right tools for the job is essential. Overall, the car paint repair cost is far cheaper if you do it yourself, so it is important to buy the right stuff.

For Preparation

  1. Wax and Grease Remover is used to clear away any debris from your Mazda before sanding it.
  2. 320 and 600 grit sandpaper are used to smooth out the surface of the damaged area. It helps to guarantee a good finish.
  3. You need masking tape to protect the other areas of your Mazda. It stops them from being affected by the application of spray paint.
  4. To keep the vehicle clean and to wipe down any areas we recommend a lint free shop towel.

For Painting

  1. Primer is applied before the touch up paint and helps the paint bond with the surface of the car.
  2. You will need Touch Up paint. It comes in either the 12oz cans or for your smaller projects ¼ ounce paint jars.
  3. The clearcoat is used to help protect the paintwork and seal everything off. Typically paint without clearcoat can be dull and will appear to have a different color

For Safety

  1. Nitrile gloves will help protect your hands. They ensure the paint doesn’t get on your skin.

We offer all of the equipment above in ready to use kits, which makes the entire process more straightforward for you. However, we do also sell the products individually, but overall buying the Mazda touch up paint kits is more cost-effective.

What are the causes of chips and scratches on Mazda’s?

Mazda Paint Codes

Car paint chip repair costs can often be expensive. It’s not an ideal situation to find a scratch or scrape on your brand new Mazda Miata Red or Mazda 3 Silver. However, even if you take great care of your car, chips and scratches are going to happen at some point over your Mazda’s lifetime. By knowing some of the common causes of damage, you can avoid expensive Mazda repair costs.

  • Incorrect cleaning – Before cleaning your Mazda, it is vital to check the state of the sponges and clothes. Built-up dirt can easily scratch your vehicle’s body.
  • Car washes – Taking your Mazda to an automatic car wash increases the chance of paint damage than if you hand wash it. To be sure, check what materials the car wash utilizes.
  • Debris from the road – Unfortunately, these are hard to avoid and can be caused by other drivers on the road. But you can make sure to steer clear of potholes and gravel roads.
  • Fuel spills – When filling up with gas, it can be common to spill fuel on the exterior of the car. If these are not cleaned quickly, it can lead to the paint peeling, so make sure to clean it off immediately.

There are no sure-fire methods to prevent paintwork damage, but hopefully, by being cautious on the road, it can limit your Mazda’s exposure to potential harm.

Completing bodywork yourself, what should you do?

Completing body repairs on your Mazda can sometimes feel a little out of reach, particularly if you don’t have much experience. However, with online tutorials and the right tools, there are some things you can fix.

  • Applying Mazda touch up paint – Completing the touch up paint process can be done by a complete novice and is an enjoyable foray into DIY repair.
  • Windshield damage – repairing windshields at home and saving on the Mazda repair costs has become relatively commonplace. Buying a kit online is simple and straightforward, but make sure to do it as soon as possible to avoid the crack spreading.
  • Glasswork – Replacing damaged glass can be a lengthy process, but depending on which window it is, it can be done by those with a little more experience.
  • Dents and bodywork – Depending on the size of the cut or the damage to the body, you can do it yourself. However, be warned that you may need to purchase particular equipment for the job.

Completing repairs at home can be fun, but be sure to know your limits and take your time. For some fixes, you may have to buy a lot of equipment, and it could work out to be more cost-effective to go to a body shop.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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