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Get a Perfect Manufacturer’s Match with Our Mercedes Benz Touch Up Paint

Our state-of-the-art matching software will guarantee that you get the correct Mercedes color codes and names for your vehicle.

Whether it is for your Mercedes C-Class, G-Class, E-Class, or any other model, your Mercedes color codes are one click away.

Regardless of whether you are searching for Mercedes Black touch up paint, Mercedes colors, or where to buy touch up paint for cars, ERA Paints has everything you need. Our range of helpful guides aims to help make it as straightforward as possible to fix scratches, scrapes and chips on your Mercedes.

Mercedes Automotive Touch Up Paint

You may have a Mercedes CLK 2016, 1998 Mercedes SUV, or 2010 Mercedes SL550, we have the paint kits so you can complete the repair process at home.

Our OEM paint is the gold-standard in the car industry, and it is perfect for fixing sun damage and provides a great finish every time. In the pursuit of providing our customers with great value, we offer free shipping on all of our items.

Our Mercedes touch up paint guide will help you:

  1. Where are the Mercedes paint codes located?
  2. How to repair the damage on your vehicle using Mercedes touch up paint.
  3. What Mercedes paint product should I use?
  4. Which supplies are needed for completing the Mercedes touch up paint process?
  5. Which is the easiest Mercedes color to maintain?
  6. Can a delay in fixing your Mercedes cause issues in the long term?

We aim to provide our customers with exceptional customer service. If there is something we haven’t answered in this guide, please call us. Our service team may be reached at 971-770-2372 or We also have a Frequently Asked Questions guide and YouTube videos that will help you, step-by-step through the Mercedes touch up paint process.

Where are the Mercedes paint codes located? Discover the Mercedes paint code location

Finding your Mercedes Benz paint color code is a straightforward process. The Mercedes paint codes can be found on the manufacturer’s sticker. This is usually white or black.

Mercedes Paint Code Location

Fortunately, Mercedes has made the process very simple and narrowed the paint code location to a few areas. To find the Mercedes paint codes:

  1. Check the core support
  2. Look in the engine compartment – it will likely be stuck to the underside of the hood
  3. Try the driver’s side door jamb
  4. Look on the firewall

Mercedes paint codes typically contain three digits, but sometimes four, all of which will be numbers.

An example code is:

Mercedes Paint Code Location

040 or 9040

The three and four digit numbers above represent the code for Mercedes Black paint, which is frequently found on a 2014 GLK Class. Be aware that older models are often prefixed with DB. For example, DB-040 represents Mercedes’s Black paint for a 1998 Mercedes SUV.

After finding the correct Mercedes Benz paint code, be sure to make a note of it.

From that point onwards, ordering your Mercedes touch up paint is simple. Find the Mercedes Benz paint color code using our online system and order one of our repairs kits. As is standard with all of our deliveries, it will be shipped free of charge.

We are renowned for matching the legendary carmaker’s quality that is often associated with the Mercedes brand. Our touch up kits include specially formulated paint that offers a flawless factory finish.

How to repair the damage on your vehicle using Mercedes touch up paint.

Whether it’s for your E Class Wagon, your CLS class sedan, or your Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class convertible, the process is simple, and you can quickly complete it yourself.

Mercedes Paint Protection

Doing the work at home will make the repairs easier on the wallet and save you a lot of time. One of the main benefits of doing it yourself means you can operate on your timetable and have your Mercedes paintwork fixed up in no time.

The steps below describe the Mercedes touch up paint process and are for guidance only. To achieve a flawless factory finish, always read & follow instructions included in your shipment for best results.

It is essential to do the repairs during good weather. Temperatures should be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but if cooler, you may need to wait slightly longer for the vehicle to dry.

  1. Clean the damaged area with soap, water, and then use our Wax & Grease Remover with a lint free shop towel.
  2. Sand the damaged area. We recommend 320 & 600 grit sandpaper to smooth out the damage.
  3. Clean the area again with Wax & Grease Remover.
  4. Apply masking tape around the scratched part of the vehicle, as this protects it from the touch up paint process.
  5. Allow the area to dry.
  6. Next, apply the primer. It is important to use it in thin layers. Apply two to three coats and wait approximately fifteen minutes between each.
  7. Allow the area to dry at least one hour.
  8. Now apply the Mercedes touch up paint. Similar to the primer, do it in several thin layers.
  9. Bring the paint in line with the area around it.
  10. Wait a couple of hours for the paint to dry.
  11. To seal the paint, apply clear coat. For the best results, use three layers, allowing ten minutes of drying time between each.
  12. Ideally, allow the paint to dry overnight. However, it can dry within a few hours.

If you need other help on how to do the Mercedes paint touch up process, we have videos that outline the steps in an easy to follow way. Our experts are on hand over the phone if you need any assistance. Please contact us for further advice.

What Mercedes paint product should I use?

The paint product that will work best on your Mercedes will depend on the amount of damage to the paint. At ERA Paints, we offer a range of Mercedes touch up paint products.

Mercedes Paint
  • Mercedes spray paint is the most useful for tackling large areas, we offer 12 oz aerosol Spray Cans for your project.
  • Mercedes Touch Up jars are great for small damaged areas and come with application dabbers
  • Mercedes touch up pens are sometimes used

Our core aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at great prices, to dispel the myth that Mercedes are expensive to fix. For this reason, we don’t sell Mercedes touch up paint pens. They do not provide a flawless factory finish like the other products we offer and don’t offer the specially formulated paint required to repair a Mercedes. For Mercedes metallic colors, the pens tend to provide a flakey, inconsistent finish.

The 12oz spray paint canisters are great for vehicles with significant scratches. You may need multiple spray cans if there is substantial damage. Unlike our competitors, we offer 12-ounce cans because they provide you with greater value than 10-ounce canisters.

For tiny scrapes and chips, the Mercedes Touch Up jars which include application dabbers are typically your best options. If you are unsure about which product is the most suitable for you, please contact our experts, and we can assist you.

Which supplies are needed for completing the Mercedes touch up paint process?

It may seem like a difficult task at first, but fixing the damaged paint on your Mercedes is pretty straight forward. Like with any project, it is important to get the right equipment to make sure you get an outstanding finish and to complete the work in a timely manner.

We recommend buying:

  • Primer – this prepares the area for the touch up paint
  • Mercedes OEM touch up paint – You can either choose the spray or jar variety
  • Clear coat – this seals the touch up paint
  • Wax & Grease cleaner – use this in conjunction with a shop towel to prepare the area for the primer
  • Sandpaper – this makes sure the damaged area is smooth before applying any paint and improves the overall finish
  • Masking tape – to protect the undamaged sections of the vehicle during the painting process
  • A Shop Towel – to clean up any spills and shine the car after it has dried
  • Gloves – to keep your hands protected throughout the entire process

To make the process smooth, we have bundled all of the necessary equipment into Mercedes touch up paint kits. Overall it is cheaper than purchasing all of the items on their own.

Can a delay in fixing your Mercedes cause issues in the long term?

After discovering a small scrape, it can be tempting to leave the damage and not get it fixed. But leaving damage without repairing it can cause significant long-term effects and end up costing you considerably more. Below are a few reasons to get it fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Minimize damage – any scrapes that appear on your Mercedes are likely to be made worse by external factors such as temperature and the weather. Getting the damage fixed early means that the affected area doesn’t have a chance to expand.
  2. Avoid rust – depending on the depth of the scratch, water may be able to get into the base metal. Initially, this will cause rust, which will then spread. If it is left, it can have long-term severe safety consequences to the structure of the vehicle.
  3. Save money – fixing minor scrapes is relatively cheap. However, the longer the damage is left, the more chance it has of evolving into something dangerous. Unfortunately, once the damage has begun to progress, it is likely to cost you a lot more money to fix.
  4. Vehicle Value – fixing your damaged vehicle as soon as possible means that there is less chance that the resale value of the car will decrease.

It can seem like an arduous process to repair your Mercedes at home. However, fixing the issue is the best possible option, and you will thank yourself in the long run.

Which is the easiest Mercedes color to maintain?

Mercedes Benz Touch Up Paint

Having to pay unforeseen maintenance costs on your Mercedes can be a huge hassle, mainly if the car is relatively new. Despite the improvements in paint technology and the introduction of the two-step paint process, some colors are easier to maintain than others. It is worth noting which colors are easier to manage before you decide on which Mercedes colors are right for you.

Choosing an easy to maintain color will save you a lot of time and hassle throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. Below we have outlined the most straightforward and most difficult colors to take care of:

  • Generally speaking, the colors that require very little paint work upkeep throughout the lifetime are white and silver.
  • White is perfect for hiding minor scratches or just regular dust. However, serious stains or scratches are easily spotted.
  • As a rule of thumb, lighter colors are easier to maintain and have a significantly lower chance of needing any paintwork.
  • Metallic paint is arguably the hardest to take care of. Unfortunately, matching metallic paint can be quite tricky, and any damage to it can be noticeable without getting a sizable portion of your vehicle repainted.
  • Dark colors, such as Mercedes 040 Black, tend to highlight any scratches or scrapes quite significantly.

Overall you should choose a Mercedes color that you like the most. But take into account that lighter colored vehicles may not require the intensive upkeep that metallic colors do.

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